herringbone blazer


Might have a little too much going on here.  But grey herringbone blazer with a purple-and-blue striped shirt and a dark blue/black tie with little purple owls on.  The Citizen watch is uncluttered, if a little larger than I like (I have a small wrist).  I do love the blue hands.

The blazer and tie were both thrift store finds.  

anonymous asked:

les amis' dress sense?

Enjolras: just that bit nicer and more expensive than those around him. kind of like he’s starring in a film of his own life. Everything is obviously very classic and well-made. Then there are, of course, the Infernal Red Converse. He’ll be buried in those things. 

Courfeyrac: Label queen. Everything he owns is from Superdry and Nike. He’s also got this ancient threadbare grey jumper that has become known as the ‘transient sweatshirt of anguish’ among his friends. He has no idea how it came to be in his possession but it is the warmest and comfiest item of clothing that will ever grace your body and everyone nicks it off him when they’re sad.

Combeferre: Is almost always in a state of poverty because he spends the majority of his money on clothes and shoes (also books). He’s obsessed with buying shoes and blazers of every calibre: brogues, vans, desert boots, doc martens, herringbone blazers, tweed jackets, elbow-patched jackets, velvet blazers, old school blazers from charity shops - you name it. He’s easily the most fashionable out of all of them, though you might not immediately think it. 

Bahorel: The kind of madman that goes out mid-january in a vest and shorts. Lives primarily in workout clothes: tracksuits, t-shirts, basketball shorts, trainers. For him formal wear is a pair of jeans. 

Feuilly: Not really interested in clothes because everything he buys gets ruined and he’s not exactly rolling in cash. He has a standard uniform of a pair of jeans, a polo shirt and a bomber jacket and he rarely deviates. 

Eponine: most of her clothes come from charity shops. A lot of ill-fitting sun dresses and old-lady tea dresses that she wears with big knitted cardigans and a pair of clompy old black work boots and this huge oversize man’s overcoat because she found it for 25 euro and it’s warm as fuck.  

Grantaire: He gets mistaken for a tramp at least twice a week - it’s pretty tragic. He’s a layers kind of guy.  

Gavroche: He’s going through his ‘skater’ phase.

Montparnasse: Image is very important to him. Everything he wears is stupidly expensive and clearly well-made purely because he can (even his underwear probably costs more than your weekly rent). 90% of his wardrobe is black, partially because it doesn’t show up the blood and doesn’t make him conspicuous but mainly because it makes him look pretty hot. Occasionally he’ll throw in a printed shirt or the lining of his jacket will be red or he’ll wear coloured socks - but that’s it. He likes leather or harrington jackets and shirts always buttoned to the collar and he rolls up the legs of his skinny jeans so you can see his socks and doc marten oxfords.

Jehan: Most people are genuinely shocked when he tells them he isn’t colourblind. He likes textures and layers and patterns and bold colours.

Cosette: She finds trousers in general (but specifically jeans) to be incredibly chafing and uncomfortable. You’ll always find her in some sort of sun dress or skirt and blouse - and she loves her big knitted cardigans. She also doesn’t own any trainers, purely because she has no need for them - little black boots or gladiator sandals for her. She likes bright colours and pastels purely for the way they stand out on her skin. 

Marius: A bit old fashioned. A lot of collared shirts and pullovers of every calibre (like a grandfather for christ sake) and he’s never worn a pair of trainers aside from for sporting events in his life. He never even used to wear jeans, until he was bullied out of his chinos by Cosette who took one look and told him they were absolutely tragic. 

Bossuet: Big plaid fan, he’s also going through his ‘skate phase’ - that started six years ago. He hasn’t yet had the good sense to grow out of it. Musichetta’s trying, but it’s not quite working. 

