Stargate SG-1 - Goa’uld - Heru'ur.

Heru'ur is the son of Hathor and Ra, and allied with Ra. He has Horus guards like his father.

When he learned Thor’s Hammer was gone, he attempted to attack the planet Cimmeria, but SG-1 succeeded in contacting Thor, incidentally initiating the contact between the Tau'ri and the Asgard. Heru'ur escaped, though the Jaffa he had brought were killed.

Heru'ur, like Ra, was a bitter enemy of Apophis, and later tried to steal Shifu, the child of Apophis and Sha’re/Amaunet. He failed, but SG-1 made sure he still got the blame when the child was hidden away.

Despite all of this, Heru'ur attempted to ally with Apophis, but this was thwarted by the Tok'ra and the Tau'ri, and Apophis destroyed Heru'ur’s mothership and took his fleet.

Heru'ur probably died when his mothership was blown up.

We have seen Heru'ur in the episodes “Thor’s Chariot", “Secrets”, and “Serpent’s Venom”. Heru'ur is played by Douglas H. Arthurs.