Rhys has always been the major feminist, so I see Feyre being the super scary/intimidating parent when their daughter starts dating and whatnot.

I see this because of what she has gone through, and Feyre doesn’t want her daughter to go through the same terrible things like what she did with Tamlin.

Lord have mercy, because I’m definitely headcanon-ing protective, Mama Bear Feyre.

this just in, adam adopts a sandy brown lil cat when he goes away to college. he names her triscuit and she’s tiny and very affectionate. she likes to curl up on his lap when he’s doing homework and enjoys playing with his hair to wake him up in the mornings

The only positive thing I want to take from this is that, in the end, it was another woman who actually did something to guarantee Hae Soo’s safety. The men did nothing because they were powerless. A Court Lady without name or power did what all the “powerful men” could not. Let that sink in real deep in your soul. 

Well, that was bracing!

While her deplorable opponent was even more of a dumpster fire than usual last night, Hillary kept her famous cool. Here’s a round-up of some great commentary on her performance.

Give Hillary Her Due, Talking Points Memo

Yes, he did badly. But she brought it at least as much as he blew it.

Yes, she was well prepped. But it’s a bit more than that. Clinton had an important challenge in front of her. Being substantive comes easy for Clinton. That’s who she is. And she’s been in dozens of debates. But in this case she needed to be positive, buoyant and optimistic in her tone while also needling him into outbursts. That could easily come off as baiting or nasty, especially when she had to counter his confusing mix of taunts and attacks and word salad digressions. She made it seem close to effortless.

As I said last night, her answer-ending asides and bemused taunts had him getting angry within 15 minutes. By 30 minutes in, she was dominating the debate. Sure, he attacked here and there. He was louder. He interrupted more. But he was always responding to her. She had him on the ropes. She was setting the tone and the terms.

At the First Presidential Debate, Hillary Proves She’s Got This, Slate

In retrospect, it seems obvious that she would best the impulsive, ignorant Trump, but before the debate that outcome was far from clear. At the start, I was so nervous I could barely watch; the pressure on her must have been beyond comprehension. A woman who evokes profound anxiety in a great many Americans was set against a man who is basically a walking phallus—it was a psychosexual minefield. She had to debate a bullying professional performer without seeming either too robotic or too passionate. She had to correct Trump’s serial lies without appearing like a shrewish know-it-all. She had to parry Trump’s attempts to display raw dominance without betraying anger or aggression. She had to decide which of his lies, evasions, and slanders to press and which to let go, when the temptation to respond to each and every one must have been overwhelming. She had to have all her facts airtight. She had to not cough. She had to do it all in heels. And she did. 

Clinton’s debate performance spoke to every woman who has had to humor an incompetent man, Vox

Hillary Clinton debated circles around Donald Trump during Monday night’s presidential debate. She had prepared, coherent answers, while Trump had unprepared, chaotic word salad. She subtly baited him into flying off the handle and loudly interrupting her, while she kept smiling and maintained her cool. It was a masterful performance.

But for many women watching the debate, it was also a frustrating reminder of just how hard Clinton has to work to overcome sexist double standards — and how hard most women have to work every day to do the same.

How the Split Screen Framed Clinton and Trump, NYT

It was Tony Soprano vs. Dr. Melfi, TV’s biggest antihero blustering against the woman who had gotten inside his head.

Hillary Clinton’s Pitch to End Private Prisons Is the Surprise Hit of the Presidential Debate, Daily Beast

But her numbers among completely undecided voters went high and higher during her discussion of overhauling the criminal-justice system. When she pointed out that crime isn’t nearly as high as Trump suggests and that the system punishes black and Hispanic men more harshly than white men, the favorability number kept going up. And it went even higher when she praised the Department of Justice’s announcement that it would phase out Bureau of Prisons contracts to stop doing deals with private prison companies. And the number went up even more when Clinton reiterated her position to end all federal contracts with the for-profit corporations.

It’s an invigorating moment for us! Check your voter registration and remind your friends and family to register. You can also help out the campaign by phone banking, or chipping in online.

Subtle Opens a Store!!!

Welp, I finally did it, y’all. I have officially opened my tarot storenvy! There’s only one listing for one card readings up right now, but stay tuned for more readings and possibly some other occult goodies to come

I’m a college student living on my own for the first time, so the extra cash would really help me out. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck with me for this long; Who would have thought that a year and a half after making this tumblr, I would be opening my own shop?! This has been a dream come true, and I can not thank each and every one of you enough.