Animorphs Art My Boyfriend Refuses to Draw

An Andalite punching somebody. Doesn’t matter who.

An Andalite punching another Andalite while a bunch of other Andalites watch in terror.

Nicki Minaj as an Andalite

Me as an an Andalite

Me riding an Andalite and the Andalite is happy

Me riding an Andalite and the Andalite is MAD

Me as an Andalite being ridden by Nicki Minaj OR Werner Herzog

All of the main crew as generic fantasy RPG characters (imagine little Mage Cassie I can’t take it)

The Goddamn ChapMan

RuPaul as Visser 3 - i don’t know who this would work but i want it

A Hork-Bajir playing a banjo


Marco enjoying the life of an uber rich celebrity. (”Jet skis! Babes! Hunks! Hunks and babes on jet skis! And a gorilla in a speedo sipping some disgusting drink from a giant novelty cup. Preferably banana shaped.”)

All of the snarky, grumpy Tobias faces. Both bird and boy.

Cassie covered in poop and gore and other such messes from her work in the wildlife rehab center, and she’s thrilled about it. Large rubber boots and overalls!

Nick Cave as the Ellimist

Orson Welles as the Ellimist 


Herzog De MeuronVitra Schaudepot, Weil am Rhein 2016. Photos © Julien Lanoo

“We adopted its prototypical house form, which we modelled in clay brick masonry like the immediately adjoining sawtooth factory building dating from 1963. Hence, both form and material are “indigenous” rather than “invented” and thereby meet the combined aims of exercising restraint, fulfilling the technical demands for furniture storage and presentation, and offering an unpretentious expression of function“