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Dating 11 years older

I am 20 and my man is 31. He will turn 32 in the summer and then I will turn 21.

We have fun, we have meaningful conversations about the world and how to live a better life and our relationship and its future. He is sober, and so I do not drink around him. But I have mentioned for my 21st birthday, I want to get FUCKED UP lol. So he’s gonna have to work with me there.

I hate how some people believe younger women will cheat, simply because they’re partner is older. If someone is a cheater, they’re just going to cheat NO MATTER WHAT. I don’t look at guys and go, “Oh, if I was single and not dating an old guy I could date him.” lol. I turn down all kinds of men, SIMPLY because I have a man already. His age shouldn’t matter at all. If you’re seeing something “better” than what you have, you just shouldn’t be in that relationship, PERIOD. People must be referring to younger women with NO experience at all. I’m further along than many my age, and my boyfriend tells me that he notices it all of the time.

No he doesn’t look old lol. When we first started dating, I actually thought he was 25. He doesn’t have wrinkles and all of that. I love feeling his chest, it’s so smooth and hard haha…😩😜 I love how my man looks, he turns me on. It’s not a FETISH like some think. A fetish is when you rely solely on something to get you off. And I don’t mind dating men close to my age, it just so happens I’m not right now. I don’t think to myself, “I love how he’ll die before me.” right before I cum.😐 Nor do I think about him aging or his age in any way. I think about how my man is making me scream! And I fucking love it.

And I don’t have “Daddy Issues”! I’m not looking for my man to be the dad I never had lol. I’m looking for him to be the man I’ve been searching for.😍 I don’t need him to treat me like a kid, because that will surely end in him kissing my ass (and I’m not talking about in the good way, like during foreplay). I do have a kink, and I call my boyfriend Daddi. You might have heard of Dd/Lg (Daddy dom/Little girl) or Dd/bg (Daddy dom/babygirl) relationships. If you look them up, you might find crazy shit. Although I’m into it, I don’t really do the “ageplay”. Sometimes I will act bratty or be a pain in the ass because I can’t get my way, but that’s about it. The only thing I do really is color, and it makes me feel like a kid again. Like the bad in the world doesn’t matter and I don’t have to think about bills or stress or anything. He calls me babygirl. I do enjoy being spanked, and I love rough sex. But none of it has to do with my dad. And if my boyfriend ever tried to be my dad, I would leave his ass. I’m a grown ass woman. And though I respect him, I will not be talked down to. We are equals, and he treats me as such 24/7.

I’m not a gold digger. He’s a mechanic, not super rich or anything. I don’t ask for gifts. He buys me stuff and I also buy him stuff. I’ve surprised him for our one-month-iversary and made him a bracelet for Christmas and I grab the tab on food sometimes. If I’m buying something, I will look over and say, “Babe, do you want anything?” I have no problem doing that. I nudge him in the right direction sometimes, with financial decisions and his personal life. I am a penny pincher, and he really spends money like it grows on trees sometimes haha. He’s so sweet and gives me comfort when I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with work and dance and LIFE lol. We support each other. Plus, I have too much pride to be leaning on someone like we just did a trust fall, okay? 😂 I’d rather struggle than have someone think I owe them everything.

Sometimes it does get a little hard. He’s often tired from work, and doesn’t stay up late like I do. Sometimes even when I have to wake up at 5:20 and go to work at 6:15 I’ll stay up. He says that’s early, but I used to work earlier than that haha. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with me during sex. But I’ve had issues with that with men my age too. I think it’s a man thing lol. But who knows. It doesn’t really bother me though. If you finger me and eat me some more, all is forgotten 😂

What I can say is, he makes me happy. He is chivalrous and very respectful. What he brings to the table is stability and experience. I date older men for this reason. I never date younger or the same age as me. I love experience. It usually means a man will be able to handle certain situations better (for example, I have hsv2 a.k.a. genital herpes), as well as understand me better as a woman. A woman who is a bit ahead of her time I might add (AGAIN). I do keep our relationship youthful, with toys and new positions to try, and the will to give him sex that blows his mind haha.😘 But anyway. When you care about someone, you compromise. And it’s just that much more important in a relationship like ours.