‘The Lady of Shalott”
John William Waterhouse, 1888 Tate Britain, London

Alfred Tennyson’s Lady of Shalott is one of the great achievements of Victorian poetry: loosely inspired by Arthurian legend, it tells of a ‘fairy lady’ imprisoned in a tower, unknowingly cursed to die if she ever looks directly upon the outside world. Catching sight of Sir Lancelot in a mirror, she turns to see the approaching knight through the window, bringing the curse upon herself. Waterhouse’s painting captures the moment when the doomed lady finds a boat and casts off for Camelot: 'And at the closing of the day/She loosed the chain, and down she lay;/The broad stream bore her far away,/The Lady of Shalott.’
But with a closer look, the painting is filled with metaphoric references. The Lady has a lantern at the front of her boat; in the poem by Tennyson and reflected in John William Waterhouse’s image it will soon be dark. Also, with a closer look, we can see a crucifix positioned near the front of the bow, and The Lady is gazing right over it. Next to the crucifix are three candles. Candles were a representation of life – two of the candles are already blown out, signifying that her death is soon to come. Aside from the metaphoric details, what this painting is valued for is John William Waterhouse’s realistic painting abilities. The Lady and the water and landscape around her are nearly flawless, yet it is clear that The Lady is the ideal focal point by the intense colors. Her dress is stark white against the much darker hues of the background.

“And down the river’s dim expanseLike some bold seer in a trance,
Seeing all his own mischance
With glassy countenance
Did she look to Camelot.
And at the closing of the day
She loosed the chain, and down she lay;
The broad stream bore her far away,
The Lady of Shalott”


things i would sell my soul for
  • the raven cycle as a netflix series

In the wot universe there should be a painting called “Nynaeve crossing the Taren” which is very similar to Washington crossing the Delaware, but its just Nynaeve, her horse, and that ferryman she found crying in his house that she made find a boat and row her across the Taren so that she could get to her children

Cookbook drawing for The Girl Who Died. Or as I like to think of it, “the time I found Ashildr the least-punchable”, so she’s feeding her imaginary dragon some cinnamon rolls. They’re in the chapter, so it counts.

First drawing on the new tablet!  I think it went well, and fast! Also I’m still on Patreon so please support me if you can or get someone else to do it!

if you think this feels never ending, remember: 

  • haylor. we thought that that was going to last at least until valentine’s day and then a picture of her on a boat by herself emerges in early january. just like that, it was over. 
  • elounor. to varying degrees we suffered through elounor for over …. three years ??, even though we convinced each other every few months the contract would HAVE to be ending soon and it NEVER did. one day it just did. we had no idea that it was wrapping up. just like that, it was over. 
  • zayn leaving the band. he takes a break for personal reasons but nobody thinks that he’s on his way out. a statement gets released. just like that, it was over. 

my point is…. we might be awesome detectives and we might know what’s up more than other fandoms, but we are blindsided a LOT, and a lot of times, they’re good things. also, things that have felt neverending before in this fandom HAVE ended, and quite abruptly. so please stop acting like this is hopeless, it’s NOT. 


“I liked this scene because they are really having a good time together; that nice little escape from reality, you know? Genuine moments.”…”I like that he’s genuinely excited about the thought of like of getting a boat with her and sailing around the world.”

“And I almost killed you [Bel] in this scene, didn’t I?” - Alex banged her head off the ceiling when he picked her up in the tiny boat 

Alexander Skarsgård as Monroe Rutherford in THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL. Bel Powley as Minnie Goetze. 

My screen caps and quotes by Alex from the commentary from the Diary Blu-ray

If I write $0.99 fiction on amazon kindle one of the stories will be about butch middle-aged working class lesbians on Vancouver Island or maybe Saltspring or Nanaimo. One will be a selkie who dives for a living and buys fish at the pier from her buddy Carl whose boat just brought its catch in before walking home to the other, who is an organic farmer and greenwitch with callouses perpetually stained with dirt even after she washes with gojo orange with pumice bits, who lives in a tiny house with a cat. They chop firewood and cut seed garlic and eat dinner and have sex and sleep under a handmade quilt and that’s it, that’s the story.

decoffinated asked:

idk if you're still doing it but 🌟 for any sort of oc as long as it has big eyebrows pls

Name: Vini 

Pronouns: genderless. she/they

About: Vini is 100% a complete slacker. She does show up to work, but she never, ever does her job. She messes around in the office and constantly makes (funny) rude remarks that usually insult her peers. She’s been fired many, many times, but she just never leaves, so everyone has just come to accept her. She doesn’t see herself as mean, she’s just… Witty. Nobody knows why she has eye bags. why would she. she never works. Some of the smaller cogs think she’s pretty cool.


