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I'm scared for the last episode to come out because I got the feeling that the anime is going to practically shove eremika in our throats, I really love them both as characters but I think that the anime is changing them way too much (or that's how I see it, I may be exaggerating). I really love when you answer questions and talk about your point of view of certain things and I would like to hear what you think about this😊, have a good day/night!.

Hello, friend ^^

Aww, here, have a hug: *tight snuggles*
If I’m being honest with you, I’m very nervous for the coming Saturday as well. I try to play it cool, but I’m definitely a part-time embodiment of nausea. Though, it’s important to explain why: it is not because I don’t want the manga chapter to be animated! There are legitimate feelings going on in that infamous ere//mika scene - of what nature, is up for debate, obviously - and it’s a canon moment between two characters who have a canon tight bond. I doubt anyone is actually trying to claim that Eren and Mikasa have nothing to do with each other… 

What I am worried about, is that the anime studio will continue the streak they’re on, of tweaking scenes for their own agenda. The manga did not shove the ere//mika ship down anyone’s throats, but the anime is undoubtably pushing for the fans to pick up on it as an intended endgame, as opposed to a complex bond that doesn’t necessarily have to be a standard heroxheroine trope, if romantic at all. The way they’ve been doing it so far, has been misguided and, in parts, at Armin’s expense.

Going by how WIT treated the material up until now, it’s a legitimate worry that they could choose to switch up the scene to look less like an emotional exposing of Mikasa’s heart (and a heartfelt ere//mika interaction) - and more like a standard love declaration ala every hollywood movie ever. Of course, some believe that’s exactly what it is, but it’s not a given; it’s an interpretation. Just like any non-canon relationship is. And in this case, the ere//mika bond is an interpretation WIT goes to the length of tweaking the original material to reinforce. And if that’s what they choose to do in the aforementioned scene, we know they’re viable to tweak out Armin. Disregarding, of course, how, if they think the scene is canonically romantic, it shouldn’t need any tweaking to be seen as such…

… but why is it such a big deal that they tweak, exactly? Well, because a little tweak here, and a little tweak there, soon amounts to a completely different image all together. And WIT had apparently been so focused on how the final outcome looks between Eren and Mikasa, that they forgot to look at what Eren and Armin’s image looks like now; it’s distant and cold, compared to the vibrant mutual love we see in the manga. It’s not without reason that people have said they forgot Eren and Armin were supposed to be best friends by the end of S1. This is why, with every little tweak, the Armin and ere//min fans groan seemingly excessively now. We’re getting to a point where the rest of the fandom seems to roll their eyes at us and say we’re exaggerating. But it really isn’t. It’s like when you’re having a shitty day, and then a car honks at you so you drop your coffee and you just fucking lose it. You scream and shout - maybe even cry - and everyone around you back off and think to themselves “damn, that bitch cray”. But they haven’t gone through the day you’ve gone through. Those fans didn’t pay attention to the anime’s sandpapering of Armin and ere//min since the start, like us. They didn’t pay attention because Armin isn’t a favorite of theirs, and they don’t like ere//min. And that probably sounds harsh, but that’s how it is; we focus on what we like, which means uninteresting things have to take a backseat. Sadly, Armin and ere//min isn’t as popular as Levi, Erwin, ere//ri and ere//mika, etc. - which means it’s just a minority of us who catch (and care) about the subtle changes to Armin and ere//min. This makes us look like a small group of raging baboons, because the majority is always right, right? In this case, the majority didn’t catch the changes before they heard our angry yells from the distance. And before they knew it, we crowded the room like angry protesters and they couldn’t tell why. When they listened to us, they heard “they added another two seconds of Mikasa instead of Armin looking to the left! Outrageous!” - “They made Eren shove Armin in the face! An utter nail in the coffin to their friendship - I can’t believe this!” - “Uuugh, Mikasa gets another extra scene while they cut Armin’s line about Eren, I’m so done with the ere//mika overload!” - etc. We sound like ridiculous babies, and it’s getting old. So old, in fact, that even ere//min supporters feel uncomfortable saying they agree that the dynamic has changed in the anime, just because if you say so, you’re not only lame, but in risk of getting pulled into wank-discourse.

The thing is, S2 is just full of coffee drops. All our emotions are brought back to the surface, now that the anime is back - and when the tweaks are repeated every week, seven days isn’t enough to cool down those emotions between the blows. 

The reason we’re constantly nervous, is that the way WIT tweaks things, every time they make ere//mika look more like a duo than they are, it’s automatically shoving Armin more and more into the cold. If they kept him close to his friends, there would be no doubt that he has a secure and true spot in the group regardless of a romance making him the third wheel, but they’ve watered down his connection to EMA so much that people question his ties. When they then further reinforce Eren and Mikasa’s “us against the world” vibes, it’s the closest thing to a contextual answer on where Armin stands we get. We ask “is he even that close to Eren and Mikasa?” and there is no answer from WIT, only ambiguity - aside from their repeated showcasing of “look how much Eren and Mikasa are connected, emotionally and by red-thread destiny!” That’s how someone who doesn’t even mind the ere//mika ship, can end up groaning and moaning about it, because it makes ere//min look like a myth. Mind you, this isn’t the “feeling threatened by another, more canon ship” one often encounters in this kind of discourse; no, we’re upset with the changes - because in the original story, the EMA dynamic is great, and feels as tight as it is! It all just ends up looking like we’re - to quote others - “pissbabies”. And once you’ve been labeled, there’s little you can say to get rid of it. 

… so yes, I’m very, very nervous about how much they’ll push ere//mika next week, but I like to pretend I’m not, because that makes me a pissbaby in the eyes of the fandom. But it’s still how I feel deep down. Because I dread how next episode is the last episode of this season, and while Armin is shown obviously care for Eren in this arc in canon, he was nowhere as noticeable in the anime. If they remove his involvement in the infamous scarf scene, that would ruin the last chance we got to see important interaction between him and Eren for who knows how long - as well as further building EM over EMA, for the sake of pushing something that either 1. isn’t canon, or 2. is canon and should read if it’s done the way it was in the source material. 

Personally, I think episode 12 could go either way, really. I’m setting my expectations low, and my hopes high. All I want is for them to do it the way it’s done in the manga. I’m here to console of celebrate with you afterwards, regardless.