Meeting Liam’s Family

I knocked on the door, butterflies tickling the inside of my stomach. It would have been easier if Liam had come with me, but he had stayed here to help his family set up. Such a sweetheart, that one! I could only hope that his family would be the same.

“(Y/N)!” Liam said happily, swinging the door open. He wrapped his arms around your waist and swung you around. You giggled, and then noticed a rush of blonde hair in the hallway. Straightening your dress, you stepped into the house.

“Ruth,” Liam said to the blonde girl in the hallway, “this is my girlfriend, (Y/N)!”

“Hello!” she said sweetly, and gave you a gentle hug. Your heartbeat began to slow down as you had less and less people to meet. A similar looking blonde girl walked into the hallway and leaned in close to you.

“Looks like Liam finally found someone to put up with him! A word of advice, never move in together. He’ll drive you mad!” she whispered in your ear, and you both giggled. Liam, suspicious, put his arm around your waist and led you to the kitchen. You winked at Nicola, who seemed to be your new partner-in-crime.

“(Y/N), these are my parents, Geoff and Karen!”

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Payne!” you said brightly, shaking their hands. Karen pulled you in for a hug, her eyes beginning to water.

“You make my baby so happy,” she whispered, dropping a kiss on the top of your head. Your eyes began to water too at how welcome you felt in this family.

“C’mon now!” Geoff said gruffly, “stop the waterworks. Let’s go eat!”

And that’s exactly what you did.

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