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bts confessing to their crush?


  • is pretty straightforward
  • has probably been flirting with them for a while
  • and if they’re reciprocating, he’d just wait for the perfect time to strike
  • makes a reservation at a fancy restaurant
  • shows up at their doorstep in a nice suit and his hair all done
  • slides a tiny heart out of his shirt pocket
  • “you. me. date. now?”
  • who could say no to that handsome face

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  • his passion is music, so i can see him confessing through that
  • invites his crush over to the studio to listen to a new track he’s been working on
  • they’re excepting another lit cypher but actually it’s a dreamy love song
  • probably the prettiest song ever
  • and he’s rapping softly about the girl of his dreams and there’s so much emotion
  • he tries to be chill the whole time but on the inside hes d y i n g
  • he’s so shy and nervous
  • when it’s over his crush is amazed and asks who the song is about 
  • “uh, actually i wrote it about you. this is my way of asking you out”
  • when they accept the biggest gummy smile would grace his face


  • does it in a really spontaneous way
  • sees an opportunity and just goes for it
  • would be hanging out with his crush alone
  • like at the park
  • spots an elderly couple on a bench feeding birds together 
  • “aren’t they so cute?” and of course his crush agree
  • then his usual playful personality turns serious
  • “i want a love like that. and i want it with you. would you be my girl y/n?”
  • completely catches them off guard but in a good way
  • can’t help pulling them into a crushing hug if they accept
  • his screams of joy might damage their eardrums

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  • finds a really nerdy cute way to confess
  • probably thinks about a clever line for weeks
  • “y/n did you know your pupils dilate when u look at someone you love?”
  • “well mine are doing it right now”
  • or
  • u guys are eating snacks and watching tv together and he just
  • “it’s scientifically proven that chocolate releases endorphins that stimulate the feeling of love”
  • “u make me feel more euphoric than any hershy bar”
  • this either makes his crush laugh out loud or confuses the hell outta them
  • “namjoon are u trying to tell me something?”
  • “yespleasedateme”

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  • even tho this boy is the king of charm
  • with his crush it’s totally different
  • terrified of rejection
  • “what if they don’t see me in the same way? they probably like someone else..”
  • would need a lot of pushing and encouragement from the boys to get the courage
  • goes the traditional route
  • a heart shaped box of chocolate and a bouquet of roses
  • texts his crush to meet him and the boys somewhere
  • but only he shows up, with his gifts and a shy smile
  • “would you be mine?”
  • radiates actual sunshine when they say yes

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  • we all know he isn’t the best at expressing himself
  • would be really serious yet indirect about it
  • takes a unique approach
  • “y/n listen. hypothetically speaking, if i were to, <maybe>, ask you out, what would u say??”
  • this would make his crush chuckle at his blatantly obvious attempt
  • and answer “hypothetically speaking i’d say yes”
  • he just hums in deep thought then drops the topic and acts like nothing happened
  • which confuses them to no end
  • then the next day he finally formally asks them out
  • with that famous boxy smile on his face

