Trailer for Werner Herzog’s ‘Lo And Behold: Reveries of the Connected World’

WEREWOLVES VERSUS: MUSIC cover reveal & pre-order

Pre-order WEREWOLVES VERSUS: MUSIC now for $1+ and get an instant advance song download!

WV03 comes out on August 30th, and will be available for any price you want, including $0! But if you pre-order it now for a minimum of $1, the Gumroad thank-you screen will immediately give you a direct link to an advance part of the issue: Colin Janz’s song “As the Sun Sets”.

WV03′s incredible cover painting is by Lew “Viergacht” Delport. I’m beyond thrilled to have such a stellar cover on the front of an already-astounding issue. According to the artist, the two werewolves depicted are ladies and members of a band named after maybe the weirdest thing Werner Herzog ever did.

As always, thank you for your interest in and support of WEREWOLVES VERSUS! All paid purchases of every issue directly benefit the contributors and support the creation of future issues, but every issue will always also be available for free, so everyone can get that good good werewolf content.

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