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My grandfather brought this over from the old country. He passed it on to my father, who passed it on to me. I pawned it to pay for a night of drinking I no longer remember. My late wife did… Josephine, Maggie’s mother. She gave it back years later when I sobered up. She was a good woman, my Jo. Maggie’s a lot like her. “ Hershel Greene  

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‘Noah, that kid… he said he didn’t know if he can make it. That’s how I feel.’

‘You’re gonna make it. Both of us, we will. That’s the hard part.’

- “Them” (5.10)

  1. Norman kisses…
  2. How his eyes light up…
  3. How he darts off after everyone of them…
  4. How Andrews face dies after Norman runs off…

Dad, you don’t have to fight anymore. If you’re worried about me and and Beth don’t, don’t worry about us. We’ll take care of each other, we’ll look out. Me and Bethy and Glenn we’ll look out. Go ahead Dad, it’s okay. Be peaceful. You don’t have to fight. If it’s time to go it’s okay. I just want to thank you, for everything, t h a n k y o u.
Maggie Greene dynamics: Hershel Greene