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  • a shy bean
  • this boy would be so flustered around his crush normally
  • i don’t see him doing it person
  • without tripping over his words or forgetting how to talk
  • takes the meme route
  • sends his crush a playlist of songs
  • that spell out Will You Go Out With Me
  • “jungkook did u just ask me out through spotify”
  • “maybe. do u hate me :(”
  • “no i don’t. of course i’ll go out with u u idiot”
Dressing Room Sex (Tom Holland)
  • Y/N and Tom out shopping for some last minute holiday gift
  • Tom gets tired and is constantly complaining about wanting to go home
  • “If we go home, I’ll make it worth your while,” he tell’s Y/N, gently squeezing her ass
  • “Tom we can not go home until we get the rest of our gifts,” she tells him, placing a kiss on his lips
  • A sign for the ladies dressing rooms gives her an idea and she grabs a dress from the rack next to her
  • Tom groans as they walk towards the dressing room
  • “Stay here” she instructs him
  • She walks in, looking in each dressing room, finding all of them to be empty
  • Satisfied, she leaves the dressing room to find Tom standing just outside, waiting for her
  • “Are you done already? That was quick,” he comments
  • Y/N shakes her head, grabbing his hand. “Come with me,” she whispers
  • They both look around and find that no one is paying attention to them
  • Y/N pulls Tom towards the biggest dressing room and closes the door behind them
  • “Y/N what are you doing?” Tom whispers, his brown eyes glancing around
  • Without saying a word, Y/N takes a step towards Tom and presses her lips to his
  • He instantly responds, moving his lips with hers
  • Tom’s hands move along her sides while Y/N runs her fingers through his short hair
  • His hands move underneath the material of her shirt and up along her stomach
  • He squeezes her breasts, two fingers slipping underneath her bra and playing with her nipples
  • Y/N’s hand moves to the crotch of his jeans, squeezing his erection through the rough material
  • Her hands land on his toned chest as she gently pushes him against the wall before breaking the kiss
  • Moving onto her knee’s she unbuttons Tom’s jeans, pulling them down along with his boxers
  • Her eye’s meet his and she places a finger against his lips, warning him to remain silent
  • He nods as her tongue moves along the tip before slowly moving down the shaft
  • When she returns to the tip, she places her lips around it, pushing it in her mouth, moving down her lips down it
  • Quickly she moves her mouth along it while Tom’s hands grab ahold of her ponytail, helping her keep a steady pace
  • His eyes close and he rests his head against the wall, enjoying the pleasure
  • When his length begins to twitch she pulls her mouth away, standing up in front of him, kicking off her shoes
  • His fingers unbutton her jeans and she pulls them down, tossing them to the side
  • Tom places his hands on her shoulders before turning the two of them around so that Y/N’s back is against the wall
  • She wraps her legs around Tom’s waist, trying to get comfortable
  • He pushes aside the material of her underwear and runs his length along her wet folds, teasing her
  • She lets out a soft moan, grabbing his length and lining it up with her opening
  • Tom pushes in and she lets out a breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding
  • He begins to thrust slowly, her hands clutching his t shirt
  • Outside their dressing room, there are voices coming closer to them
  • A door closes next to them as Tom continues to thrust slowly
  • The thrill of getting caught turns the both of them on even more
  • Tom buries his head between Y/N’s neck and shoulder and he gently bites down, holding a moan in
  • A knot begins to form in her stomach and she reaches down, rubbing the sensitive spot between her legs
  • With two more thrusts they both reach their high
  • Y/N bites down hard on her bottom lip, drawing blood, to keep from crying out
  • Tom lets out a soft moan against Y/N’s neck
  • He gently places her on the back on the ground and she bends down grabbing her jeans
  • When she stands back up, Tom is next to her and he places his lips back against hers
  • His tongue slips into her mouth, tangling with her’s
  • She melts into his kiss, dropping her jeans back on the floor
  • The door next to their room open, leaving Y/N and Tom the only two in the dressing room again
  • “Tom,” she whispers between kisses
  • “Mhmm,” he mumbles
  • “We should go.”
  • Tom pulls away, his brown eyes looking down at her, frowning
  • “Ok,” he says sadly
  • “We can continue at home,” she says, pulling her jeans on
  • When they are both dressed, she slips out to make sure no one is around then calls for Tom to come out
  • Instead of continuing their shopping like Y/N had intended they head home for some more fun
Guide to avoiding painful rejection

1) you: wanna date?
crush: nah
you: *pulls out box of dates*
you: lol I meant the food
crush: gratefully accepts
you: cries inside

2) you: wanna kiss?
crush: nah
you: *pulls out bag of Hershy kisses*
you: lol i meant the food
crush: gratefully accepts
you: cries inside

Smol Lloyd Headcanons

*Lloyd lost both of his front teeth, not from cavities, but by accidentally bumping into the chalk board at school.

*Smol Lloyd has an undercut. I said it.

*Ties his bangs into a unicorn horn for fun

*One of the slower kids while playing kickball. His short legs don’t carry him far.

*An insects kinda kid. Specially butterflies.

*More into tea than juice or milk. (He prefers juice as a teen)

*learned how to sing his abcs backwards by heart.

*That asshole who colored in the lines but never fully. You know who I’m talking about.

*Cheated on his spelling test. Still got a 70.

*Worst subject in school was P.E. next was his actual “evil acting” classes.

*Favorite candy is kitkats. Cookies n cream hershies come in close second.

*Stands at like. 4'3ft. He’s a smol.

*Painted on the school’s chalkboard more than once. Never got caught though.

*Really good in music for some reason.

*Always had those little dinosaur animal crackers for snacks. (Every kid was jealous)

*I know I said this before but. Smol Lloyd can magically stick onto the ceiling like a mother fucking bat and nO ONE can get him to come down until he falls asleep.

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Hello! I just wanted to say that you High School First Time Au is my FAVORITE right now. I love it so much. I think it made me fall in love with the characters even more, if that’s even possible! I also wanted to tell you to keep up your writing, you are fantastic at it! Your one shots make my day! Thanks for doing them :)

Ahh well thank YOU anon for telling me all that ❤️ you guys are all so awesome!
Here, have a cheeky one-shot:

December 1st:

Chloe pulled her bedroom door open, yawning drowsily as she shuffled out into the hallway of the Bellas house. Her bare foot landed on a small plain white envelope and she furrowed her brow as she looked down at it. A bold black ‘1st day’ had been written on the front.