Fandom: Kung Fu Panda
Title: Paper Doors
Rating: K+
Pairings: TiPo if you squint? Can be platonic? Whatever works for you. :B
Summary: Tigress tells herself that she’s here because Po vented about his deepest insecurities to her back on the boat ride to Gongmen City, so somehow that means she owes him. 
Note: Wrote this a few weeks back, so no spoilers in it for KFP3. 

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Okay, but teenage Bobbi Morse having a Myspace and reading X-Files fics on FFN and modding a Star Wars fansite--and maybe writing a few fics herself, maybe she was really attached to Luke/Mara back in the day--while also captaining the Science Bowl team on top of her other five sports, because she loves science /and/ sports, and she's not going to choose between them when she rocks them both.

Well of course you know my dearest headcanon, which is that Bobbi is captain of her high school lacrosse team and SUPER COMPETITIVE (maybe it’s a boys team but she plays on it anyway because fuck you and your gendered sports leagues, Bobbi is just as tall as those boys and hits twice as hard) and takes them to whatever local championship she’s able to get them to.

(Plus, you know, volleyball and soccer and basketball but those are mostly in rec leagues where it’s not super serious) But in her spare time she’s also taking AP Biology and Chem and applying to very rigorous science programs because she wants to win a Nobel Prize by the time she’s forty and that takes discipline, especially if she’s thinking of med school like Dana Scully. She’s friends with all of the science nerds and talks sports with the jocks, and probably gets in trouble a couple of times for punching bullies in the face on behalf of her science pals.

(When she goes to college, her dorm room wall has an X-Files poster right next to one of the 1999 US Women’s World Cup team.)

I also have so many questions about MCU Bobbi’s background, like. How was she recruited? Does she have a PhD like in the comics, because then she’d have to be a Jemma-level prodigy who finished all her training in like six years. Did she get recruited right out of high school and into Operations at the Academy, or did they pull her after her first few years of college?


About Katherine of Aragon and her father’s relationship as described by Giles Tremlett:

Maybe it was Ferdinand who was not so keen to say goodbye to Catherine. His earlier anxiety to get her on the boat as fas as possible, fuelled by rumours of manoeuvres at Henry’s court to prevent the marriage in favour of a Flander’s bride who would bring better trading opportunities, had abated. An outbreak of the plague in Englad further dampened his urgency. Then, early in 1501, Ferdinand suddenly had to leave Granada to put down a rebellion in Ronda. Did Catherine’s father have las-minute misgivings about losing his only remaining daughter? He certainly did not stop Isabel from coming up with her various excuses for delay. Ferdinand later told Catherine that ‘of all my daughters you are the one I love best’. His casual disregard of her needs and wants over the coming years does not bear that out, although a small episode in her childhood suggests he held his youngest daughter in a certain esteem. He once tried to persuade the Aragonese parliament of nobles - the Cortes - to allow Catherine to stand in for him at one of their infrequent meetings in the town of Calatayud. The meeting never happened, partly because the nobles found the idea of the child Catherine presiding over them so strange, but it was not the only time that the wily Ferdinand was to ask her to be an ambassador.

Source: “Catherine of Aragon: Henry’s Spanish Queen” by Giles Tremlett

After this latest Agent Carter episode I am even more convinced that Peggy and Susan Pevensie are cousins.

Arrival to the Academy || Open Rp

A 15 year old red haired girl was looking at the island that had came into view from the boat she was on. “So this is the island Mokuba told me about eh Kuriboh. Wonder if we’ll fit in?”

“Kurii! Kurii!” Kuriboh cried as he sat on Emily’s head.

“Yeah. You’re right buddy. We’re sure to fit in here.” Emily watched as the boat started to dock and started to fix her uniform.

Once they boat was docked Emily headed off the ship with Kuriboh flying next to her. Of course no one besides her could see him. As she walked towards the school she was surprised by how beautiful the island actually was.