Open Starter - Reflections

Today was my first day at my new school. I was so nervous, standing in front of everyone, that I felt like I was gonna be sick. But they were all so nice… They all gathered around me, asking me questions all at once. I couldn’t possibly answer them all. I started to panic… I think I even cried.

…I feel so bad. They meant well, but now they all went and left me alone. Why does this keep happening?

Tohru was flipping through an old, ratty notebook he had dug up deep within his belongings. He wasn’t entirely sure why he had hung onto it; heck, he didn’t even remember writing it. But this was definitely his handwriting, and these memories… they were coming back, and hitting him pretty hard. Memories of school, after his parents had been killed. It had been almost a year before he was settled down enough to even think about going back, and he had been so nervous…

He stumbled to the side after nearly colliding with someone. Damn, gotta pay attention more… Shaking his head, he looked around the street as he made his way back up towards Hope’s Peak. But soon, he found his eyes falling to his old diary again.

Master broke my finger yesterday. It hurt really bad. Made me bandage it myself. I don’t think I did it right though. It still hurts, though. Really bad.

Went to school with my finger messed up. No one asked about it. I think they didn’t notice. Do they even care? No, they won’t. They all have their own circles of friends they were a part of. I don’t matter to them.

His reading was interrupted once again as he slammed straight into someone.

“O-Oh, sorry! Wasn’t watching where I was going!”


“Go ahead.” He nodded. This couldn’t be too bad right?

Nick wasn’t sure why he had decided to smooch the prosecutor, but it was too late to turn back now. Placing a hand on the other’s hip, he leaned back in and pressed his lips to Klavier’s. 

He hadn’t had a little fun like this in a long time. It was kind of nice to fool around again. Just for shiggles, of course.

Closed Starter For Herr Prosecutor

Pepper coughed, another mouthful of blood hitting the sidewalk. Ugh…. That… hadn’t gone as planned. Edgey would freak… She looked awful. She was covered in cuts…. her nose was still bleeding…. she wasn’t sure, but she probably had a black eye…. Note to self: When confronting hoodlums, show badge before getting them mad. To be fair… She hadn’t expected them to pull knives on her…. or punch so damn hard. At least backup had come before things got too bad…. Not that she had been there when they arrived. She had managed to make a run for it. She wiped her bloodied lip with the back of her sleeve, wincing slightly. God she hoped they hadn’t broken anything…. Pepper made her way down the empty street. Hopefully no one saw her like this…. She probably needed to go into emergency…. though she had other plans. No way was she going anywhere NEAR a doctor…. No… She’d be fine at home… She had bandages… and ice…. She’d… be fine.

Hey. Hey. Hey. Klavier. Klavier. Klavier. Klavier Gavin.
Prosecutor Gavin. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Klavier. Klavier. Hey. Hey. Psst. Hey. Klavier. Mister Gavin. Mister Gavin. Klavier. Buddy. Bro. Gayvier. Klavier. Broseph. Gav. Klavier. Over here. Psst.

Courthouse meeting (closed for herrprosecutor)

“There, you’re welcome, Mr. Wright. Good luck." 

The courtroom doors shut and Cat turned away, yawning and stretching. The case had taken a lot out of both her and her boss, and she was more than ready for a nap. 

It was the fatigue that caused her to stumble a little, nearly running into a purple-clad back. "Oh– I’m so sorry–" 

The bell rings. Some students exit, others go to tutorial sessions. Some teachers stay for work, this teacher ditches it to check out the next date spot. He walks in a different path, a path that also passes by the courthouse. Head around his arm, he didn’t see what’s gonna hit him, and bump. He lets go of the head. Great.

herrprosecutor said: {dsgkj it’s ok senpai i feel like that a lot too tbh!! i’m hella short for my age and really awkward even though a lot of people say i’m not and tbh i just feel really low about myself like 99% of the time… usually when i don’t i’m at home.}

pats you i bet you are super cute and super sweet and stuff and i totally feel you on feeling awkward like i do a bunch of stuff but i don’t even realize that it’s embarrassing or whatever and people point it out and i’m o oO H and then i get all self conscious for the rest of the day ugh

clings tho i bet you’re gr27