A small smile washed across Chloe’s face as she bent down and picked up the envelope. It had been at her door, which meant it must be for her. She pulled the envelope open and the smile on her face grew as she reached inside it and pulled out a small bar of Hershie’s Cookies & Creme chocolate - her favourite kind.

The redhead looked up and down the hallway but none of her friends appeared to be up yet. So the woman placed the envelope and chocolate bar on her bedroom desk, then made her way over to the bathroom.

December 2nd:

Chloe returned from her early morning run feeling refreshed, if not rather cold. It didn’t matter what the weather or what time of year it was, she ALWAYS went for a morning run to prepare her for her day ahead.

The redhead reached the top of the stairs then paused as she looked at her bedroom door. Stuck on it with tape was an envelope with a bold black ‘2nd day’ written on it. A curious smile grew on Chloe’s face as she approached her door and pulled the envelope off to inspect it.

Inside she found a cute pair of earrings from her favourite store in Atlanta. They were a turquoise colour - very her. Chloe swallowed loudly, not sure who could have possibly have done this for her. But it could be just a fluke that one of the Bellas had bought her a little something two days in a row. After all, it was December. It would soon be Christmas. A time for giving.

So Chloe stepped into her bedroom, placed the earrings and envelope on her desk, then made her way down the hallway to the bathroom.

December 3rd - December 11th

Over the next nine days Chloe either woke up and found a new envelope at her door, or returned home from her morning run and found a new envelope stuck to her door. But it didn’t matter how differently she timed her run, or how early/late she set her alarm to wake up, she never found the mystery gift-giver.

The redhead had begun a small collection of the contents of these envelopes: movie tickets, gift cards, post-it notes with quotes printed on them, nail polishes, a few charms for her charm bracelet, a bunch of fancy new pens, a box of Belgian chocolates…

As the days went on Chloe became more and more overwhelmed with the gifts that were left in the envelopes.

“Do you have any idea who it is yet?” Aubrey asked eagerly on the phone to Chloe on the night of the 11th, the redhead having called Aubrey the moment she’d returned home from rehearsals. It was as though the blonde had been living for Chloe’s ‘advent updates’.

Chloe was laid back on her bed, letting out a long sigh. She’d been racking her brains for ages. It wasn’t Fat Amy, Flo, or Stacie, none of them ever being organised for a gesture this grand. It wasn’t CR, the woman was barely home. And it definitely wasn’t Beca, because the woman hated thoughtful gestures at the best of times, so why would she ever do thoughtful things for Chloe?

“No idea. But I think I’ve narrowed it down to Jessica & Ashley.”


“You don’t think it could be them?” Chloe asked, furrowing her brow slightly as she twirled a silver daisy-chain ring thoughtfully around her index finger. One of the five she’d received on December 5th.

“No I just…figured if they were going to do it for you then they’d do it for the other Bellas, right?” Aubrey said and Chloe hesitated. Damn, Aubrey was right. It was something that Jessica & Ashley would do for the Bellas as a whole, not one specific Bella..

“Beca on the other hand would be selfish enough to only do something like that for one Bella..” Aubrey suggested, and Chloe rolled her eyes as she could hear her best friend smiling.

“Oh God, Aubrey just because I told you I had a crush on her doesn’t mean you have to automatically presume it’s her!” Chloe said with an amused smile on her face as she sat up on her bed and looked over at the goodies on her desk.

“I know, but think how perfect that would be!! Your crush secretly giving you an envelope every morning with a gift inside! It’s just like that Christmas song Chloe!”

Chloe furrowed her brow for a moment as she tried to rumble through some Christmas songs in her head. Mariah Carey, Coldplay, Wham!…

Her pause was long enough for Aubrey’s patience to wear thin, “The Twelve Days of Christmas!!”

Chloe let out an amused giggle, “What??”

“I’m serious Chloe! What did the first envelope say on it?”

“1st Day” Chloe said slowly, beginning to stand up from her bed.

“And what was in it?”

“A Hershies bar” Chloe said with caution, not entirely sure where her best friend was going with this.

“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, my favourite Hershies bar.” Aubrey sang down the phone, but Chloe rolled her eyes.

“That doesn’t even rhyme Aubrey..”

“Ah another piece of evidence! Because we both know how terrible Beca is a writing lyrics - she could never get the lines to rhyme.”

