“trini’s character was sidelined” no it wasn’t. it was a 1 hour 30m long movie abt FIVE kids and TWO villains, who also needed some sort of background - she couldn’t have been on screen for the entire movie - besides, her and zack are smaller characters in comparison to the other three. The yellow and black rangers have never been leads. Also, I, as lesbian, felt that Trini’s ““““gayness”“““ got just as much highlighting as it deserved. it wasn’t made out to be a big deal, but it was still talked about, and I think that’s how it should be. stop giving the makers shit, can y’all never be happy jfc

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As someone with HPD, what do you think of the idea that Harley Quinn has it? I've seen some people argue she has it and point to her revealing costumes as "evidence" but I guess I just started wondering if you see that at all in her? Do you personally headcanon her with any mental illnesses?

Personally, I don’t see it. She doesn’t seem to fight for the centre of all attention- she seems to mainly only care about the Joker’s attention. She’s a rather loud person but I just think that’s to go along with the Joker and the role she plays there. Plus, whilst a lot of people with HPD dress revealingly for attention, there aren’t really any signs that she does it for attention. Plus, like:

Granted these are from kid’s cartoons (and the last I’m p sure she is literally a kid), but cartoons have put characters in revealing costumes before.

Also, comics and hero movies tend to put almost every female character in revealing costumes, so unless they all have HPD (which tbh I’d be down for), it’s not really logic that can be used to argue she does.

In regards to if she’s mentally ill at all, I’m not sure! She’s definitely abused, which leads to a lot of her behaviours. Personally, I think she may have been abused as a child, which leads to her fixating on and latching onto the Joker so fast, and leading to his massive control over her behaviours and therefore the crimes she commits.

did i ever tell yall the story abt how i saw one of my exes at a grocery store and she had a baby carrier with a baby in it and after awkwardly greeting her out of obligation i stared at the baby and didn’t know what to say so i just blurted out “where did you get that” in a tone as if i were inquiring her as to what aisle she grabbed an eggplant from

and she looked down at the baby and was like “………….he’s mine” and we both had this mutual uncomfortable silence and a shared moment of ‘why did u say it like that’ before i was like “oh ok bye” and i left and then moved states like three days later