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On February 9th, 1894, Milton S. Hershey founded the Hershey Chocolate Company. What better way to appreciate this momentous anniversary than with a book of chocolate recipes?

Walter Baker & Company’s 1931 recipe book, Best Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes, begins with a chronicle of the history of chocolate– its origins in ancient Mexico, South America, and the West Indies and how it spread to Europe and the United States. No variation of chocolate dessert is left out of this book, and many of the recipes include mouthwateringly realistic illustrations.

Walter Baker & Company. (1931). Best chocolate and cocoa recipes. Dorchester, Mass: W. Baker & Co., Inc.

From the Tampa Memorial Collection, University of South Florida Libraries


Who Killed Betsy Aardsma?

On November 28, 1969, the body of 22-year-old Betsy Aardsma was found stabbed to death between rows 50 and 51 on level 2 of the stacks of the Pattee Library of Penn State University. Aardsma was originally from Holland, Michigan, and was an alum of the University of Michigan. She had transferred to Penn State’s main campus to follow her boyfriend, David S. Wright, a med student at Penn State’s Hershey campus. Her murder is unsolved, and the details surrounding her death make it all the more tragic. 

Aardsma was born in Holland, Michigan, a town rich in Dutch-American culture and steeped in Reformed Church religious practices, which include the concept of predestination. But more on that later.

She enrolled in Hope College, a Reformed church liberal arts college that was close to home, as a Honors pre-med student in 1969. She was described as very smart by most of her classmates, and was one of the only women in her science classes. However, by sophomore year she switched to English, as she found a deeper connection with the liberal arts, and often wrote poetry. Her friends described her as a liberal, and she adopted many ideas of early feminism, as evidenced by her decision to major in pre-med. She was also silently supportive of the Civil Rights movement and was vocally opposed to the Vietnam War. By the end of her sophomore year, she made the decision to transfer to the University of Michigan, most likely to escape the strict conservative and religious rules that dictated life at Hope College. She soon found a dream in the Peace Corps, and made the decision to join after she graduated. 

However, life was not exactly peaceful during that time at the University of Michigan. John Norman Chapman, then known as the Co-ed Killer, Michigan Murderer, or Ypsilanti Ripper, was an active serial killer on campus at the time. Students such as Aardsma were living in fear as they attended classes. Additionally, Aardsma’s junior year at the University of Michigan was also when she met soon-to-be boyfriend David S. Wright, a pre-med student. The two lived in neighboring apartments their senior year; he with his fraternity, and she with some friends. Aardsma graduated with honors from the University of Michigan in 1969, and still planned to join the Peace Corps later that year. However, Wright was not keen on the idea of being separated from his girlfriend for over a year, and let his insecurities be known. The two were also “unofficially engaged.” He stated later that he regretted making Aardsma choose between him and her dreams.

Wright was accepted as a student of the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center for the following school year, and Aardsma made the decision to apply to Penn State’s main campus, and become a teacher. She was quickly accepted, and started classes in the fall of 1969. She and Wright drove or took a bus to see each other every weekend, and Aardsma had many friends on campus. Her parents were happy with the transfer, as it meant she was getting away from the violence at the University of Michigan. Little did they know, violence would find her anyway.

On November 28, 1969, a day after returning from a Thanksgiving get-together with Wright and friends, Aardsma headed to the library to work on a project for her English 501 class. She and roommate Sharon Brandt headed to the stacks of the Pattee Library around 4:00 pm. She was wearing a sleeveless red dress and white turtleneck, which friends thought was an odd choice of outfit, especially for Aardsma. Police speculated at that time that she was going to meet someone, although there was no evidence of tension in her relationship with Wright. Around 4:45 pm, assistant stacks supervisor David Brungart spotted Aardsma between rows 50 and 51, along with two men chatting nearby. 

