Skaters take advantage of the vast, surreally deserted spaces of China’s most famous contemporary ‘ghost city’.  Conceived, along with several similar projects, as part of a colossal and preemptive Chinese urbanisation drive, the largely uninhabited city includes  MAD’s Ordos Museum, as well as ambitious but abandoned projects such as Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Wei Wei’s 100 villas. 

I can remember seeing international tender invitations for Chinese urban design projects in the late 2000′s, and being struck by the fact that the (astonishingly condensed) programs did not include any site visits, interaction with potential residents, or even research into Chinese culture. Ordos and its counterparts (although impacted by many additional factors) stand as an unfortunate testament to the many hazards of such a detached approach to ‘placemaking’.


Vertical Gardens Patrick Blanc

Nobody is more familiar than Blanc with the secrets of the plants, from all over the world, that live on almost nothing, in the most unlikely situations, carpeting the forest understory in semi-darkness or clinging to rocky cliff faces. From Paris to Bangkok, from New York to Singapore, Blanc invites nature to flourish on the walls of museums, shopping malls, private homes, big hotels, and skyscrapers. His works have brought a breath of fresh air to urban environments, changing our view of the cityscape, orchestrating and bringing art into the heart of the city, transforming concrete walls into refuges for biodiversity.

  • L'Oasis d'Aboukir, Hymne à la Biodiversité
  • OCP Johnson-Pilton-Walker & Peddle-Thorp-Walker
  • Perez Art Museum Miami Herzog & de Meuron
  • Maître d’ Ouvrage : Compagnie de Phalsbourg
  • Düssmann KulturKaufhaus Alain Guigonis 
  • Sofitel Palm Jumeirah MIRK
  • CapitaLand Rainforest Rhapsody
  • The Rainforest Chandelier Leeser and J+H Boiffils     
  • Alaia Boutique Pierre Granger 
  • the athenaeum Living Wall

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Episode 46: First Time February

art by @foxestacado

It’s February and Sherlockian first times are on the brain. Show notes and direct download information are available HERE at three-patch.com. Or subscribe via RSS or via iTunes (search for threepatch). 


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Hi mein Name ist Puderweiß Fried’rich Dementia Raven von Schiller Way und ich trage immer weiß gepuderte Perrücken (so habe ich meinen Namen bekommen) mit einem geflochtenem Zopf mit Seidenschleife der bis auf meine Schultern herabreicht und eisblaue Augen die wie Gletscher schillern (see what I did there) und Leute sagen mir ich sehe aus wie Amadeus Mozart (AN: wenn du nicht weißt wer das ist dann geh zur Hölle raus von hier!). Ich bin nicht mit Johann Wolfgang von Goethe verwandt aber ich wünschte ich wäre es denn er ist ein ziemlich heißes Teilchen. Ich bin ein Poet aber meine Handschrift ist sauber und gerade. Ich habe gut gepuderte Haut. Ich bin außerdem ein Dramatiker und gehöre dem Viergestirn der Weimarer Klassik an. Ich bin Dichter (falls du es noch nicht feststellen konntest) und trage überwiegend Schillerkrägen. Heute zum Beispiel trug ich ein weißes Hemd, einen blauen Mantel, gelbe Hosen und schwarze Stiefel. Ich lief in Weimar herum. Es schneite und regnete also schien keine Sonne worüber ich sehr glücklich war. Herzog Karl Eugen starrte mich an. Ich zeigte ihm meinen Mittelfinger.

anonymous asked:

fav historial movies? and movies for an art hoe?

i mostly watch romances lol. some of my faves are: Atonement, Lust Caution, Belle, Jane Eyre (2011), pretty much any Austen adaptation, Shakespeare in Love, Dr. Zhivago, Cheri, Quills, Marie Antoinette, Moulin Rouge, Bright Star, Little Women, The Duchess, Wilde, The Piano, The Hours, The House of Mirth, Pretty Women

Art Hoe Films: Un Chien Andalou, Belladonna of Sadness, Alphaville, Leon: the Professional, Certified Copy, Joan of Arc, Werner Herzog documentaries, Fanny and Alexander, Solaris***, Daisies, Alice (1988), Possession, Society, Tree of Life, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

**edit: the Tarkovsky one duh not the one w/ George Clooney

Custom class, assembled from various bonemen parts won in pit fights
Fighting Style: Aims for eyes/fingers/genitals
Likes: Vivisection
Dislikes: ???

Dreadnaught type. Siege breaker/tank warfare
Likes: The sensation of smashing an enemy’s skull
Dislikes: Restraining

Infantry type. Projectile Specialist.
Fighting Style: House of Bloodspilling style melee combat techniques.
Likes: Professionalism
Dislikes: Missing head shots

Obsolete infantry type (Mictlan-strain)
Fighting Style: Striking/Grappling/clawing/slashing
Likes: Burning flesh
Dislikes: Bats