Puzzle Crossing-Animal Crossing x Professor Layton

This was a lot of fun to study upon and create!!!

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The children (Flora and Alphendi) of Prof. Layton have been playing too much Animal Crossing: New Leaf and pretty much imply of what they think of seeing in the Layton universe to the game. Heehehe. 

Extra picarats if you can tell the characters presented here. 

Prowlfessor Layton

Luke Flockton

Emmy Alpaca

Claire Doelly


p.s. any more suggestions for PL universe characters crossover Animal Crossing? 

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Hershel wears a Claire…

I haven’t seen anyone post something about this…so I decided to post this doodle I made that’s been going on in my head for quite awhile…

Have you ever thought of when Professor Layton wears and travels with his top hat, he’s always with Claire (since she is the one who gave it to him)???

I always think this when I had something special from someone, parent, relative, or friend; and I would always cherish it.

So, basically he wears a ‘Claire Folly’ wherever he goes. >.> <.<

When Professor Layton says he doesn’t want to take his top hat off…he doesn’t want to let go of Claire….

–Spoiler if you haven’t played Unwound Future–

That is, until the end of the game when he lets go of Claire, the hat comes off.


Anyways, if you have seen mangas, fan-comics, etc. relating to Professor Layton and his top hat…think of this (pictured above)

-Whenever he holds the brim of his hat or pulls it over his eyes, he’s holding on to her.

It may look or sound funny…but I find this an interesting and adorable theory about Professor Layton’s signature hat. I hope you do too. ’^v^’

So, this is why I made this lil doodle of Professor Hershel Layton and Claire Folly, (a chibi Folly) together.

-I will now be thinking about the many times he hold the brim of his hat in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask