hers is based around jean and it totally made me cry

Haunted Love

The wind blows through the window elevating the curtains high to the ceiling. Goosebumps arise my skin as the wind blows harsh against the windows. The lace nightie does nothing to block out the harsh breeze knocking against my body. I hear footsteps down the hallway get louder and closer to my door.

“Shawn?” I call out as I place my hairbrush back down on the vanity. All I receive is silence alarming me slightly as the footsteps inch closer to my room. I turn around to close the windows and strip out of my nightie as the footsteps diminish in thin air. As I’m adjusting my black jeans around my hips a freezing cold hand wraps around my neck.

“Ahh” I hear laughing and turn around to see Shawn trying to hold in his laughter. I elbow him in the stomach causing him to double over.

“Y/N jeez it was joke” he groans out as he rubs his stomach. I slip on my shirt and cardigan before sitting on the bed. Shawn composes himself and sits down next to me. Shawn kisses my cheek before reaching my lips in a slow but passionate kiss.

“Are you ready for tonight?” Shawn asks as he gets up reaching for my hand slowly lifting me up to my feet. I stand hesitantly as he leads me to the front door.

“On second thought…. I’m not feeling so hot maybe I’m coming down with so-“ I’m lifted off the ground onto Shawn’s shoulder as he walks out into the dark and starry night. I smack his back repeatedly before he sits me down on the passenger side of his Jeep and straps me in like a toddler.

“Don’t move or you don’t get to go” he says kissing my lips once more. When he pulls back I have a small grin on my lips. “Don’t think about it Y/N” Shawn says as he runs to the driver side and quickly reversed out of my apartment drive way.

As Shawn’s song “There’s nothing holding me back” softly plays on the radio Shawn leans over to kiss my cheek. I intertwine our hands together as we near the Pumpkin Orchard. When the music dies down we hear screams and people laughing. I look outside and see a enormous line for the ticket booth to gain entrance to the haunted corn mazes.

Before I know it Shawn’s out of the car and is opening my door ready to take me out of the safety of the car. You can hear people scream and feet shuffling around in the hay. I grip Shawn’s hand tightly as we make our way to the end of the line. People around us laugh and talk as they wait to buy an admission ticket. Shawn’s hand leaves my grip alarming as I try to hold on tighter than before.

“I’m right here princess” Shawn whispers as he pulls me to his chest, so my back is touching his front. I slowly nod as we hear more screams from various people in the maze. As the line grows shorter Shawn secluded himself to go restroom.

“Watch out okay? Keep a lookout for people in costumes. Love you” he whispers as he walks away to the John’s farther down the road. A few girls I front of me scream and one falls to the floor in fear. I look everywhere but I front of me and try to keep my calm. Don’t let them know your afraid. I repeat myself over and agin as they near. The higher powers where listening to me as they skip over me and continue walking to scare others. A hand is on my shoulder and I turn around to find Shawn by side once again looking at the line getting shorter. My head is down watching my feet drawing line in the mud. I hear faint whispers of my name but don’t look up.

“Y/N.. Y/N” I finally look up and feel someone to my left and see a gorilla. I’m too shocked to scream or do anything as he stands in-front of my face.

“Hi” is all I say with a fake smile plastered on my face as Shawn is trying hard to hold in a chuckle. Another Gorilla comes to stand in front of me looking at breathing hard on my face. “Hi” I repeat before they turn away looking for their next victim.

“You did so well baby” Shawn whispers as he hands the lady $26 for our entrance ticket. We wait in line as the Lady starts forming groups. Another scream erupts from the maze on the opposite side a group of girls come out running with a Psycho clowns hot on their heels with a baseball bat. The flows retreats as they are fully outside of the maze evilly laughing.

“Next group!” She shouts and Shawn pulls me forward. “How many in your group?” She asks while reading off her clip board. Shawn turns around and starts counting, before removing himself out of line.

“Are we leaving?” I ask him with high hopes before we hear a group of guys coming closer.

“Brian, Matt, Andrew Geoff!” Shawn yells before running to them and giving them a high five or a hug. Brian comes over and lifts me off the ground hugging me. I laugh a little as he sets me down again.

“Haven’t seen you in so long! Shawn stopped bringing around” he says as he wraps an arm around my shoulders.

“Yeah! I wonder why? It’s not like you get all flirty and handsy with my girl” Shawn says a He comes near us. Brian looks at him and starts laughing.

“Babe he discovered us” Brian says runs behind me and is using me as a shield.

“Oh no! Thought we could keep this up for a while longer” I say as I squeeze Brian’s hand closer to me.

“Haha very funny guys” Shawn says as he keep walking towards us. We don’t move but hold each other tighter.

“I’m sorry Shawn….. we tried so hard to hide our feelings, but we started hooking up 3 months ago. I’m so sorry baby” I tell trying so hard no to laugh as Brian starts kissing my cheek and hugging me closer. Before we can go any further with this we are interrupted by the lady again.

“How many in the group?” She says.

“6” Brian says as we get in line again. Shawn comes up behind and squeezes me tight against him and whispers in my ear.

“You think that was funny, Princess?” Shawn tells me as the woman take our tickets in her hands.

“Well the look on your face was totally worth it Baby” I whisper back pecking his lips.

“Okay listen up. No flashlights to phone lights. No Swearing. No inappropriate remarks or comments. No touching of any kind towards the people in costumes and they know not to touch you either in anyway. And most of all do not for what ever reason lose your group members. Have fun!” The lady says as she moves away from the entrance to let us pass by.

My hand grabs the one nearest to my right. The hand squeezes mine back a deep laugh is heard from the person holding me hand.

“Don’t worry… I’ll protect you sweets” I look up and find myself holding hands with a guy wearing a bloody mask and a chainsaw at his side. The guy let’s go of my hand and starts turning on the chain saw. “Hate to do this but it’s always the pretty ones who are the first to go” he laughs out before he turns the chainsaw in my direction.

I trip as I walk backwards falling into the arms of someone. Chainsaw man keeps stepping closer towards me as I try and step back. I can hear Matt and Brian trying hard not to laugh, but eventually that’s all I hear as the guy quickens his pace.

“Y/N he won’t do anything” I think Shawn says before I can even tell who’s voice it the chainsaw guy grips my hand. I let out a small scream as his hand tightens in my wrist. He gets up close so we’re face to face.

“Y/N such a pretty name” he says and let’s go running back to the corn. My breathing slows down as Shawn grips my hand once again. He whispers a quick sorry as we walk behind Matt and Brian with Andrew and Geoff trailing behind us.

Two people come out and scare Matt and Brian who are in deep conversation. Matt leaps into Brian’s arms as the Zombie Doctors things retreat back into the corn. As we continue walking a faint sound of a chainsaw is heard in the distance and making me tighten my hold on Shawn’s hand. My name is chanted as we stumble across a bridge.

“Shawn…. why is my name being called” I tell him as we walk on the bridge. Soon a herd of children appear chanting my name in low whispers.

“Let’s play” they all say reaching their hands out. As we near them blood coats their faces. A little girls dress is shredded as fake blood drips down her arms. They form a circle and a start swaying side to side. The little girl turns towards me and reaches for my hand “Y/N let’s play! Let’s play! Let’s play!” Each time she repeats the words her voice changes. “Don’t you want to play? Let’s play and You can make mother happy” she points towards the corn and a woman comes out clothes bloody and a scream is heard almost making me pee my pants for the second time tonight.

The children gather around her chanting my name once again. The little girl appears and screams right next to me, shocking me with her reveal. “You made mother mad!” I go to grip Shawn’s hand and find nothing. Two hands clasp on my shoulders making me let out blood boiling scream. When I open my eyes I find no one there.

Steps are heard quickening their pace as I start to run looking for the nearest exit. I trip over a stick on the ground as I continue to run. Shouts are heard calling my name and my heart reset increases.

“Y/N stop running” Brian’s voice is heard.

“Princess!” I slow down as and a muscular body runs into me. I let out a small cry as the persons arms tighten around me.

“I’m done. I can’t do this anymore” I tell the person with tears cascading down my face. I may look like a big baby, but frankly I don’t care.

“Shhh… Baby it’s okay just a couple more minutes of this” Shawn whispers in my ear. I shake my head and remove myself from his grip. Shawn reaches out for me again, but I step back. His face shows hurt as I move away from him gripping Brian’s arm. I don’t look his way as we continue to walk down the path.

Brian and I are in front as a clown pops out causing me to fall backwards soaking my jeans in the muddy water on the path. Brian and Shawn stand in for the of me extending their hands. I grab Brian’s as he hoists me up and walks with me. I turn around and watch Shawn talk to Andrew with a saddened expression.

As I walk I feel a hand on my leg.

“Brian stop” Brian turns to look at me and raises his hands. I look down and faced with a woman who looks like the grudge. Her face pale against the moonlight illuminating the path. Mud on her clothes which are ripped near the bottom. Her body almost skeleton like as she moves to grasp my leg tighter. Lips are blue like the ocean and her eyes a terrifying red as she looks up at me. Whoever did her make up did a great job because she seems to have no teeth. All you see is rotten red in the inside of her mouth. Worst of the noise she makes cause me to scream uncontrollably as she pulls me down with her.

My heart stops as she crawls on top of me. She keeps making that horrifying noise as I continue to scream. Brian reaches me first and pulls me up to feet. The grudge retreats back into the corn while she keeps her eyes on me and I nearly let out another blood boiling scream as she says “Y/N next time no one will help you”

Brian turns me around and I bury my head on his chest. “Let’s go” he says as he walks me down the path my head still buried in his chest. I only nod and whisper ‘sorrys’ since I soaking his shirt with my tears. He whispers back ‘it’s an okay’ as we walk and hear someone hitting a bat on the ground.

“Dude don’t even think about at all” Brian yells before we make it out of the maze. Andrew, Geoff, and Matt are behind us running as the clown is right on their heels. Shawn’s no where to be found. A second later we hear a voice yelling at the entrance where the managers of the maze appear to be at.

“The rules specifically say ‘No touching of any kind towards the people in costumes and they know not to touch you either in anyway,’ but that rule clearly wasn’t followed. The person at the beginning of the maze grabbed my girlfriend’s wrist while tightening his hold on her. At the bridge the mother of those ‘dead’ children hand her hands on my girl’s shoulder’s. Not only that but while walking ‘the grudge’ appears and pulls her to the ground, climbs on top her. So next time you say no touching to your employees make sure you mean it.” Shawn says his nose is flared, face enraged as he talks to the guy and women selling tickets. The woman starts talking only intensifying Shawn’s angry.

“We are sorry about that. You know a little contact won’t hurt anybody” She says as a group of people turn their way to listen to the conversation.

“That’s were you are wrong Ma’am. A little contact can hurt somebody. Next time follow your own DAMN rules and tell your employees. If I have to I will shut this place down” Shawn says as he walks away and turns to the parking area. We hurry behind Shawn as he stomps his way towards his Jeep. I say goodbye to the boys as I walk to the Jeep heading into different directions.

“Shawn” I call after him which in turn I hear the drivers side door slam close. I walk up to the passengers side opening it and sliding it to find a towel and blanket waiting. I stretch the horizontally over the seat not to get mud and wrap the blanket around me. Shawn’s quiet staring straight ahead as people start to come out of the maze.

“Sh- I’m sorry I know how you don’t like places like this, yet I still brought you hear. What hurt the most was not being able to be there to comfort you like a good boyfriend should. Instead Brian did that and maybe you guys should start seeing each other. He can be there when I can’t and he can love you like a good boyfriend sho-“ I cut off his rant with a kiss. Shawn’s fingers pull me closer tangling themselves in my hair as he deepens the kiss. He reluctantly pulls away and looks into my eyes.

“Shawn I don’t want Brian. I want you, you are the one I love. Yes I went to Brian because he’s my shoulder to cry on when you go on tour. That’s all he is besides being a great friend as well. Yes, I went to him because I hated how you brought here even after I told I hated places like this. But I can’t stay mad at you because you live for places like this. It it still doesn’t justify my actions to tonight by going to Brian instead of my own boyfriend. It’s something I’m going to have to get used to. You are not and don’t ever doubt yourself Mendes a bad boyfriend. You everything but that and all the little things you think I don’t notice proves that. The small notes on the fridge each day when your home from touring around the world. Giving me simple reason why you love me brightens my day. Leaving a picture with a quote saved as my new lock screen which is motivational, loving and inspiring. And I personally don’t like it but you do it anyways, and watch me sleep and whisper I love over and over again. You are always will be a good boyfriend Shawn” I kiss his lips once more as he exhales a sigh.

“I love you, Y/N. Don’t know what I would do without you” Shawn tells me pulling me close and burying his face in my neck.

“Don’t know probably not making sold out tours” I say back a smile on my face as I feel Shawn let out a throaty chuckle. He pulls away reclaiming my lips in another kiss.

“You are probably right” he responds back and he reclines his seat back. Shawn places me on his lap and places my head on his chest.

“ all jokes aside though. I love you Shawn and always will” I tell him a as I elevate my harms with my crossed arms. Shawn looks down at me a wide grin on his face.

“And I love you Princess” Shawn says as he locks the doors of the Jeep and covers us with the blanket. We stay like that until a worker from the maze bangs on the window kicking us out of the Orchard parking lot. I remove myself from Shawn’s warm, comfortable embrace so we can leave.  As we exit out of the empty parking lot I turn towards window looking at the lights turning off to the entrance of the maze. I look towards Shawn watching him as he softly sings The Weeknd’s song “Nothing Without You” from Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack. I lean over the console and kiss his cheek taking him by surprise which quickly turn into a smile. He looks away from the road a bit to place his lips on me causing me smile into the kiss. I may not have liked being dragged to the haunted corn maze, but at least I got to experience it with Shawn.

Everyone Loves a Wedding

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Trope-Tastic: Tadashi + 2. Fake dating/married turns into real dating. 

“We’re best friends, right?” Tadashi asked you, swiveling around in his desk chair to face you.

“Of course we are!” You said, looking up from one of his old comic books.

“So that means we do huge favors for one another if they need them, right?” He asked, giving you one of his sweetest smiles.

You put down the book and got off his bed. “What are you up to, Hamada?”

“Nothing bad!” He reassured.

“Uh huh, sure. Out with it, then. What’s going on?” You pressed, both curious and a little scared.

“Well…my second cousin Hana is getting married, and Cass, Hiro and I were invited.” Tadashi explained.

“Okay…?” You said, still unsure of what that had to do with you.

“I was, um, I was hoping you’d come with me as my plus one and…pretend to be my girlfriend.” He asked, sheepishly.

“What? Why?”

“Last year at the family reunion, Great Aunt Martha and Cousin Agatha were trying to set me up their friends’ and neighbors’ granddaughters and stuff. I want to avoid that as best I can. Plus, I want you to meet my family.” He explained with an apologetic smile.

“Isn’t this a little extreme? Can’t you just say you don’t want to be set up with anyone?” You asked.

“You haven’t met Great Aunt Martha. It’s impossible. It’ll be really fun, I promise. Food, dancing, a weekend away, you love all that. Please?” He pleaded, grabbing your hands and giving you his best puppy stare.

Keeping your best poker face, you considered the offer for a moment. He made a great point about you loving weddings, but…would you be able to stand it? Keeping your feelings for Tadashi hidden had become hard enough since the day you realized you loved him. You weren’t entirely confident you could make it the weekend without getting caught up in the whole thing and ending up hurt.

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The Peace Offering

Requested by @negans-dirty-girl : A steamy threesome with Negan and Rick :)

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of Glenn and Abe’s deaths, and obviously smut smut smut

The Peace Offering

An anxious sigh escapes through my lips as the truck comes to a stop at Alexandria’s front gates. They roll open with a nervous jitter, almost too quick in attempts to keep Negan happy. I blankly stare through the windshield as the truck enters my old home, nostalgic thoughts and memories floating up to the surface of my mind.

Quickly, my thoughts are shut out at the sound of Negan stepping out of the driver’s seat and slamming the door behind him with a chuckle. I hop out, emotionless, slipping my gun out of its holster on my belt, cocking it carelessly.

“Hot diggity dog… this place is incredible!” Negan exclaims, a permeant smirk on his face as he turns to face me behind him. “Why didn’t you tell me how fuckin’ great this place is?”

I can only shoot a deathglare in return, knowing too well that if I say something, somebody’s gonna die. Normally, Negan and I can get along, but I can’t stand when he uses me against my old group, the only family I’ve gotten to know in this apocalypse.

Alexandria used to be my home, until Negan and his Saviors got us all in the lineup, murdering Glenn and Abraham and taking Daryl and me as hostages. Daryl was locked up and continuously tortured, and Negan made me work for points after refusing to be his wife. Negan mentally tortured and nearly killed me by abusing Daryl, always making sure I’d catch a glimpse at my close friend being beat/abused/yelled at/spit on/you name it. At that point, I couldn’t take it anymore. I offered Negan a deal: I’d become his wife only if he’d let Daryl go, and he cautiously accepted. Now, Daryl’s safe back here in Alexandria, and now I’m Negan’s weapon of choice. I normally don’t go on these pickups with Negan and the rest of his normal pickup crew, I was only brought to be used against my old group. My old family. Now I’m forced to play house with a new so-called family at the hands of my very own husband himself, Negan.

“Ah, where’s my best bud Rick?” Negan voices, scanning the faces that appear before him.

“He’s out. On a run,” Michonne states blatantly, never taking her eyes of Negan who roams closer to her while clicking his tongue in a disapproving type of way.

“Mm, not something I wanted to hear,” he says, gravelly, bringing Lucille into view. Suddenly, he stops, looking at Lucille and laughing to himself. “Wait a fucking second, what am I doing? Y/N, come here.”

Hesitantly, I oblige, coming up behind Negan to face Michonne. Negan grabs the end of my gun, raising it in my hands to point straight at Michonne’s face. My heart starts to pound, the fear of Negan’s unpredictability running hot through my veins.

“Stop!” a voice shouts, all of us turning to find it belonging to Rick.

The last person I wanted to see today was Rick, though I knew it was nearly unavoidable. Before I was taken into the Saviors group, Rick and I had a thing. A thing that involved a lot of secret glances and intentional “accidental” touches, though no actual acting of the attraction between each other.

Negan can’t help but chuckle, eyes locked on Rick. “Don’t be fucking rude, Rick. Interrupting my wife like that! Ah, Rick… what are we going to do with you?”

Rick hesitantly moves closer towards us, his arm extended in direction of Negan, signaling he isn’t going to try anything.

“Please, just don’t hurt anyon–” Rick begins, but is interrupted by the bellowing cackle of Negan.

“No one’s getting hurt today, Rick,” Negan smirks. “Today, I’m here with a peace offering.”

A silence rushes over everyone as Negan approaches Rick. Negan takes him by the back of his collar, slightly dragging him in the direction of Rick’s house. Rick stumbles alongside him, his jaw clenched in anger of being humiliated like this by Negan.

“Y/N, lets go,” Negan hollers back to me, that wide grin still glued to his face.

Reluctantly, I follow, not having any idea what could be in store for me. I follow them up the front porch steps and into Rick’s house. Possibilities rush through my head of what could go down as we trot upstairs, none of them looking good for either of us.

Negan kicks open the door of his bedroom and throws Rick onto the bed. “You and your group… you’ve been cooperating quite nicely. I think it’s about time I reward you for keeping up your end of our deal extremely well,” Negan turns to me, pausing as he studied my confused face. “Why don’t you go wrap those pretty lips of yours around his cock.”

His words stun me, leaving me frozen in my place. My jaw drops slightly as his words settle in my head, and Rick nervously shifts up to rest on his elbows, not sure if Negan is serious or just testing him.

“Aw, don’t get shy now, Y/N. Go show him some appreciation for being such a good boy,” Negan says from right behind me, whispering the last part huskily into my ear as he lightly grazes his crotch against my ass.

I gasp, my thumb quickly raising up to my mouth to play with my bottom lip nervously. A nudge from Negan releases me from my frozen spot near the door, sending me out of my safe-zone to the edge of the bed and in-between Rick’s knees that hang off the end of the bed.  

Rick maintains eye-contact with me as my hands trail up to grip onto his clothed thighs. His eyes are now clouded over, the lust he kept hidden for so long finally rising to the surface. My heart races with uncertainty, totally not expecting my long-lost, built-up lust I had for Rick to be exposed and currently offering me an opportunity. It absolutely scares the hell out of me, but I send it a wink in response.

I send my hand directly to his crotch, palming him through his jeans teasingly. Rick, surprised at my sudden confidence and control, is still unsure whether he can enjoy this or not.

I hear Negan’s footsteps waltz over to us, leaning down to Rick’s ear and whispering, “Enjoy this while you can, Rick. I don’t share often.”

Rick’s eyes never left my hand palming his crotch yet he still jolted when I already had him unzipped with my mouth around his cock. His eyes roll to the back of his head as I work on him, while Negan watches me with a smirk on his lips. I release him from my mouth to tease him, licking slow strokes just to watch him squirm under my touch. Rick instinctively reaches to grab my hair, but stops himself short, not sure if Negan would allow it.

“Oh don’t go easy on her, Rick,” Negan tangles his hand in my hair at the base of my neck, and guides my mouth hard back onto his dick and holds me there, his length hitting the back of my throat. “She fucking loves this shit.”

A labored moan rumbles through my body, my wetness soaking my thighs already just at the realization of Rick’s full length down my throat. Rick grunts breathlessly, his hand overlapping Negan’s on the back my head, beginning to thrust desperately into my mouth in need of any type of movement to end the teasing.

“Fuck, I hope you don’t mind if I cut in,” Negan proposed, unbuckling his belt and taking out his already-hard dick.

My eyes widen as Negan turns me slightly, slamming his own dick inside my mouth right alongside Rick’s. A high-pitched grunt forces it’s way past both cocks in my mouth as I suck them both off at the same time. I can’t help but gag involuntarily at the two massive lengths fucking my throat, both hitting the back of it at the exact time and speed as one another. Rick’s head falls back at the immense pleasure, and Negan can’t stop himself from cackling at his brilliant idea.

“She’s got quite the mouth on her, doesn’t she?” Negan chuckles over Rick’s loud groans, patting him good-naturedly on the back.

Rick suddenly jolts up, indicating his climax is near. Negan notices this too and quickly pulls me off of them both, prolonging Rick’s desperate desire to climax. Rick’s head falls back again, irritated at the declined orgasm.

I take the opportunity to strip down to just my bra and thong, seductively stripping each article off, fully aware of Rick’s lustful eyes viewing my near-bare body for the first time. Rick kicks his pants off quickly, beginning to unbutton his shirt. Before Negan can tell me what to do next, I take charge. I climb up on the bed to hover over Rick, taking his dick in my right hand and pumping furiously. I lean down to bite playfully at his outstretched neck, my ass pushed straight up in the air, smirking into his skin at the amount of control I have over him.

“That’s my fucking girl,” Negan growls playfully from behind me. I feel him step closer, when he suddenly smacks my ass, an echoing slap bouncing off the walls.

I growl into Rick’s neck, wetness continuing to drip down my inner thighs, eager to be touched after receiving nothing so far. Negan places his hands on my hips, gripping tightly as he teased my entrance by sticking only the head in, staying still with an expected smirk on his face. I desperately buck my hips backward, my ass hitting his abdomen, earning myself his full length inside of me until he quickly yanks himself out.

“Tsk, tsk,” Negan scolds as I let out an annoyed cry at the loss of him inside me. “Don’t get greedy, dear wife, or you’ll have to be punished.”

I roll my eyes and focus on Rick again, changing my fast, vigor pumps into antagonizingly slow strokes, my thumb skimming over the head every time I eventually made it to the top of his shaft.

