herr feder

Oh, I noticed I don’t have these guys up here! These are two of my older characters I still work with a lot. (one from 2008 and the other 2005 but were repurposed and put together) They’re definitely some of my most favorite characters. Both of them have gag-themed names and were originally a parody of sorts. These are their most recent touch-ups in their designs. Though, even though they were made in a silly manor, they’re pretty serious when it comes to their world’s story plot other than all of the dark humor.

These two are business partners and best friends. Herr Feder being a Mad Scientist in chemistry and Gabriel Sleazy  being a Mortician. Feder found himself needing Mr. Sleazy at first to dispose of finished “experiments” in the professional’s crematorium but they both found a special, dark bond between each other. When together they can be a fierce and almost unstoppable chaotic force when it comes to Feder’s destructive nature and Sleazy’s quick wits.

Though, when these two aren’t causing trouble for their world, the pair can be pretty down to earth. Sleazy’s dark humor and relaxing personal aura can even get his mad man counterpart to laugh and genuinely have a good time just spending quality time with a close friend. They say they’re business partners/best friends but they really are more than that, even if they don’t think of their relationship as a serious romance. They belong to each other and there’s nothing they can do to change it, really… they rely too heavily on the other. Though, in all honesty, their story sticks to their criminal tomfoolery and less on their relationship’s details. It’s more of a rare treat to see them wind down and act like decent people.