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soulmateAU: when your soulmate eats something you grave what they are eating! please! I mean Will poor poor Will graving human meat? goddamnit or Hannibal graving fast food? xD well this can be angsty or funny! :^)

I couldn’t decide between angsty or funny so I wrote both! :D


For the first year, he doesn’t mind it.

The menu doesn’t vary much. It’s mostly cooked fish, steamed vegetables (usually string beans), nicely fluffed rice. It’s whiskey most nights and coffee most mornings (and some mornings it’s coffee and whiskey). It’s the occasional Hershey’s chocolate bar, which makes Hannibal’s palate wince - he really thought he’d taught Will how to appreciate a nice bitter dark chocolate, but he supposes some habits are hard to break.

It’s fresh lemon pie in the summer, and warm cider with rum in the winter. It’s the beef stew that Hannibal gave him the recipe for, made with a really lovely bordeaux.

It’s lomo saltado, once, although there’s a saltwater aftertaste that’s unmistakable.

All of these tastes, lingering in the back of Hannibal’s throat, dancing on the edges of his senses, he savours. Because it’s a small piece of Will that he can still cling to within these white, lifeless walls. It’s why he behaves so perfectly for his guards - the most gentlemanly of murderers - and it works. Works so well that they grant him special meal privileges, all so that Will can still taste Hannibal’s cooking, now and then.

But even that small thread can bring the deepest of pain when tugged too tight, and it does just that on an unremarkable Sunday afternoon.

The day that Hannibal tastes wedding cake on his tongue.

It’s a light sponge, perfectly moist with a dark chocolate buttercream. A simple cake, but well made. The taste makes Hannibal want to vomit.

Then he tastes the ghosting press of fingers as they playfully shove the cake in his - Will’s - face, and he does vomit then.

He retches in his tiny porcelain toilet with violent force, and he holds the stale acrid tang of it in his mouth before he spits, hoping that somewhere far away Will gets a taste.

Then he rinses his mouth out, splashes water on his face, and lies down in his grey cot. He stares up at the void of the ceiling and wishes he could never taste anything ever again.

(fluffy part 2 under the cut)

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Aww thank you! I hope I can visit them soon and take more pics but here are ones I found in telegram a couple of days ago: 

We moved around furniture a ton….my house is still probably really weird looking in LA ~_~’’ ugh…Hershey’s probably still trying to be a bear rug in parts of the house though…

fun parisian moments from a real life parisian (for ml fic writers) part 2
  • everything is closed on sundays so you can’t go out shopping or go to a restaurant
  • baguette with butter as breakfast
  • fountain pens are necessary for school
  • that moment when you underline something in fountain pen with a ruler and once you lake away the ruler, it smudges
  • the really smelly pen that erases fountain pen and then rewrites it
  • the water in the seine is never clear, it’s always dirty
  • no swimming in the seine that’s illegal
  • “bateaux mouches” are boats that go around the Seine and it’s mostly for tourists but it’s also a fun date activity (you go under the lover’s bridge and it’s cute
  • after your meal the waiter always asks if you want coffee. most people usually say yes.
  • a classic French snack is brioche with “milka” chocolate inside.
  • examples of candy are haribo, kinder, and milka. they do have american candy though, but not Hersheys because it’s not “real chocolate”.
  • 9th grade is actually the last grade in middle school (college). there are only 3 grades in high school (lycée)
  • the official names for classes go down from 12th (kindergarden) to 1st (11th grade). 12th grade is called Terminale.
  • Even though they are officially called 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, they are most commonly known as CP, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2 respectively
  • There are no “finals” in lycée. There is a Bac Francais at the end of 11th grade and a Final Bac at the end of 12th.
  • Teens don’t say bonjour to each other if they know each other well, it’s salut or even just “ma moeuf!” (my girl!) or “mec!”(dude!) or any variation of that
  • hugging is not really a thing! you greet everyone with a quick kiss on each cheek
  • paris at night is really pretty
  • it is not uncommon for kids to go out during school nights
  • anything from a french boulangerie that is not made of bread (baguette and vienoiseries) has to be refrigerated!!
  • even though it’s not directly translated like this “je t'aime” means I love you. You don’t say “je t'adore” when you’re trying to confess
  • a sunny day in paris is actually quite rare. it’s a pretty grey city.
Candy Asks
  • Send my muse a candy and they'll answer:
  • Smarties: Who is the sweetest person you know?
  • Kit Kat: When was the last time you sat back and had a moment to yourself?
  • Reese's: Is there something you feel on the inside that you can't tell anyone?
  • M&Ms: What color would you say is the color of your soul?
  • Skittles: If you were a fruit, what kind of tree would you grow on and where would it grow?
  • Snickers: In what situation do you get ugly? (Excessively violent, angry, upset.)
  • 3 Musketeers: Is there something in particular that helps you to relieve stress?
  • Hershey's: What kind of legacy do you feel you have to uphold either willingly or unwillingly?
  • Nerds: How would you rate your intelligence?
  • Crunch: What was the worst thing you did to hurt somebody?
  • Butterfinger: Do you have a prized possession you'd hate for anyone to get their hands on?
  • Dum Dums: Is there a food that you like but most people don't?
  • Twix: Was there a time when you should have thought before you said something?
  • Warheads: Do you have a bad experience that broke off a relationship?
  • Baby Ruth: Have you ever encountered someone that was a bit odd but you liked them anyway?
  • Grab Bag: Any question of the mun's choice!
Batfamily Favorite Halloween Candies

Dick: Those wax bottles with the colorful sugary drink inside because he finds them so weird and yet oddly fascinating. Though he does wish that the wax outside part was edible because he tries and fails to eat it every time hoping it’s candy.

