hertford college


Back from Cambridge, and you can’t say “Cats of Oxford” without saying “Simpkin”, the hereditary cat of Hertford College.

I had met Simpkin V a couple of times since he took up the post, and while not quite the traditional pattern he seems thus far a worthy successor to his illustrious forebears.

Anyway, this was the first time I managed to arrange for me, my good camera, and Simpkin, to be in the same place at the same time (and of course a helpful porter always seals the deal!)


No matter what I told myself in the quadrangle, my walk home was faster than usual…,  as if every door and wall I put between me and the library somehow kept me safe (ADOW, chapter 12). 

The vampire sat in the shadows on the curved expanse of the bridge that spanned New College Lane and connected two parts of Hertford College…. .The witch appeared, … . She passed underneath him, her pace quickening. Her nervousness made her look younger than she was and accentuated her vulnerability (ADOW, chapter 13). Richard Armitage as vampire Matthew Clairmont (x).Claire Danse as the witch Diana Bishop (x).Photos of Oxford by night (12, 3, 4).