“Clutching…” Chloe said, trying her hardest to remain calm, identifying to her best friend that she was ‘clutching at straws’ with this evidence.

“Maybe, but what else did you get??”

Chloe approached her desk and reached out, tracing her fingers across each item that she’d placed on top of their respective envelopes.

“Okay,” the redhead said with a sigh, “a pair of earrings, three beautiful little charms for my charm bracelet, four ‘free coffee’ cards for the campus cafe, fi-“

“Fiiiiiive gooooold riiiiiiings!” Aubrey sang down the phone and Chloe froze. Shit, Aubrey was right. In her ‘5th day’ envelope she’d received five silver rings (she definitely didn’t expect any of the Bellas to be able to afford to buy her gold jewellery!). This was the twelve days of Christmas right here!

“Go on,” Aubrey said with an audible smile, “What are the rest?”

“Six really nice nail polishes, seven posh pens, eight movie tickets, nine post-it notes with a quote printed on each, a $10 gift card to Chipotle, and a box of Belgian Chocolates..”

“How many in the box?” Aubrey asked quickly and Chloe picked up the box of chocolates and peered inside. She swallowed loudly, “Eleven.”

Aubrey let out an uncharacteristic squeal, “Oh my God Chloe, what the hell are you going to get tomorrow??”

Chloe allowed herself to smile as she returned to sit on her bed, “I have no idea” she said honestly, pushing her long red hair back nervously, “Do…do you really think it’s Beca?”

“I don’t know. I mean I HOPE it is,” the blonde said quickly, “but I’ve no idea. If it is Beca though..well then you may have got the greatest Christmas present on the planet. Someone who reciprocates your feelings..”

Chloe let out a soft sigh, laying back on her bed again as she smiled gently. She turned to look at her clock. Almost midnight. She and the Bellas had gone to bed almost two hours ago. If she went to sleep now then it’d soon be morning. She’d then be able to open her ‘12th Day’ of Christmas envelope from her mystery ‘true love’.

Suddenly Chloe sat up, bringing her phone down to her lap as she listened hard. She definitely heard someone rustling by her door. Her heart leapt into her throat as she slung her phone to the space on her bed beside her and snuck over to her door.

Whoever was on the other side they were definitely trying to make as little noise as possible.

Chloe closed her eyes and took a deep breath, reaching out for the door handle.
This was it. Behind this door would either be the person she so desperately wanted it to be. Or someone else. Either way it was going to be a huge surprise.

The redhead flung her door open, calling “aha!” out into the hallway. There before her was the cutest sight she’d ever seen. Beca stood, blearing slightly in the light that spilled out from Chloe’s bedroom into the dark hallway. In her hand held a roll of tape, and Chloe turned to her door where she saw an envelope labelled ‘12th Day’.

“So YOU’RE my mystery true love!” Chloe whispered loudly, grinning broadly and Beca appeared to panic, her eyes widening as she flung a finger to her mouth to shush the redhead. “Twelve envelopes. Twelve days of Christmas. Since WHEN did you get so clever?” Chloe whispered excitably.

“Yikes. Ouch..” Beca whispered excitably and Chloe rolled her eyes with a grin, tugging her best friend into her bedroom and shutting the door behind her.

“Beca, I cant believe you did all this for me..” Chloe said in a low voice, a soft smile on her face as she motioned to all the items gathered in her desk, “movie tickets, chocolates, silver rings-“

“Uh gold rings actually. They, um…they’re white gold..” Beca interrupted, a little embarrassed. Chloe looked down at the ring on her index finger and smiled softly again as she looked back up at Beca. Her heart felt so warm. She felt so loved.

Then suddenly the guilt set in, “Oh God Beca, I never got you anything!” Chloe said with a gasp.

But Beca shrugged, holding her hands up to stop Chloe’s thought process, “S’okay. Just seeing you happy is gift enough for me.”

Chloe could’ve melted right there and then. Beca may seem standoffish, unaffectionate, and uncaring. But in reality this was the action of someone who really REALLY cared for Chloe. Far more than she could ever vocalise.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Chloe asked and Beca shrugged again.

“I didn’t want the others finding out. They’d tease us. Tease you. And I didn’t want them teasing you. But…I didn’t want to risk spending our last Christmas here not having me do something special for you. To show you how much I appreciate you. To show you how much I care…”

Chloe wanted to melt again. Instead tears began to well up in her eyes and she let out a gentle sigh. Wow. Just…wow. Beca Mitchell the romantic. Who’d have thought?

