The Frog Saga

So in a nearby college’s science building, a geologist had set up a very interesting display. 

It was his collection of gemstone frogs.

There was a derpy frog!

A judgy orange sunny frog!

A simple frog!

A short frog!

A bumpy toad!

A salty, taunting, tongue-out frog!

And there were even two lizards who had somehow made their way into the collection…here is one of them…

Reminds me of some @orochihigh​ things going down right now…..

There was a super shiny opal frog!

But I took a liking to 2  frogs in particular. 

who is she




I’ve never really had an OTP until now.


Check out this melanistic garter snake (not sure the if exact species of garter snake, since I usually go by the color patterns)!
 Melanism occurs in snakes when there is an overproduction of dark pigment (melanin) in their bodies. It’s often referred to as “the opposite” of albino.

I don’t have sources for this claim, but I’ve heard it’s much better for an animal to be melanistic than albino, because they can usually still blend and hide well!