some more snowy/tater content

- they first became close friends when tater was taken under snowy’s wing (think wingels taking hertl under his wing via the sharks)
- they do pretty much everything together as a duo (thanks n for the snowtots judging tweet)
- snowy makes tater feel less homesick (thats part of the reason why he got into classical music in the first place (and because its so calming for his pre-game routine) so imagine his face when tater actually knows nothing about it #rip)
- they’re always texting or quote tweeting/retweeting each other and they have a 🔥 streak on snapchat (they’re both tech and social media savvy) ((people low-key end up shipping them because they’re always seen together))
- they’re actually roommates at the beginning because it makes sense. they then become fast friends and best friends, before dating (its casual at first, but then it just ?? makes even more sense ?? and becomes more serious)
- double dates with jack and bitty !!!!
- they’re both fantastic with kids and they love them and want them one day (they’re eventually #blessed with twins, ethan and esther)
- they have a joint/family insta account and post so. many. adorable photos
- they’re both dog people and have, like, three? four? (when esther and ethan are older because they’re so big and boisterous)


“Holiday Sweater” by the San Jose Sharks



The team reacts to the Holiday Sweater video.

Nieto introduced Hertl to a 20-something’s idea of dining heaven – the Dave & Buster’s chain that features large-screen televisions and arcade games. They played a few of them and then watched sports on TV while eating. Hertl was captivated.

“He didn’t know you can play the games and get prizes, so he went back by himself,” Nieto said. “Next time I came back to the hotel room, he had three of those stuffed characters from ‘Despicable Me’ on his bed.’ He was like a big kid.”


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