“So…technically it’s the 12th day of Christmas and, I never intended to be around when you got to your final envelope so I’m…going to go now…” Beca said awkwardly, motioning to the bedroom door. Chloe remained frozen to the spot as she watched Beca leave the room, her heart still racing. She couldn’t believe any of it. Not just yet.

Chloe heard Beca going upstairs to her attic bedroom. The redhead approached her bedroom door again and picked off the well-taped envelope. She nudged her door over and pulled out a mixed CD from the envelope.

The woman wandered back over to her bed, her mouth agape at the track-listing. Each song picked specially for her by Beca. Some she recognised. Some she didn’t. But all she felt would hold a specific message for her. And it was this knowledge that had Chloe’s heart racing.

“Chloe??” came a tiny voice from Chloe’s bed and the redhead realised she hadn’t ended her call with Aubrey. She answered it with a smile, loving the tone of her best friend’s voice as the blonde told her she’d heard everything…

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Hey there! Can I request some jealous Roadhog, maybe during movie night or something like that, and his crush (or s/o, whichever fits easier) gets too close to somebody else, like one of the more flirty overwatch people or maybe just one of their close friends? Sorry if this is kind of vague 😂 Hope you're having an awesome day!

I’m having a decent night ;) close enough


  • Doesn’t get jealous very easily
  • It sounds weird, but Roadhog has a confidence like no other character
  • His body, his job…. he has no insecurities involving any of it
  • Which isn’t to say he doesn’t have insecurities ever, but Roadhog is a man who knows who he is and that he likes that person
  • There have been many times when he could have tried to change
  • But in the end, being a junker made him happy
  • And so did being a bodyguard (Don’t tell junkrat!)
  • What made him happiest though was you. He loved you. No one understood him the way you did
  • No one loved him the way you did
  • And that’s why you are the only thing he is protective of
  • Of course, he has a lot of faith in you
  • He doesn’t think you‘re the type of person to just leave him for another
  • But that doesn’t mean he enjoys other people flirting with you
  • You’re his, after all
  • So when people like Lucio or Sombra start flirting with you, what started as a little jealous turns into a silent rage
  • Of course, its hard to tell
  • One night though, Roadhog can’t stop himself
  • Sombra touches your arm. She’s been flirting ALL evening with you
  • Its Movie Night with the Overwatch Crew and you two never miss it
  • But Roadhog had been watching all night and it made him feel…angry. Jealous. Worried.
  • Grabbing Sombra’s arm in his big hand, his eyes bore into hers
  • His mask was off, and it was almost scarier looking into his eyes then into his mask
  • “If you touch them one more time, I‘ll rip your arm off. Do you understand?” he growled, glaring.
  • You were stunned, and immediately hugged his arm, helping ease his hand off sombre…her arm might have already fallen off anyway
  • Sombra nodded, actually rather scared
  • “It‘s okay, Mako,” you cooed softly to him. Everyone was watching in shock. This might even be the first time they’ve ever heard him speak.
  • “I love you,“ you murmured, resting your cheek on his arm.
  • It took him awhile to relax, honestly, but he wrapped his arm around you.
  • “I love you,“ he mumbles, but it brings a smile to your face all the same
  • His jealousy was kind of cute, other then really dangerous

I made this little comic for the Expression Challenge, after @pikacheeka asked for Virus A2 and Trip A5. For Herrscher, it’s a bonus, because I was inspired (and because jealous Hershy gives me life… I mean just imagine Welter coming right after and tease him about it, aah).

I hope you like it, even if I made it months after you asked. :’D

[The asks for the Expression Challenge are closed]


Hi there, my name is Hunter!

I recently got the honor or being invited to the Stariplier Project, and I couldn’t be more happy about it! While I will try my absolute best to lighten someone’s day, I must say that, just like the other volunteers, I am not a trained mental or physical health expert. I am simply someone just like you who is dedicated to helping alleviate everyday stress.

I’ve wanted to help out with the Stariplier Project for a long while simply because they’ve helped me in the past! I understand how much a message from someone who cares can mean when you’re in a dark place, regardless of whether they’re there in person or not. There is a good reason Mark gave this blog a shout out, and I want to do everything I can to help this blog continue with ease with its newfound following.

On a more personal note, I’m in my last year of high school at the moment and I cannot wait to go to college! I play the trumpet in marching band, I’m an editor for my school yearbook, and I have two cats called Hershie and Rhona that I will absolutely GUSH about if you DM me about them on my personal blog, @rottenka. I’m also totally in line with Jacksepticeye’s PMA ideology this year; it’s helped me so much!

To wrap things up, I can’t wait to get started. I hope you guys can see me as approachable, and either send an ask on the blog or talk to me personally if you need it <3

See you soon!

🏵️ Hunter