herringbone suit


I am obsessed with suiting. I have a whole blog that’s mostly suiting, dresses, and black and white architectural photography (also character claims). 

Also I have a brown herringbone suit and an obscene collection of Italian flannel that I buy on crazy clearance but slowly exceeding my opportunities to wear it. I have skirts and blazers though and good buttondowns but not pants cause I am too round for a good palazzo and I don’t like the restriction of pants. I grew up wearing dresses and bloomers and doing what I wanted. lol



Tailor CAID is Yamamoto-san, a master tailor based in Tokyo, who specializes in American Ivy Style (think Mad Men) but is also very capable of other styles. He is a bespoke tailor in the truest sense of the word, tweaking every detail specifically for each individual customer. He excels in creating drape in the chest of his garments, bringing every jacket to life.

I shot some photos to illustrate the gamut of what Yamamoto-san can do:

On the left, an American Ivy Style three button suit. It features a slim lapel, straight, cutaway quarters and a soft shoulder. It has no darts in the body, making the silhouette  This particular suit was made in a royal blue herringbone. This suit is designed for business use, eschewing sporty details, such as swelled edges at the lapel, and keeping it simple.

Second from left, an American Ivy Style three button suit but made-up in a much sportier cloth and with details to match. The cloth is a very textured grey herringbone tweed. The lapels, while the same size as the business suit from earlier, have swelled edges and the pockets are done as patches with flaps. The suit is great for everyday use and the jacket and vest can be split off for use on their own in more casual outfits with denim or odd trousers.

In the center, a 30’s style peak lapelled suit. It has wide, straight lapels with a large collar. The chest is draped and there are darts in the body, giving a very defined silhouette. The cloth is a medium weight wool mohair in navy. It is a perfect suit for occasions and events.

Second from the right, is another 30’s style, known as the “paddock jacket”, later popularized by John F Kennedy. Paddock jackets are two button jackets with both buttons designed to be buttoned at the same time, rather than the commonly seen middle button only configuration. The cloth is an unusual design, a country pattern but in cooler, city colours.

All the way to the right is a suit in the same configuration as the grey herringbone tweed but in an aubergine wool/cashmere mix. The jacket was done as a typical sport jacket, with swelled edges and patch with flap pockets. The jacket alone could be worn very beautifully with grey flannel trousers. Not the most practical suit in the world, but certainly unusual and beautiful in its own way, as you’d expect from bespoke!

Tailor CAID’s overcoat is distinctive as well, based on the box coat from the 50’s. It features distinctive details such as swelled edges, a forward-set ticket pocket and turnback cuffs. The length extends to below the knee. It is a dramatic coat, beautiful in motion. It works well as a casual coat in heavy tweeds as pictured or it could be a serious workhorse in navy wool herringbone.






1. NWOT Ring Jacket Grey Herringbone Suit 

2. Vintage Vuarnet PX-5000 Glacier Sunglasses

3. Vintage Pringle Ivory Ribbed Shawl Collar Cardigan

4. NWT Moncler Grenoble Nesthorn Parka

5. Ralph Lauren Purple Label Sterling Silver / Alligator Belt

6. NWOT Borrelli Napoli 100% Cashmere Solid Navy Overcoat

7. Hermes Black Leather Travel Wallet

8. Anderson & Sheppard Bespoke Jacket

9. NWOB Ralph Lauren Purple Label Suede Monkstrap Shoes

10. Oxxford Blue/Brown Checked Flannel Jacket