“Ugh, fuck…” Rick softly groans, bucking his hips slow and smooth along with my rhythm.

Taking advantage of his eyes being closed, I slowly drop myself onto his cock, surprising him as I slide all the way down until my clit hits his skin.

I let out a strangled groan, finally getting what I’ve been craving. I start bouncing lightly, my hands holding myself up on his laid-back shoulders. Negan returns directly behind me, yanking me back against his chest as his hand trails down to vigorously rub circles on my clit. I scream out with a shock, the pleasure immensely growing. My head falls back lazily onto Negan’s shoulder, beginning to bounce harder and harder on Rick’s cock until he can barely keep himself together.

Rick’s a mess of pleasured moans and grunts below me while Negan cockily encourages me on, whispering the dirtiest things into my ear. I assume he’s letting me let Rick finally hit his climax, so I go harder, raking his chest with my nails in overwhelming pleasure. I feel my walls twitching, signaling them about to clench. I can’t contain my groans until suddenly Negan pushes me off Rick, earning a shocked yelp from me. My orgasm overtakes me anyway, apparently against Negan’s wishes. I rub my clit myself as I lay flat on the bed beside Rick, trying desperately to continue the intensity of the climax.

Negan aggressively haults my hand, looming over me. “Did I say you could finish, babygirl?”

He slaps my pussy hard, earning a whine from me. “I guess we’ll have to get you all worked up again,” he pauses for dramatic effect. “Go sit on his face.”

Exhausted from the climax, I sit up and look at Rick, who still hasn’t gotten his orgasm yet. I straddle his face, and he gladly slaps a rough grip onto my thighs and goes to town. Instantly I scream out, my clit still extremely sensitive. My body instinctively lifts myself away from his mouth, not able to handle the overwhelming sensitivity.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Negan warns, getting on the bed to sit facing me, right behind Rick’s head.

Negan forces me back down onto Rick’s face, holding my thighs down so I don’t try to flee again. I cry out again at the oversensitivity, the pleasure so fucking good that it’s literally painful. My body flinches and contorts at every swipe at my clit, not being able to control myself.

Rick gets gentler, though, giving me slow kitten licks to work me back up again. And I mean, it wasn’t going to be that hard to get me going, especially just looking down at the sight of Rick’s lust-filled, concentrated face between my thighs.

My body keels forward involuntarily into Negan’s chest at the pleasure, panting heavily as Rick slowly begins to draw figure-eights on my clit with his tongue. Negan straightens me back up, going in for my neck and giving it passionate love bites to egg me on.

Without warning, Rick shoots his tongue inside me, making me gasp and arch my back. I buck my hips along with his rhythm, riding his face hard. Rick suddenly stops, only to push me down his body so I can get back on his cock. His member is literally throbbing, desperate for release after the terribly huge amount of teasing we put him through.

Gladly, I slam myself down on his length, earning a satisfied grunt from him. Before I can even start moving, he’s already thrusting hard, sending me flying forward to stabilize myself by clutching onto his biceps. Moans endlessly slip past my lips, along with some curses, my eyes closing in pure ecstasy with my jaw dropped slightly open.

“I hope you don’t mind if I take my turn now,” Negan chuckles, sliding off the bed and returning to the end of the bed, behind me.

Rick grunts desperately. “I-I can’t stop ri-right now,”

Negan, about to say something, pauses, and I can just see the amusement across his features without even having to turn and look. “Well, I don’t think I wanna wait any longer.”

And with that, Negan roughly flips me to face him. He flattens me down against Rick, my back flat against his chest, his dick still inside me. Negan lifts my knees up, using them to grip onto as he fits his own dick inside me along with Rick’s, stretches me to the complete max.

I throw my head back onto Rick’s chest hard, the pain aching for a hot minute until I get used to the sensation. Rick reaches up and over my body to rub passionately at my clit, getting me to squeal instantly. Their paces collide, their rhythms finding their way to match one another’s that the amount of pleasure is something I’ve never experienced before. The same speed and rhythm hitting the exact right spot at the same exact time, over and over and over again until I have tears streaming down my face from the highest form of ecstasy I’ve ever been built up to endure.

Negan’s a sweaty mess above me, doing the best fucking job at giving me endless pleasure. He leans down to me slightly, taking my jaw in his right hand.

“What a fucking trooper, baby. I didn’t know you had it in you. Taking both cocks like a champ, goddamn!” he divulged, grinning at my uncontrollable moans. “You bet your fucking ass I’m rewarding you when we get back.”

Suddenly their paces change, both getting faster and harder but now off-time, their cocks slamming into me at a faster pace one man could never do alone, sending me over the edge like never before. I scream out, clutching onto Rick below me with one hand and onto Negan with the other.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I grunt, my walls clenching uncontrollably.

Both Rick and Negan let out groans of pure bliss at the same time, the sensation of my tight walls enclosing both their lengths so hard and unexpectedly, sending them into shaking climaxes. We ride out our highs, still fucking but slowing down with each passing second, our moans and groans slowly dying down. I open my eyes, finding Negan resting lightly on my knees above me while Rick is sprawled out underneath me, making me rise up and down as his chest heaves deeply in attempt to catch his breath.

“Well, Rick, I hope this is a good motivator to keep up the fuckin’ good work you’ve been doin’ around here,” Negan says, also still catching up to his breath. “Because this shit right here is too good for you to go fuck it up.”

Negan looks to me, still sprawled out on top of Rick, overwhelmed at the whole situation. “Goddamn, I really should bring you on these trips more often.”

