Picnic Date (Woozi x Reader)

Request:  The one where woozi tried to ask out a foreign girl was absolutely adorable! Could you pretty please write a second part,where they’re on a date?~

A/N: I’M SO HAPPY YOU REQUEST THIS! *-* I really enjoyed writting the first part so here’s the second one! I hope you like it ♥

Btw, I have to add that english’s not my first language so it’s really hard for me to do those moments when he pronounces something wrong beause I’m not really sure how to write it ;;


Because his busy schedule you had to set the date for the next weekend. That wait was so long for both of you, so long that actually you two arrived half an hour before the hour.

“I thought I would be so early” you commented laughing, when you saw him crossing the road with a backpack hanging of his shoulder. “Hey”.

He laughed too, blushing. “Hey. You are really soon”

“You’re none to talk, you’re here too” you joked.

“But uh, we finished soon so I come here…”

“I was waiting for this too” you said, smiling shyly to him. He looks at you and then looks at his feet, the blush in his cheeks says that he was waiting for this just like you. “Where should we go?”

He opened his mouth to talk and then closed it again. A few seconds later he shook his head and took your hand shyly. You looked at him waiting for an answer but he just started walking with you.

“Maybe you don’t know the word? I’m really curious” you said.

“ I know it. But… It’s soruprisu” he finally said.

“Okay, now I’m even more curious. Can’t you hive me a hint?”

“Hint?” he repeated.

“Yes, tell me something so I can try to guess”.

He thinks for a few seconds. “Is… With a lot of people”

“Okay, that can be anything.” you sighted and pull his arm playfully “Tell me something more”.

He shook his head again  and didn’t say anything more until you two arrived to the park. You looked at him even more curious and he keep walking until he found a perfect espace with no people around and dropped his backpack.

He pulled out a blanket adn you help him to put in on the grass, so you two can sit on it.

“A picnic? You prepared all this?” you asked while he took food of his backpack.

“No, not me, is Mingyu” he answered and leaved the backpack aside.

“This is nice” you said, looking at him “Thank you. Oh, and thank Mingyu for the food too”

“Here” Woozi offered you a pair of chopsticks and you realized there weren’t any fork or knive between that.

“Oh” you took the chopsticks and stared it for a second, feeling your cheeks turning red “Actually… I don’t know how to eat with these”

He opened his eyes in surprise. “Is eashi, I herupu you”

You nodded and try to follow his instructions, but it was really hard for you, and he does it so easily.

Finally you were able to catch a piece of tomato but it fell again.

“Haaah, I’m trying, don’t laugh!” you pouted when you heard him laughing.

“Fighting” he said with a smile.

He changed his position, this time closer to you, so he could put his hand on yours helping you to put your fingers in the right position.

It took you two a few seconds to realise how close you were now, his arm was surrounding your waist and his hand was still on yours.

“Oh, sorry” he said and went back to his previous position.

You shook your head and smile shyly. “It’s okay”

When you look up to look at him you saw he was holding the piece of tomato you dropped with the chopsticks. He smiled and then he pulled it closed to you.

You lean to eat it. “Thank you” whisper shyly.

You kept on trying to learn how to eat with the chopsticks and everytime he saw you struggling he offered what he had on his.

“I MADE IT!” you screamed excited when you finally could eat a piece by yourself.

He smiled with you, he was watching carefully all your moves until now and how hard you were trying.

While you were eating all the food Mingyu prepared for both of you, you kept talking about each other. You couldn’t help but giggle everytime he struggled to say some word, it was so cute how he started blinking really fast while his cheeks turning red.

“Don’t pressure yourself so much” you said trying to hide a giggle “I understand you” you smile hoping this would give him some relieve… Fighting!”

He sighed, maybe because it worked and took a deep breathe.

“Is many things I want to say you… Hah… But uh… I want to say it good”.

You tilted your head, looking him with curiosity.

“What things? Tell me” you encoraged him.

He tilted his head and looks at you. “Haah, I have to say it?”

“Yes, you do” you smiled innocently.

He scratched the back of his neck thinking about what to say or how to say it.

“ Johahae” he said, with a evily smile. He knew you didn’t understand korean, and that gave him a little more of confidence. When he saw your confussed expression he talked again “I like you”

You looked at your hands, felling the blood rushing to your cheeks.

“See? It wasn’t that hard to say…” you looked up again before continuing “I like you too”.

“We have other date like this, other day” he nodded and smiled at you, taking your hand.

“I’d love to”

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can anyone tell me what the garments that the guys are wearing on the furthest left and right are called? I can’t for the life of me figure it out but they look damn comfy so I sorta want to buy one for myself…


Foxyelie told me it’s called jinbei, thanks, hon!