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• You have colored my life with something I didn’t think I could ever deserve •

Incorrect Dangan Ronpa 2 moments
  • Hajime: I'm really sorry about earlier, Mikan. My stomach pain has only increased since yesterday and it has been hell for me. But that is no reason for me to be an asshole towards you. I apologize and I hope you can forgive me.
  • Mikan: OH MY GOD! You're having stomach pains?!?

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I know is not right to speculate about someone's personal life but do you ever wonder if the rumors about Jerome and Lena being kept apart are true? For someone who seems like a ordinarily kind hearted guy (to be fair we don't really know if that's the case) I can't imagine what would have had to happen for that rumor to be true? Interesting..

It’s garbage & I’ll tell you why. 

Does anyone really think a professional actor who has been in the business for 20+ years but hasn’t worked in a while would make demands of the plum role he’s just landed? 

Like,” Hi, thank you for hiring me for a smallish part in your huge ensemble marquee show, now let me tell you who I will & won’t be standing next to”. He’s not stupid, it didn’t happen.

 Why does this rumor slant to imply that it’s Jerome who insisted they be kept apart? Wouldn’t she be just as likely in this ridiculous scenario? Also, “kept apart”? Like physically restrained so they don’t bash each other? Come on. He’s an adult. Whatever relationship he had with her happened more than 10 years before he started GoT, to still be that furious at her she would’ve had to have stabbed his mom or something. 

Do I think they’re best buds who hang out on & off the set, trading vegan recipes? No. There’s not many people who would be thrilled to find themselves working with an ex, even if it hadn’t ended in a crash & burn scenario.  Shit happens, awkward, ugly shit happens & you move on. They’re both professionals & know how to get on with it. 

Someone remembered they had had a relationship & started this crap for clickbait. End of. 

Oh and Jerome is a kind hearted guy, there’s ample evidence of that. Not saying he’s perfect, he’s human & we all have our moments. But yeah, good guy. When another of your exes is still friends with your family on Fb and 20 years after you split says you are lovely & always had a heart of gold..well, you’ve got receipts. 

Successful Emotional Disclosure

OK so I’ve mentioned previously that I have recently got back in the dating game. Well I’ve met this amazing guy who honestly seems too good to be true. So I’ve met up with him twice and we get along fantastic and we are so similar in so many ways. Well last night I had a a few more lovely followers from Tumblr so I decided to tell him about my blog and my experience with my ex. Long story short I told him that I ran a blog about sexual health and asked if he had ever had a cold sore, which he said yes. Then I explained that I also had cold sores but not on my mouth but ‘down there.’

This was his reply “oh herpes, you can get medication for that anyway can’t you? So that means we can have sex then. Was that what you have been stressing about?

His response completely took me by surprise because since contracting herpes from my ex, who cheated on me, I honestly have wondered if I would be accepted and loved by someone else again. I lost so much weight within the first 6 months of being diagnosed with the stress, worry and feeling disgusted that I couldn’t even look in the mirror for a long time. I know that I have come a long way in the past year in terms of loving myself and putting on weight but to hear someone that I like to say something so positive, I just broke down crying. He cuddled me for a long time and kissed me all over and said “of course I want to still see you. What are you up to tomorrow?”

I just wanted to share another milestone in my life with you all as everyone on here has helped me through so much and I’m truely grateful ❤


You know, I always forget I have herpes. The only time I ever even think or remember I have it is when I think of being intimate. Or if I see someone super cute or from my past (back when I didn’t have it) I’ve made myself so busy, and so tired to forget. And you know what, before herpes? I was confident, the loudest at a party, the funniest with the dance moves and the girl who’s personality automatically came off flirty. I was always smiling and giddy, and guess what?

I STILL AM. And you know what happened when I told my closest friend? SHOCK
“How are you so happy”
And my reply? Fuck it. This isn’t irreversible, this isn’t changing. WHY beat myself up day after day, WHY hold back who I truly am because of this unfortunate gift. People who really love you, are going to love you for who you are. Don’t let them fall in love with whom you’re not. Herpes doesn’t DEFINE YOU, herpes might make being intimate a little harder. But it gives you the chance instead of jumping right into bed, you jump into a persons head first.

Take more chances, GO ON DATES. Be yourself. Positivity is the only thing to get through this life long journey of Hsv. So make the best of it, drown yourself in sunshine and don’t ever, ever let go of who you were before being diagnosed. That person is still you, and you are still so beautiful.