Meet Me In The Hallway

⚠️ NC-17!!! had been an unusually warm November so far in New York City, but tonight the chill in the air was almost unbearable. I wrapped my arms around myself tighter, bearing down against the wind as I walked. It was closing in on midnight and I was heading home from a party my best friend Lola had dragged me to. Over the course of multiple phone calls this past week, I had told her again and again that I didn’t want to go but she wouldn’t take no for an answer.
“Gemma, come on… You’ve been moping about Harry for the last few weeks and, – lest we forget– you’ve been working like a mad woman on your next book in complete solitude. I will not let my best friend become the next JD Salinger.” Lola declared, sounding definitive, and I knew I couldn’t convince her otherwise. 
She had said this to me last night, after barging into my apartment, a bag from Whole Foods in tow, “I also won’t let you live off Coke Zero and Fruity Pebbles, and don’t even try to deny it– I lived with you all 4 years of college, I know what you eat when you’re in a mood!” 
I"m not in a mood,“ I protested, “I’m in a zone– and it was a good zone till you interrupted me! You know my publishers are on my ass to get this next installment done!”
“Blah, Blah Blah” Lola started, rolling her eyes, “ I don’t care. You can spare an evening!”
And so I went, and it was a miserable time. It was the type of Williamsburg party where everyone was freakishly chill and disgustingly into themselves. Lola had tried her best to get me interested in a few guys, but I just wasn’t into it. The whole night felt like a blur, which was probably due to the copious amount of tequila I imbibed over the course of 3 hours. I snuck out of the party and caught a cab, but the driver was so chatty that I decided to just have him drop me off so I could walk the last 3 blocks home. It was a bad decision on multiple parts, mostly because of how drunk I was, partly because Lola had talked me into wearing these ridiculous heels, and also, as I stated previously, it was close to freezing out. 
I approached my brownstone walk up and sighed heavily with relief, I couldn’t wait to get into bed and forget about this whole night. I took off my shoes and made my way up. I hobbled up the 2 flights of stairs and as I was rounding the corner, heels swinging in my right hand, I saw Harry sitting up against the wall, next to my door. I stopped and stood their for a second, simply observing him. His hair was disheveled, and flopped over to the side, covering part of his closed eyes and his arms were crossed against his chest. For a second, I considered leaving– I could get an uber, and head to Lola’s apartment, I had a spare key, so I wouldn’t even have to wait for her to get back.
While I was contemplating this, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Harry stir. He stretched and rubbed his eyes, before noticing I was there, when he did finally see me, he jumped up.
“Hi.” he said softly.
“How did you get in here?” I asked, the front door was usually locked all the time, especially at night. 
“Oh, your neighbor Ryland let me in…” he answered. Dammit Ryland, he was such a One Direction super fan he probably all but rolled out a red carpet for him. 
“Oh.” I answered shortly, a knot full of tequila and emotions was forming in my stomach. 
“I’m… I’m sorry, Gemma, to just barge in, but you weren’t taking my calls…”
“There was a reason for that.” I answered flippantly. 
He nodded, “I know… but I just needed to see you.”
“Well you’re seeing me now…”, That flippant remark was definitely courtesy of the tequila. 
Harry was taken aback by this, and I knew I shouldn’t be so mean. 
“Please… just talk to me.”
“Harry, there’s nothing to talk about. Some things just don’t work out… we live 2 totally opposite lives, you’re an international pop star and I’m a New York based novelist. Our worlds don’t exactly match. And that’s a lot of why we’d fight, and be nasty to each other… it just didn’t work.”
A lump filled my throat, thinking about how we used to be. There was no denying we had chemistry and I also can’t deny I was beginning to have real feelings for him. 
“I know, Gemma. I even agree with you, our live styles, how they are now– they don’t work.” he said, a sense of defeat in voice. 
I nodded, looking away so he wouldn’t see the tears forming in my eyes. I couldn’t do this, I couldn’t let him see me cry over him again. I made a b-line for my door and shut it quickly behind me. 
Harry slammed his hand against the door. As I slid down the door, sobbing silently, I could hear him outside, breathing heavily, close to the door. 
“Fuck, Gemma. I know we live different lives, I get it. It’s…” his voice trailed off for a second, “ It’s just that… I don’t want anyone else but you. Christ, I can’t think of anything else but you. I’m miserable without you, babe. I need you.”
At his words my sobbing grew, I had felt the same way. After these past weeks since we parted ways, it was as if nothing much mattered. He was the only one I wanted, the only one I cared so deeply for.
“Please Gemma…” he whispered. 
I stood up and opened the door. He was hanging on the door frame, his eyes were red and misty and his shoulders hung low. I don’t know if it was love or foolishness but I pulled him in and kissed him. We began kissing hungrily, it felt like such relief to have his lips on mine again, fuck– I missed it so much. 
We continued kissing, and made our way to my bedroom. The way he held me, his fingers digging into my flesh, the way he kissed and bit at my neck– it all drove me crazy with desire. 
He pulled off my shirt and quickly undid my bra, and I gasped in pleasure as he leaned down to suck and bite on my nipples.
“Fuck I missed you.” He whispered breathlessly as he pushed me down onto my bed. He stood over me, yanking off his shirt and undoing his belt buckle. I forgot how hot he was, his slim torso decorated with tattoos, his broad shoulders moving up and down with his heavy breaths. 
He climbed on top of me, our lips crashing together greedily. He got up onto his knees, undid my jeans and pulled them off. He was going to remove my thong but I sat up at the last second.
“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked with a smirk.
“Lie down.” I said attempting to be stern but a small smile began to spread across my face. Harry smiled, threw his hands up in surrender and lied down on the bed. 
I quickly grabbed at his jeans and took them off, revealing grey boxer-briefs, his length showing under the taut fabric. I kissed his growing cock through the fabric, making him wince in anticipated pleasure. 
“Oh fuck, don’t tease me like that.”
I smiled up at him, and pulled down the band of his boxers, letting his cock free. I locked eyes with him and he looked down at me hungrily, biting his lip, his hips thrusting up. I licked his length slowly up from the base and took him into my mouth, taking him deeper and deeper, moving up and down, sucking hard. 
“Fuck Gemma. I missed that mouth of yours.” he said breathlessly, his eyes closed and his brow furrowed. 
“And I missed your cock.” I said, looking up at him as I wholly took him into my mouth again.
He groaned, throwing his head back in pleasure as I began working his cock again. 
“Babe, you gotta stop– I’m so close. I wanna fuck you.” he said sitting up on his elbows. 
“But I just love your cock so much..” I said innocently, hitting his cock against my lips. 
He sat up quickly, grabbing me and flipping me around so that I was on my back. Harry began kissing his way down my body, making way to my throbbing clit. He kissed it gently over and over driving me crazy. I wanted him so bad I couldn’t think straight. 
He began licking and sucking my clit, varying his paces which drove me crazy. He stuck one finger in, and then another. 
“Fuck you’re so wet.” he moaned against my wet folds. 
“God, Harry. Make me cum.” I whispered breathlessly. 
“What was that?” he asked cheekily, lifting his face up, I noticed the lower half of it was glistening with my wetness. 
I whimpered in protest, “ Make me cum, Harry.”
“I didn’t hear a ‘please’…” he said teasingly before beginning to nibble on my inner thigh.
“Please! Please, please, please make me cum.” I begged, my hips moving up to try and meet his mouth.
“You’re gonna come for me, like a good girl?” he asked, blowing hot air over my clit.
“Yes! Oh God yes, please!” I howled, throwing my head back and slamming my fist down on the bed in frustration. 
Harry took the hint and went back to eating me out within an inch of my life. My breathing became ragged, and shallow as I reached closer to my orgasm, when finally it happened. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breath– I just threw my head back and moaned, digging my fingers into the back of Harry’s head. 
“Fuck!” I shouted, as I finally got my barrings, and opened my eyes to see Harry making his way up to kiss me. 
“God, I forgot you were a squirter… so fucking sexy, babe. I can’t get enough of you.” he said, nuzzling my neck and planting soft kisses along my collar bone.
“Fuck, Harry. That was incredible…” I said, still out of breath.
“I’m still not done with you though…” he said mischievously. 
“God, yes–please fuck me!” I said wrapping my legs around him. He obliged and slowly slid his cock into me. I could feel my tight, still- throbbing muscles expand to fit around him. 
“fuck you’re so tight baby. I missed your sweet, little cunt.” he whispered, sliding in and out of me slowly.
“I missed your cock so badly, fuck me, Harry” I moaned, closing my eyes as he began pumping into me faster and faster. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have him in me again, just to have his cock slamming in me over and over again, sent me into a spiral. 
“Fuck, Gemma. I’m gonna cum-” Harry said, his voice deep, almost a growl. He pulled out of me and brought his cock up to my mouth. I sucked hungrily as he seized up, his cum shooting into my mouth. Once he got his barrings, he looked down at me– I stuck out my tongue to show him his cum pooled in my mouth before I swallowed.
He collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily, “fuck, I missed you.”

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right as rain, soft as snow (part vii)

title: right as rain, soft as snow

pairing: spider-man x reader/peter parker x reader

warnings: lotsa FLUFF! a lil violence an a lotta love

 word count:6,175 (WOW)

summary: in which the reader is an avenger and a whole lot happens before peter finds out about it. drama ensues. 


              When you woke up the next morning, you were laying on your side, in his arms, warm and content. With your ear against his chest you listened to his steady heartbeat and felt the rise and fall of his breathing chest on your cheek. You moved your head up to look at him from underneath his chin, finding that he was still fast asleep. You strained your eyes so you could see without moving enough to wake him, and barely saw the morning light through his bedroom window. You moved your head back down, snuggling back up into his chest. You smiled when you felt him unconsciously snuggle back in his sleep and hold you tighter, and closed your eyes to fall back asleep.

       You woke the second time a good few hours later, and your phone ringing and buzzing on the floor beside the bed. You jolted awake at the loud sound, opening your eyes to see that Peter was already awake and staring up at the ceiling, not moving as to not disturb you. The both of you glanced towards your phone and it was then he realized that you were awake. He smiled at you before letting you go, watching you roll out of his arms and out of bed to get to your phone.