Witnesses reported hearing falling books and a gasp, but no one saw anything because the rows of books were so packed together. Barely anyone was in the library at the time because of the holiday, and no one went to immediately check on what the sounds were. Another student, Mary Erdley, ran into to two men on their way out, one of whom told her, “Somebody better help that girl.” They led Erdley to Aardsma, who was lying on the ground, seemingly dead. They then disappeared. It apparently took twenty minutes before Erdley could get someone to stop to help Aardsma. An ambulance took her body to the Ritenour Student Health Center, where she was eventually pronounced dead at 5:50 pm. A librarian had previously tried to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and ambulance attendants thought she was alive and had suffered an epileptic seizure.

Aardsma had not suffered a seizure; she had been stabbed. Her cause of death was one swift stab to the heart with a 3 ½-4 inch hunting knife. The killer stabbed her in the front through her breastbone. There were no defensive wounds, and no scream. The bleeding was mostly internal in her lungs, and the little blood that did make it outside was disguised by her red dress. Aardsma had been caught off guard and killed in one fatal move. 

So who killed Betsy Aardsma? It’s a mystery that’s plagued investigators and the Penn State community for almost 50 years. Police have no suspects, no leads, and barely any evidence. The two men who alerted Erdley of Aardsma’s body are thought to be the killers, but they’ve never been identified. Moreover, no motive have ever been discovered; no one had any reason to want Aardsma dead. 

What makes this murder all the more mysterious is the fact that Aardsma predicted her own death many times. She wrote that she’d die young in letters to friends and told it to her family. Her church believed in the concept of predestination, and the priest at her funeral told her family that she had been destined to die, even reportedly reading one of Aardsma’s letters out loud. Her predetermined destiny, it seemed, came to fruition. But as to who killed her, or why, those questions have remained answered for decades, and likely will for many more. 

You were so nervous, you couldn’t even breathe. You were in line to meet your ultimate bias, Mark Tuan. You remember the first time you saw him. It seemed like years ago but truthfully it was last year. When they first debuted. You were just scrolling through Tumblr and you saw this new group called Got7. One particular member caught your eye, the one with the red hair and the cheeky smile. You couldn’t even see him properly but your heart was still beating as if he was in front of you. Only two more people and then your dreams would finally come true. You knew it wasn’t gonna be like those fanfics you read, he wasn’t going to fall in love with you. You were a nobody. But at least you would get to make eye contact with him at least once. Your friend was shaking in her place, she so wanted to meet Jackson, she could care less about Mark, which slightly hurt your feelings. Only one person to go now. How were you gonna talk to him? How were you gonna hand your cd? Were you gonna be able to smile? All of these things running through your mind. You stare the girl down as she walks away from Mark. You walk up to him and you slide him your cd. He looks you in the eye and smiles at you. All of sudden your nerves go away and you confidently smile back at him. “What’s your name?” He asks. You tell him, with a slight giggle. You didn’t know what came over you, you were suddenly a more confident and a more flirty version of yourself. You talk to Mark longer than you were suppose to. You felt something being crumpled in your hand, it wa s the hershey kisses you brought for Mark. You figured he missed home so you brought him a little piece of home. “Would you like a kiss?” You say, offering the bag. Mark was so taken aback, of course he wanted to kiss you, he had been staring at your luscious lips all the time. But you just met. “What?” He says, smiling. You shook your head and went bright red, you pushed the packet towards him. You had reverted back to your nervous self. “I didn’t mean lips kiss. That would be nice but no. I meant chocolate. I brought you hersheys I thought..” You ramble. Mark just chuckles and takes one. You watch as he pulls the little tag and pops the small treat into his mouth. He takes a pen and jots something down on to it. He slides it to you. “This is my number. I really enjoy talking to you. You should call me and we should go out sometime.” You shakingly pick up the paper and slip it into your phone case. You couldn’t belive this was happening to you, it was like a fanfic, he could fall in love with you. You impressed Mark Tuan, but that’s something to keep off if your Tumblr page.


1 frozen banana ‐‐ peeled
6 ounces light (reduced sugar) fat‐free vanilla or cherry frozen yogurt
2 tablespoons Hershey s chocolate syrup
½ cups non‐fat milk
Put all ingredients into blender. Blend until smoothie consistency is reached!