herp to the derp


• You have colored my life with something I didn’t think I could ever deserve •

Why am I still seeing so many people use phrases like “hurr durr” or “herp derp” to indicate some level of silliness or stupidity?

These are ableist terms that essentially originated on 4chan to insult, mock, and harass developmentally disabled people, particularly autistics and folks with Downs Syndrome and similar.

The entire “joke” is ableist in its content. The “joke” is that the speaker is making sounds that are supposed to sound silly and unintelligent. The fact that the speaker sees these sounds as signs of stupidity is ableist because many disabled people make those sounds, regardless of individual intelligence level. (If you can even agree on what to measure as signs of “intelligence” but I digress.)

Please stop writing posts with these terms. Please stop reblogging posts with those terms without criticism. I’m getting so tired of seeing supposed activists put these phrases on their blogs. It’s painful every time I see it.

See this smile right here? Well it’s gone from the final game because someone complained about it and Konami being the fucking pussies that they are took it out of the final game.

“Oh shit a 26 year old soldier’s smile is showing! Better complain to Konami to change that shit herp de derp!”

So to recap, Konami has taken out a whole section of the game and a soldier’s smile from the final game because some people got triggered by it.

What a fucking time to be alive.

So I was looking at this book about the Greek Myths ...

And the illustrations are just hilarious … 

I mean, here’s Zeus and Hera. 

Hera’s pulling the derpiest face in all of derpdom.

‘I know all your secrets’

And Zeus is just like ‘Oh …’

‘Oh no.’

Seduce Me Secret Santa (ho ho ho)

Oh wow. I am so sorry this is late! But it’s better late than never! 

@uniquezombiephantom I’m your Secret Santa!

Hope you don’t mind if I add a photo my friend did as well. (i asked for her permission to share it)  

                                                  Under the Stars
                                               Sam x Reader (Fluff)

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