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Baron | Addicted | Corbin


Omg I love your writing so much. Could you write one with Baron Corbin, where someone walks in on a heated moment backstage, and you get embarrassed but Baron comforts you? Tysm << additional notes << reader is in a relationship with Dolph Ziggler but he’s caught by reader with another girl backstage and Baron swoops in to save the day… with his glorious cock. (fluffy smutty goodness))


3,433 sinful words.. again, i got carried away. I really really hope you like this, you awesome shaded sinner !!!


Baron Corbin - WWE


SMUT AHEAD! There. I warned you. Lots and lots of smut. And angst. And fluff. And a rare look at Baron not being such the epic badass that we all love him being, maybe?


oral, fingering, teasing, biting/marking, dirty talk.



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If I Lose Myself

Artist: OneRepublic

Relationship: Peter Parker X Reader

Summary: You can feel there’s something wrong, but you don’t know what.

Warnings: CURSE. Heartbreak. 

Word Count: 1,471

Want a Song?

So, you weren’t the best at living. You kind of really sucked at it actually. You never said the right thing. You never knew what you wanted to do. Your future was all but a blur. You finally decided that you were going to start living for people, because making people happy made you happy. It gave you a purpose.

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Three's a Crowd

Summary: During a witch hunt Y/N gets a potion poured all over her. All of a sudden a cooler sexier version of her appears. Both Dean and Y/N panic, unsure of what to do. This version of her claims to be Lust and the only way to break the spell is to have sex. 

 Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Reader, Reader’s Lust 

 Warnings: NSFW, smut, it’s all smut, guided sex session? Threesome like themes? 

 Word Count: 2,835

 Based on this prompt:  K first of all, I’m a huge fan of Shocking Sensations and love your stuff and would TOTALLY give you a prompt… let me know if it makes sense: can you write a story that’s Dean/Reader/Reader wherein reader magically gets duplicated into two identical doubles, and both of her team up to seduce Dean and have a MFF threesome? Hope that’s a type of smut that’s interesting enough to write lol- Anonymous 

 A/N: This was strange to write I’ve never done M/F/F but I found a way to make it work! I hope y'all enjoy feed back is always welcomed. ❤️

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themikaelsoncupcake  asked:

“You just moved into the house next to my mom’s and she has you doing her yardwork” For Klaroline au week :)

For All-Human day! 

Hope you enjoy! :)

When Caroline and her mother moved from Atlanta to the Virginia countryside the summer after her parents’ divorce, the two women came into conflict with something they never had to deal with before: mowing the lawn.

Caroline’s father always took care of it back in Atlanta, or hired a lawn service whenever work got hectic and he didn’t have time to do it. However, her and her parents had lived in a small suburb with a tiny push mower for the miniscule lawn and when the lawn got a little too long, no one ever noticed.

 But that was not the case in Mystic Falls, Virginia.

Well into her junior year of college at American University, Caroline decided to push off the internship she’d planned to land that summer and help her mother settle into the sleepy town. She didn’t want her mother to live alone until she came home for Thanksgiving break, so she packed up her room in Atlanta and moved with her for the next three months.

Her mother, Liz, interviewed for the vacant Sheriff position in the small, country town using her contacts from Atlanta and Georgia State Police, immediately landing it. They moved the summer before Caroline’s senior year of college. Their new house was in the middle of Mystic Falls’ nicest neighborhood, complete with a Homeowner’s Association that was run by the Town Council.

Caroline spent her summer days walking around town and meeting new people, instantly befriending the Gilbert twins, Elena and Katherine, and Bonnie Bennett. They all went to the neighboring college in Whitmore; about two hours outside of Mystic Falls, and Caroline wowed them with stories about her life in DC.  

Staying home and maintaining their landscape like her mother had mentioned briefly in passing was the least of her worries. When the mayor’s wife made a comment about the state of Caroline and her mother’s lawn one night at the Mystic Grille, the women decided to do something about it. The next day, both ladies were up at the crack of dawn as they stared at the sitting mower that her father gifted them as a parting present/apology for the divorce.

“I can’t believe Carol Lockwood even made a comment like that,” Caroline remarked with an eye roll. “The only reason her landscaping looks that good is because she hires someone to do it.”

“It’s still our duty to the HOA to take care of it,” Liz sighed, squinting at the mower. “Should I push it onto the lawn before turning it on?”

“I don’t know. Is the blade on the ground yet?”

“I don’t know. How do you check that?”

“I don’t know.”

Caroline gave her mother a worried look. “Do you think we should call someone?”

“Like who?” Liz asked, cocking her head at the side to stare at the strange machine.

 “I don’t know,” Caroline grimaced when her mother shot her a glare. “Like one of your deputies? Surely they know how to mow a lawn.”

“Caroline, I’m not going to make my employees mow our lawn,” Liz said, sending her daughter a wry smile. “We are two 21st century women. We can do this ourselves.”

“Mom, I’m all for women’s rights and everything but I’m not about to accidentally roll over my foot or a rock with this contraption because I don’t know how it works,” she pointed out.

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Am I More Than You Bargained For Yet?

A/N so i was texting jake and he said something about alex’s new skinny jeans and then we got thinking and emo!alex became a necessity so here we are. ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE. this is entirely jake’s fault. blame him.

smut warning and all that jazz. enjoy!!



How Jake Edwards ended up in detention, he had no idea. He had never been the type of person to step out of line, and he always followed the rules, right down to the stupid uniform regulations. But somehow, here he was, sitting in the front of row of his English classroom, at 4pm on a Friday afternoon, when everyone else had gone home, with his teacher, Mrs Adams, looking at him sternly.

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“i think i will let you” (part 2 of when i told you i loved you)

Originally posted by legomuke

Word Count: 2382

Warnings: lots of swearing, 

part 1


“I don’t know about this Cal.”

“Come on. It’s just one night.”

He was tugging gently on her arm. It was the eve of her 18th birthday and Calum showed up in her backyard, tossing rocks to her window at 10:00 pm, trying to convince her to sneak out with him for a surprise. Now she was standing just inside her backdoor and facing his pout.

“What if we get caught? I’m not about to get in trouble with my family the day that I become a legal adult.”

He rolled his eyes at her. “We won’t get caught. That was one time for Christ’s sakes. I won’t let it happen again.”

She sighed and bit her lip. Calum’s eyes flickered to her lips for a moment. He felt a strong compulsion to embrace her in a kiss.


He shook himself out of the daze. “Yeah?”

“I’ll go. Let me just go get changed.” She jutted her thumb behind her back.

“What’s wrong with what you’re wearing right now?” He smirked, staring at her exposed legs in the little PJ shorts she was sporting.

She rolled her eyes, not noticing his gaze. “It’s freezing outside, Cal. I’m gonna go throw on some sweat.” She whispered and rushed upstairs.

When she came back down, she was wearing a pair of sweat pants and his soccer sweatshirt. He felt a warm swell surge through him. He watched her walk out and turn around to close the door quietly. When he saw his last name printed across her back he whimpered in want. He couldn’t control himself anymore.

He was moving to hold her when she turned back around. “So what was this surprise you were telling me about?” A smile graced her lips.

He smiled at her and stuck his elbow out for her to take. “Shall we?”

She giggled and grabbed his arm, letting him lead her into the night.

“Calum!” Luke shouted. Calum jumped.

“What!?” He snapped.
“You have to get out of bed. It’s been three days.” His friend pulled back the covers.

“Luke, get the fuck out.” Calum grumbled from the bed.

“No, this is ridiculous. I know you guys had a falling out but—“

“It was worth than a falling out Luke.” Calum shouted. “You just don’t understand.”

“What happened? What was so bad that you can’t go on living?” Luke sighed and sat down next to Calum.

He was silent for several moments. Luke was going to speak up again when Calum sat up.

“She hates me.” He whispered.


“I made a mistake. I made a lot of mistakes and now—now she won’t speak to me.”

“Why don’t you just talk to her?”

“I can’t!”

“Why not—“ Luke was cut off again.

“I told her I loved her.”

The room was silent. Calum put his head in his hands and sighed. He wanted to cry but he just didn’t have the energy anymore.

“That’s shitty man.”

Calum collapsed back on the bed. “I know, fuck! What was I thinking?”

