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Diétázom lvl végtelen

Én, magamban: “dagadt vagyok, nem fogok vacsorázni, munka után megyek a gymbe, cukor nélkül iszom a kávét, nem iszom alkoholt, hát hogy nézek ki, herpderp.”
Kolléga: - Dórachan, there’s a cake for you in the fridge.
Én: - I want it now.

//A short update on life:

I finally took the sleep study, but unfortunately, multiple things went wrong, and herpderp, I gotta take it again. Since then (but not due to the machinery, it was actually snug and nice), my ability to sleep has dipped some, though stress at work is definitely a factor too. Tomorrow, though, will be when I submit the data. Hopefully the machinery didn’t screw up and there is something workeable. I’m honestly looking forward to getting a CPAP so I can finally get some goddamn sleep.

My work schedule is a bit weird at current; my helper has transferred facilities, so while she can help, it’s only part-time. I don’t know if I’ll get a more permanent staff, but with things going wild and crazy, I’ll just have to hold on for now.

And now for the brighter side of things: I’m going to Anime Expo this year! @selfish-swine and I will be attending on July 1, so if you happen to be in the Southern California area and can afford it, maybe we can meet! We’re cosplaying as Gundam characters; you can spot me as Lalah Sune!

My costume is still a WIP, maybe I’ll post it later once I retrieve it from the dry cleaners. It’s not 100% accurate, but I hope it’s recognizable.

I’ll assume this is about Ozmafia, since that’s the only Brothel I’ve had to deal with like… ever. Simple words cannot convey this so I’ll need some screenshots to help me out

Since I wanted to go into Ozmafia completely unspoiled I had absolutely no idea what would happen. All I wanted was to go after the dude with the potentially manliest name I’ve ever heard- I mean

Friggin Manboy, a name like Guy couldn’t have done the job I guess

Fuka goes to the Brothel cause no one wants to tell her what the hell goes down there, which piques her curiosity. Manboydudebrahguy seems happy enough to see her, but instead of telling the truth he’s just like “Yeah this is a salon, you can eat here and … stuff *cough*”. So when she asks if she can come again he tells her that it’s ok - but only during the day

So the next Sunday Fuka goes out to meet Boyman we are introduced to a new character: Alfani

The cord attached to his… 

That is- the uh.. yeah

While this could also be an extravagant design choice it’s more likely where your fight and especially your flight instinct should kick in and you’ll realize that this going somewhere horribly wrong. But before Fuka get’s that chance Dudeboy intercepts and tries to send Alfani away before he can give her a free BDSM crash course

Fuka’s worried that she’s getting on Boyguys nerves by visiting him every week. She decides to do some shopping instead, and she just has to run into Alfani. They have a nice little chat about the important questions in life, y’know like “Do you lub me or Mayboy mooorreee?” and “Do you prefer hurting others or being hurt?” …wat

Since things aren’t weird enough yet Fuka decides to go to the Brothel again. There she finds Manmeat tending the flowers. He tells her not to get too close since they are poisonous, but apparently it’s not enough to kill someone (which sadly rules out the option of diving into the bushes for a quick and painless death)

After the two of them have a somewhat romantic moment he finally takes a hint and tells her to bugger off - but alas it is too late

You know things are bad when a dude with a creepy goatee shows up and his sprite looks like he’s ready to punch you

Manman drags Fuka off and basically tells her that shit just got real and she’s heading straight for a bad end so she should stay away

But of course she’s back the next week because stay away actually means come back just like no means yes. I mean he could have definitely tried a little harder to turn her off, I can offer a few suggestions:

I’ll put the true horror under the cut, since things will get kinda NSFW as well

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So a long while ago I had this idea for an animatic based off of Omnia's Wolf Song, and now I’m finally getting around to making it a thing. Well, for a school project anyway :V

This is my very first attempt at creating something like this, and I obviously have no idea what I’m doing, but hey it’s good practice, right? [nervous laugher]

Anyway, look forward to it cuz I’m pretty excited owo;;

silverdragon234  asked:

Chromie just called Alexstrasza 'Allie'. That little munchkin...

And Alexstrasza just stands there like “herpderp I am a dragon”. Chromie has more energy than the rest of them put together (but tbh the dialogue in that quest was so obviously awkwardly one-sided)