hervor aeducan

A bust commission of my beloved Warden, Hervor Aeducan, made by the gracious and talented iheartapostates!  

I wanted something that captured what I saw in my Warden that could not properly be portrayed in the game, due to the player character being voiceless and primarily emotionless. Pride, honor, indignation, perseverance. A woman who was torn from all she knew, hurled into a gruesome and chaotic war, but never shied away from a fight. A warrior determined to keep herself, to do what’s right, and face the future head-on, whatever it brought.

And I think this wonderful artist did just that. 

elfyourmother replied to your post: Every time I see a post that has the Warden…

what IS hervor doing during all that stuff anyway? does she follow canon and go off to find a cure or w/e?

…To be honest I haven’t given this a whole lot of thought yet and I’m super fickle. 

I was thinking of going my usual…detour through canon kind of way, and say Hervor WAS searching for a cure, likely accompanied by Sigrun and Nathaniel, but when news of the Breach and “false callings” reached her, she sought out the Inquisition. However, she probably does not remain for the duration, or at least she does not stick around for the endgame party. While she does try to be a “bigger picture” kind of person, she takes offense at refusing to help others in smaller, more immediate measures.

I mean she was pretty much breaking all standard Warden protocol by like, day three.

The one solid idea I had was Hervor asking Rota if she knew, or cared to know, the history of her clan. After which she promised to reveal the location of Cadash Thaig–to use or not use–if she manages to seal the Breach. It angers Rota that she would withhold the information that rightfully belongs to her, but Hervor believes she should remain focused on the task at hand. Plus since it’s after a Blight she wouldn’t be able to stroll in there anyway. Still it doesn’t do much for their relationship. There would even be times where Sigrun would speak on her behalf or break up fights.

We Need to Stop Meeting Like This

Lady Aeducan took a hard swill of her ale, sudsy grain and foam smacking the back of her throat. A thin veil of blood rose in her round face as it filled her cheeks and washed over her tongue. The chatter of other people in the tavern became a low buzzing noise. A warm tingle that rooted in her stomach from her first glass began to bloom and spread throughout her body. Yet when her head veered to the side of the stall, seeing the crinkles in Gorim’s brow, crowning his sad eyes, she found herself painfully lucid.

“My lady,” he said, the low rumble of his voice perfectly clear, even in her state. “Please stop. You’ve had enough.”

She winced, his truth stung despite her null senses. “Fine,” she blurted out, slamming the empty tankard on the stall. “Human ale is inferior, anyway.”

“Perhaps… I should just go.”

“What? No, no. Please just…” she felt her elbows wobble, her arms like warm jelly, as she recomposed herself. She snapped her back straight, limbs neatly folded, like the noble she used to be, though she still felt as though her muscles were glued together with melting paste. “Please stay just a while longer. I needed to resupply before I head… go to the mountains. It’s going to be a long trip, and I wanted to see you before I left. And Ancestors know I’ll need a few drinks to carry me through the ordeal.”

“What I mean to say is…we can’t keep doing this, all this. Meeting like this. I can’t keep closing shop when you come into town, then act like it never happened. It’s not right.”

Lady Aeducan’s nerves jolted, a cold chill splitting through her warmed body; the shock of it so quick and cold, it made her stomach turn. “We’re not doing anything wrong, Gorim. I pass through here all the time, and you live here. We’re just… taking a break together. Just two friends, taking a short break, having a few drinks, catching up, doing our best on this crazy surface world.”

The former warrior sighed, the stress resounding in the cracking rasp of his voice. “Hervor,” he said firmly. “Why don’t you want to meet my wife?”

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