“Did you mean it?”

Calum whipped around to look at him. “What? Of course I meant it! You know how I’ve felt. It’s been 13 years! I don’t know what to do now. I totally messed up.” He sighed.

Luke left after that. Not seeing how he could help, he left Calum to his own thoughts.

Calum thought about his dream. He remembered the night.

“Where are you taking me?” She giggled. She’d been asking him since they got into the car.

“I am not telling you!” He laughed at her enthusiasm.

“But why not? I’m your best friend. I thought you loved me.” She pouted at him.

He laughed. “I do! But this is a surprise and traditionally, you don’t actually tell surprises.”

She pouted but didn’t pester him anymore. The clock on the dashboard read 10:43pm. The car pulled off the main road and onto a dirt path. The headlights shone brightly down the unlit path. They drove for another few minutes before she turned to him again.

“Are you planning to murder me? You’ll never get away with it you know.”

He laughed at her and turned down another road. “No, I’m not going to murder you.”

Calum pulled off the road. He got out of the car and met her at the trunk, pulling out a massive bag full of stuff.

“Calum what is this?” She asked.

“You and your questions.” He sighed and grabbed her hand, tugging her along.

He led her to a clearing in the middle of some trees. He set up a little picnic blanket with pillows and a couple other blankets over it.

“Settle in.” He directed her, holding up one part of the blanket and crawling in beside her.

Once they were all settled he laid back and turned out the lantern. She looked up at the sky and gasped when she saw the most magnificent arrangement of stars she’d ever witnessed. Thousands of gleaming dots were packed tightly into the small open area of sky. Stars were brighter and beautiful and she was so happy she could burst.

“Calum it’s beautiful.” She cried. Her grin was firmly planted on her face.

He smiled at her in the dark. He couldn’t help but think how much less lovely the night sky became since she was here. He was so captivated by her beauty and grace that he couldn’t even focus on the sky. He didn’t care about the stars or the moon or the trees. He cared about her. He loved her.

A beeping interrupted the silence and Calum checked his phone.

“11:11, Darling. Make a wish.” He whispered to her.

She turned to look at him. Here eyes met his in the pale moonlight. She held his gaze until she whispered to him, “I hope to God that I will never have to let you go.”

Calum woke up again when there was another knock at his door.

“Calum, honey? I’m coming in.” Joy spoke softly through the wood.

Calum rolled over, his back to the door.

She padded softly through the room and sat on the end of his bed.

“Hon, what are you doing in here?” She asked.

Calum groaned quietly. “You know why.”

Joy sighed. “Calum Thomas Hood. Are you honestly telling me that you’re in here because you told a girl you loved her?”

He turned to look at her. “It wasn’t just that. It was a total, complete, undeniable mistake I made that cost me an amazing future with the girl I’ve been in love with since I was seven. She told me she was in love with me months ago and I not only turned her down but also basically said she wasn’t good enough? I have no idea what possessed me to tell her those things because in no way are they true. I pushed her away and made her hate me.” By now he was sobbing.

“Calum, you two have been inseparable for years. If this is the thing that makes you give up on over a decade of friendship then I just don’t know if you’re really doing all you can to get her back.”

Angry and strenuous cries fell from his lips. His mom pulled him into a hug, trying to soothe his aching heart but she knew his pain wouldn’t be eased by her alone. After the longer part of an hour, Calum finally fell asleep from exhaustion.

“Thank you, Cal. This is amazing.” Her head was resting on his chest and his arm was wrapped around her.

He kissed the top of her head, “I’ll do anything for you. You know that.” He squeezed her a little closer. “You’re my number one girl.”

She smiled and closed her eyes. Listening to the sound of his heart and embracing the warmth of his arms, she fell asleep peacefully.

He noticed her breathing becoming slower and looked down at her snoozing state. He chuckled.

“If only you knew just how much I love you.” He let out a big sigh. “If only you understood what you mean to me.”

Calum woke up around 2 in the afternoon the next day. It was raining outside. He dragged himself out of bed and walked into the bathroom. A note was taped to his mirror stating that his mother and sister went out for a day in the city and if he needed anything he just needed to call.

He sighed loudly and observed himself in the mirror. “Jesus Christ, I look like hell.”

He walked back out of his room and looked at all the pictures he had of the two of them. Pictures from adventures and beach trips and shopping nightmares and birthdays. Pictures of the two of them smiling or sleeping or laughing. He thought about what his mother said. He knew she was right about it. Something within him screamed loud and clear. He had to get her back in his life. He at least had to try.

So, for the first time in days, Calum raced down the stairs clad in a sweatshirt and sweatpants. He fumbled around for his shoes, trying to find something so he didn’t get too drenched in the rain outside. He shoved his feet into his converse.

Just as he was about to open the door there was a knock. He sprinted towards the door and threw it open.

Barging into his house, she was soaked head to toe in water.

“I am pissed at you.” She snapped at him. She quickly advanced towards him and jabbed his chest with her pointer finger. “I can’t fucking believe you. I can’t believe myself. Honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing here.” She was pacing in front of him.

As she ranted aimlessly, he observed her. She was wearing some old blue jeans that she always swore she would throw away but never did. On top she was wearing a dripping wet sweatshirt that he had given to her a year ago. She wore her beat up vans and her hair clung to her chin and neck. Her cheeks and nose were flushed pink and water was dribbling from the tip of her nose. She sniffed every couple sentences and she couldn’t tell if it was because of the cold or because she’d been crying. Based on the redness of her eyes, he guessed the latter.

“I don’t know what enticed me to come here and yell at you but its making me feel a hell of a lot better so I’m going to keep going. Did you know that I haven’t left my room in four days? Because of you and your fucking face and your fucking smile and your stupid fucking eye crinkles. I couldn’t stop thinking about your hugs or how good your hands feel with mine or how much I just want to kiss you. And I haven’t stop thinking about it, ever! Not even after you broke my heart.”

Fresh tears started to fall on her already wet cheeks and it hurt Calum so much but he couldn’t move.

“You fucked up 14 years of friendship, you know? Why should I forgive you for that?

“You know I believe in second chances. I gave you one too. After that night I gave you another chance to be in my life. And then you fucked up again. Normally this is where I would walk away. I would usually just say ‘you blew it’ but I can’t do that with you. You know why? Because I am so totally in love with you Calum and I wish I wasn’t so I could move on with my life but can’t because you are and have been my life for so long.”

She stood still and stared at him, panting.

“Fuck, I love you so much.” Was all he could think of. “I-I love you so much. Every part of you is connected to me. You are the reason I followed my dream of becoming a musician. You always believed in me. You always encouraged me. I wish I treated you more like the love of my life because that’s what you are. I wish I could have been brave enough to tell you I love you first. I wish I were brave enough to tell you I love you that night. That’s my biggest regret. I have a thousand moments to regret in our time together and all of them include my feelings for you.”

She was about to speak but he kept going.

“Every single moment of the day you are wonderful. I’ve never found any one who is more sensational or stunning than you are. You’re presence infatuates me and I can’t stand not being around you. I wish I’d said all theses things before but I’m saying them now. I, Calum Thomas Hood, am in love with you. And I hope that I can prove that to you every single day if you would let me.”

She stood there, starring at him in the eyes. The air was so thick with hope that she could choke on it.

“Yeah,” She nodded her head. “I think I will let you.”

Calum let out an enormous sigh and opened his arms. A smile so wide his eyes crinkled covered his face as he watched her leap towards him.

Her head tucked itself into his neck and her tears went from frustrated to happy. She pulled away and let him kiss her lips gently. An amazing sensation of affection enveloped the pair.

She pulled away and rested her forehead against his. “I love you and all, but I’m absolutely freezing.” She giggled.

He chuckled and nodded, taking her hand and started to lead her upstairs. When they got to his room, he started rummaging through his drawers for something dry and warm for her to wear.

“Actually.” She started, catching Calum’s attention.

“Yeah?” He looked at her confused.

She opened the door to the bathroom. “I was thinking of something more along the lines of a shower.” She smiled.