Barbara: Anything with dark chocolate in it. One time she just ate straight up baker’s chocolate with 100% cocoa In it and Dick screamed.

Jason: Jawbreakers because he likes a challenge. Once he actually chipped a tooth and it was awesome.

Cass: Hershey’s kisses because she loves giving them out to family members. But based on taste, she would go with sugar daddies because it’s literally just a lump of caramel on a stick and completely amazing. She always gets it stuck in her teeth and has to call for help when she can no longer open her jaw.

Tim: Candy Canes because he is not normal and he appreciates the irony of getting Christmas candy on Halloween. One time he tried giving Jason a candy cane on Halloween and he punched him in the face.

Stephanie: Peanut Butter cups because you’re really getting two candies in one. First you’ve got the chocolatey outside, which is already amazing on its own, but then you bite into it to discover peanut butter! It’s a masterpiece!

Damian: Sour stuff because he’s a bitter little sh*t.

Bruce: Something lame like tootsie rolls or something because he’s an old man with seven kids who always ends up with their leftover candy after they’ve gone through the ones they like.

Alfred: Alfie claims he doesn’t like candy, but really he is the one who sneaks into everyone’s rooms at night to steal some of theirs. They all assume it’s Bruce, but Alfred is the real reason hiding one’s candy has become a thing in the manor.

NCT127's voices as comfort foods
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Jaehyun:</b> honey<p/><b>Mark:</b> lemonade w/the perfect balance of sweet and sour<p/><b>Taeyong:</b> crispy fried chicken<p/><b>Taeil:</b> triple scoop of cookie dough ice cream<p/><b>Doyoung:</b> chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven<p/><b>Winwin:</b> Hershey's kisses (bc it comes in small bites)<p/><b>Yuta:</b> popcorn with extra butter<p/><b>Johnny:</b> hot chocolate with marshmallows<p/><b>Donghyuck:</b> frozen yogurt<p/></p><p/></p>
the world is brighter than the sun now that youre here

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a philkas christmas

Growing up, Christmas was always small. His mother’s small amount of funds presented itself in a few bars of candy and a toy, or when he was older, a new shirt or pair of pants.

Still, she managed to make it special. She and Philip would drag out the tiny christmas tree and put it up in the living room, spending hours making ornaments out of things they had around the apartment, listening to old christmas songs.

When there wasn’t enough money for more than a bar of candy, Anne would buy a bar of Hershey’s chocolate and split it up into pieces, carefully wrapping each one.

Those, Philip decided, were his favorite. His mother hid the chocolate pieces around the apartment, and laughed delightedly when he emerged back into the living room having found one. Once it was done, they would move to the couch outside, and Philip would curl up against her. She would smoke a cigarette, and tell him made up stories about all the different lives he could live. One where he was a prince, another where he was a doctor, and another where he was a stay at home dad.

They didn’t have much in the way of money, but Anne was rich in imagination, and she raised Philip on it.

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Halloween 2016 #18: Generous

Length: Medium

My husband and I were taking our son trick-or-treating like we do every year. This year he was going as Spiderman, a better choice than the Spongebob he had before that, if you ask me. We were joined with a few friends and their children and proceeded in the neighborhood, stopping by each house one by one. Nothing was out of the ordinary, until we came by this one house.

“Hey Mom, look what I got!” My little boy said excitedly, coming back down to the sidewalk where I and the rest of the adults stood, watching them at each door. He reached into his bag and took out a giant Hershey’s bar. The kind that easily cost more than a dollar or two on it’s own. The kind you don’t expect people to give away for trick-or-treating.

“That was nice of them.” I told him.

Another boy with us, dressed up as a mummy, pouted a bit to his mother. “I didn’t get anything! She gave us this!” He pulled out an envelope.

“Us too.” A girl in a Elsa costume agreed, her and the other kids holding out envelops. My son was the only one who actually got candy.

The other parents checked the envelops and found inside small letters but more notably gift cards to a local toy store. Odd, but this made the kids feel better about not getting candy. However, now my son was feeling dejected about not getting a gift card.

We tried to ignore this for the rest of the night and have our fun. When everyone was done and it was time to call it a night, we headed back to our homes.

“You two go on ahead.” I told my husband and son. “I have to make a small stop.”

My husband accepted this and my son hugged me, then they went on home, assuring me they’d be careful despite how dark it was now.

I easily found the house with the cards and approached. I knocked on the door, and it didn’t take long for the resident to open. It was an old woman, and she had a box in her hand like she had been expecting a trick-or-treater.

“Can I help you?” She asked.

“I hate to bother you, but can I ask why when my son was here he was the only one who got candy? I wouldn’t mind it so much, but why give one kid candy and other kids toys?”

The old woman gave me a look that I couldn’t help but think was pity. “It’s a bit complicated. You see, I can see the future of children. Not you, you’re too old. On Halloween I prefer to give children advice about their future. What they should avoid, what they can do at certain times, that sort of thing. So I write it down and wait for each kid to come to me. The gift card is my way of making sure they at least don’t throw away the letter before it’s read.”

Of course I didn’t believe her, but I decided to humor her. “So then, why did’t you give my son a letter? Why just candy?”

The old woman sighed. “I am truly sorry for you ma'am, but the candy… I save that for the few children whose future is too short for them to enjoy anything else. Head home, while you still can.”

She closed the door, and as I tried to make sense of this, I could hear police sirens in the distance.

Credits to: copper-feather

  • (Exchanging pick-up lines)
  • Hunk: You’re so sweet you put Hershey’s outta business!
  • Lance: People call me Lance but you can call me tonight. ;)
  • Keith: *points to Lance* If you go out with me you don’t have to go out with him.
  • Lance: What the fuck kind of a pick up line is that!?
  • Keith: A convincing one