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                             SAWTSUKI’S FOLLOW SPREE

Hello everyone! I usually don’t do this sort of things but I’ve noticed some of the people I follow change their content a bit, or some of these have even disappeared from my dashboard since a long time ago, that’s why I decided to do this follow spree, for the first time, in order to find more blogs to follow.

If any of you: 

  • Post different anime content (or you’re a multifandom blog).
  • Tag properly, al least, the anime/manga. 
  • Reblog some seiyuu stuff.
  • Post and reblog stuff of seasonal anime. 
  • Reblog content of: haikyuu!!, hunter x hunter or monogatari series.
  • Post, at least, something related to anime.

Please reblog this post and put in your tags how many of these things you do, and your main fandoms (especially this one). 

Special bonus:

  • You’re a graphic/gif maker.
  • We have similar tastes (otps/characters).
  • You’re following me. 
  • You know who’s the girl of the gif.

Keep in mind that I probably not follow everyone who reblog this, but I’m gonna try.

Do not reblog this if you:

  • Repost art or someone’s stuff.

And for my mutuals, I would appreciate it if you could reblog this and help me a bit ♥ :’)

Thanks for reblogging!