He grinned and quickly made his way towards her, stumbling into the bathroom and capturing her lips into a kiss while closing the door behind him.

If you would like me to change the pronouns to he/him or they/them I can! Please just message me and I’ll do so instantly! Thanks, Xx.

anonymous asked:

advice on creating an original character that you won't dislike 5 minutes after making it?

tbh if u push your character into a certain character archetype and rlly stereotypical appearence to match (shy librarian with glasses and hair covering her face) you might end up hating i.. atleast i do. like you should never stick to character archetype those are my big pet peeve. so instead of making just a ‘shy librarian with glasses and hair covering her face’ you should make a ‘shy librarian who want’s to be noticed, wears contacts and trys to put a small accessary in her hair to stand out, is still socially awkward with conversation but appreciates when people are the first ones to come up to her.’

I think the more indepth you make a character the more in general you’re going to love them regardless of design.

Ettoo if you’re rlly just not good with design or w/e I guess I could help but don’t take and do everything i say!! this is just my PERSONAL opinion on what’s a good character design and what isn’t. Please don’t stick to these like they are the ‘rules’ there are no rules to drawing do w/e the fuck u want big boy.

first things first what kind of character are they?

Wanna make a fiery, assholey, bratty, competetive runner!?
Wanna use red as the main color scheme without making it generic?? You can totally do that!! 

TBH that’s a generic archetype right there, he’s fiery with passion and competitive.. let’s make him red!! (boring, used 100million times already)
But you can add DEPTH to this and make an absolute original character that you’ll actually feel is ‘original’ and won’t hate.

Let’s look at these two and see why the one on the left is BAD and the one on the right is GOOD.

First off not gonna lie i still am bothered by the red color scheme, but I didn’t use the same red from the same color wheel area, for example the hair.

the one on the Left: a no-no

The one on the Right: a yea-yea (???)

First off up front, please use diff colors of the color wheel, your colors will look more natural instead of bland and boring, or maybe you think something is off, or maybe all your red look all the same?? (thats what u get for using just one color scheme narrowing my eyes.) No need to fricking fear just get a base color and depending on what your base color is make the shade in the “colder colors” area. and make your shine or ‘highlights’ in the warmer summery colors area!!.

Cold colors include: Blue/Purple/Teal/some greens(dark/greyer)

Warm colors include: Red/ORange/Yellow/some greens(bright/pale)

Really how i see it is if I go up the color wheel there’s my highlights and the lower i go theres my shades, take for example the picture i showed for the boys on the ‘right’s’ hair colors. I got the base, I usually make the color darker and then move the color wheel down to a pinkish purple(a colder color) for shade. For the Shine I made the base color lighter and moved the color wheel between red/orange(warm colors) for a good highlight.

Reason 1. the reason you hate your oc is because It could be the colors that you’re using.

Looking back at the pictures Of the two boys (called“Left” and “Right”) the thing that might make the one on the “right” more appealing is because I used a less stiff artsyle for him, I got exaggerated with the eyeballs, I used a quivery mouth to show his fangs (even though humans don’t have fangs!!) Get crazy and show emotions through your drawings.

Reason 2. it could be you’re so worried about getting your hair and anatomy right that your drawing looks stiff and lacks emotion, advice: go crazy with your lines. and over exaggerate facial features. 

Another reason could be “Design”.

You should definatly show the kind of character he is with through your designs.

the one on the left is, tbh, bland and boring. He doesn’t scream a competitive runner, he doesn’t show he is fiery the only thing that could say he’s ‘fiery’ is his color scheme, red. He looks kinda angry showing he doesn’t care to speak to anyone and is red, also he’s got trash talk.. wooohoohooo……………

the one on the right show’s a character, he’s shaking with anger, You can see his roots which means he dyes his hair to a bright red, maybe because he wants to be noticed as flashy? or wants to be memorable? He’s a runner and trains a lot so of course if he’s training he’d get a slight tan, because he’s so competitive and determined he trains to the point of injury (the bandaid on his cheek.) His hair is more original, it shapes around his face an the back is wavy and simple, maybe it’s a little too long and he has to clip it out of the way when he runs.

Again with expression instead of using a regular haughty expression I used a more angry one, so angry he’s crying because he worked so hard to be first that the thought of even losing has never crossed his mind. It brings him so much fucking shame and embarrassment that he doesn’t believe it and is just so enraged he wants a rematch.

The one on the left looks bored, like he knows he’ll win. If he loses he’ll probably think ‘so what’. He really tbh looks like a background character HAHA.

Of course with clothing if you’re terrible at clothing design (like me) you can stilll make simplistic clothing look good.

Bland= just a shirt and jeans and some idk what are those some clunky ass slip ons.

Better simple clothes= just a shirt with a circle design, maybe add two diff colors, red on top and bottom white. an undersweater to show he is a sk8r cool dude to the max!! give that skater some kneepads jeesus we were not raised in a fucking barn. and some uh high fashion um hightops idk how to draw hightops but u and me can try together. also put some rips in his shorts to shwo he is a rebel.

cool goOD JOB!!

Reason 3 tldr; your character design is bad and unoriginal when you think ‘okay he’s a boy’ and automatically go for short hair and a tshirt of course ur gonna not like ur design. think what kind of character he is and then draw!! :-)))


Now let’s finally go off this red scheme and do more color variations. I am super strict on what colors look good together and what DON’T. You can make bad colors work sometimes if your style is super unique. otherwise no no no do not use these colors together god BLESs you.

Here I used the color combination I ABSOLUTELY HATE compared to my favorite

My most hated color combination i’ve been seeing lately is red/orange hair with purple eyes. that is the most disgusting color combination ever wtf… it works soemtimes if your style is SO NICE. but usually im like gross bye bye. (looking at u recent animes)

blues and pinks idk what it is about the but they always work they are nice and poppy and just work so well together to make an interesting character u wanna look at always like compare these two

yes eureka seven is….better :::-)) imo.

It really all depends on your colors.
personally i think these color combinations are good:

and these ones are bad….:

so Reason four; your color combinations could be super bad.


agains these are my opinions or w/e I’m not a draw god or anything these are jsut stuff I’m wary of when i make character designs!! I hope i helped or somethingggg..gg.g.g.g.g.

please don’t follow these by heart, you’re free to do whatever the hell you want!!

Three Dates

Emily and Paige put some romance into their long distance relationship.

Fandom: Pretty Little Liars

Featuring: Paily - Emily Fields and Paige McCullers

Rating: M (some sexytimes)

Style: Happy, romantic

Word Count: 2,600+

Notes: Takes place in the new Timeline E (“Alison is alive”), set soon after “Starting over”. Emily and Paige are back together, but Emily is at Danby and Paige is at Stanford.

As an Easter treat for everyone, I’ve doing something I don’t normally do. I hope you like it.

One part, entirely from Emily’s point of view.

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Fandom: Life Is Strange
Pairing: Pricefield
Rating: M
Words: 2172

“It’s not going to bite you,” Chloe chided Max, mouth quirked into a manic grin as she watched her girlfriend open the package the pair had been waiting for. “C'mon, do it or I will.”

“Just a second, Chloe,” Max grumbled, still staring down at the unmarked box. She could practically feel Chloe’s eyes on her and it only made the brunette more nervous as she started prying open the cardboard flaps. Bit by bit did the box finally open, revealing another box within, this one long and rectangular.

A groan of frustration was blown against Max’s ear, sending her heart set to racing behind her ribs from the innocent act. Chloe knew she had sensitive ears and always teased them whenever she could.

“Chloe!” Max snapped, whirling about to glare at the taller girl.

“Aw, poor baby,” Chloe cooed, bringing her hands up to cup her girlfriend’s face. A swift kiss was given to those pouting lips before Chloe reached behind Max and snagged the box.

It took a mere second for Chloe to tear open the packaging and set the contents of the box on her desk. The soft sound of a suction cup adhering to the surface of the wood was the only sound in the room for long minutes as the two girls silently stared at the glittery pink dildo Chloe had just set down.

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