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theme thursday: hungry for pins

food-themed enamel pins by fairgoods

get ready for some food-licious enamel pin finds, followers — i’ve got a LOT! fairgoods’ fun and funny food pins are totally up my alley. nom nom nom.

seven rounds of tater tots came around today and robbed me out of house and home in the name of Halloween (farewell my kit kats) so! perfect excuse now that halloweens suddenly over and theres a shit tonne of candy leftover can we start some candy discourse

I’ll start almond joys are the work of ungodly things that corrupted coconut from its rightful state as empress of strange flavours into some terrible mushy mess its not like lopping a shoddy little almond on top and dousing it in the thinnest coating of chocolate ive ever had the misfortune to witness will help

dont even get me started on fucking HERSHEYS fucking nasty sugar plastic fuckers imo theyre basically molten death soup with burning sugar

twix & kit kats are the only ones you can trust

reblog w your opinions feed me that salt 👀👀👀🍿🐸👀👀☕️👀🍿🍿👀


Milton Hershey School

La escuela Milton Hershey es una institución académica gratuita fundada por Milton Hershey (creador de los famosos chocolates Hershey) y su esposa. Milton donó 30% de todas las futuras ganacias de la empresa a la escuela.

La escuela fue fundada en 1909 con la intención de apoyar a niños huérfanos de bajos recursos con un plan anual, proporcionándoles habilidades para ser exitosos en varios ámbitos de la vida.

Hoy por hoy, más de 2000 estudiantes en Estados Unidos asisten a dicha escuela. Cabe destacar que Milton Hershey prohibió el uso de dicha escuela como mecanismo publicitario.