Joly: If you ever see Joly and he’s not in a stripy t-shirt it’s not really Joly and you should run the fuck away. I also have three other words for you: denim on denim *shudders* (‘but my jeans are black and my jacket is blue, they’re entirely different!’ Oh Joly

Musichetta: Highly impractical considering she works in a coffee shop - but she doesn’t give two shits. She likes dressing up and feeling rad about herself. She wears a lot of big poofy 50s a-line skirts and neck scarfs and sky-scraper red heels that match her bright red lips and big floppy hats or bandanas in her hair and funeral veils (purely for the drama) and velvet coats and faux-fur stoles because fuck you that’s why.


Thom Browne x Mr. Porter AW14 Capsule Collection.

A brilliant collaboration between the acclaimed american designer and the luxury online retailer, delivering an exclusive take into Browne’s grey universe. The limited collection features trademark textures and color blocking, spread throughout topcoats, blazers, trousers, sweaters and footwear.

Update a classic: Grey slacks

We often see the term “classic” widely used when describing an array of garments. Usually, it seems to translate an idea of timeless pieces, staples of menswear, who have been and will be around for ages. Several items come to mind, but few bear this stamp in such a deserving way as any suit related garment.

Although the suit is king when it comes to classics, grey slacks follow closely. This is the go to piece when men want to look put together without sporting a full suit, or just want to try out different ensembles with their suit jackets. What makes them so amazing, is the fact they perfectly combine elegance and versatility: you can dress them up or down and its neutral color makes them easy to pair with all sort of tones: navy, black, brown, pink, green, grey…

The first picture that comes to most people’s minds when talking about grey slacks is probably of loose pleated flannel pants. In fact, if you take a look at vintage pics or pay close attention to older men on the street, you might find that image is not far from the truth. However, the ever evolving nature of fashion has redefined this item: nowadays you’ll find several slim fitting alternatives, with flat front instead of pleats, giving them an updated feel.

No matter where you get yours from, be sure to have them tailored to ensure little to no break, as it will make you look taller and draw attention on your shoes (just be sure to have them perfectly buffed). I’ve got a couple myself, which I had made at Gentleman according to my liking:

- 100% wool

- Slim leg

- 19 cm ankle opening

- 3,5 cm cuff

- little to no break

I had mine cuffed as I prefer the way they drape along the leg and the overall aesthetic. 

This is something I wore the other day, really like how all the different shades and textures of grey come together to create a polished look. The cap was more of a necessity as it was freezing, but it added a nice relaxed and urban feel to the look. 

Grey herringbone 2 button blazer by Gentleman Tailors, grey wool v-neck pullover by Paul Smith, blue micro plaid shirt by Gap, charcoal wool slacks by Gentleman Tailors, brown tasseled loafers by Lottusse, cap by H&M, vintage bowtie, paisley pocket square by Tie Rack, socks by Ralph Lauren and watch by Rolex.  

Guys, What to Wear on Your First Date

Got a first date and want a second one?

We gotta say, first impressions go beyond what you’re wearing. But, nobody ever said dressing well hurt your chances for having a good time and locking in another date. 

Depending on where you are going, you’ll have to decide for yourself how casual or formal you want to dress. See our complete First Date Style Guide.

Wantering’s Top 6 Picks for What to Wear on Your First Date:

1) Levi’s 511 Rinsed Playa Dark Denim Jeans - Dark denim is easy and goes with pretty much any color shirt, so when in doubt don’t forget this staple.

2) J. Crew Slim Fit Secret Wash Shirt in Heathered Forest Plaid - Not strictly for lumberjacks or hipsters, you can wear a plaid button down underneath a blazer or sweater and look like you tried.

3) Topman Navy Double Shawl Collar Sweater- Wear a thicker cardigan as a jacket if you’re in warmer climates. It’s cozy and comfortable but still looks dressed up because of the shawl collar detail.

4) ASOS Slim Fit Blazer in Tweed - Fancy dinner planned? Tweed, herringbone or wool blazers look way cooler than formal suit blazers. Invest in one of these.

5) Blackstone M 07 Wingtip Sneaker - Not a sneaker but not a dress shoe. High-five.

6) Anonymous Ism Chestnut JQ Crew Socks - Hey, nice socks feel good ok?


7) Aesop Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion - SMELL GOOD.

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