the-never-yielding-queen  asked:

Is it ever going to come out the reason why Yuuri skates with such determination ? I could only imagine if it did, he would become a meme. Something like "gets insulted by idol, swears vengeance, wins olympic gold, marry him"

He would definitely become a meme! There would be so many jokes about their relationship like…

How to get a man by Yuuri Katsuki:

Step 1 - Get insulted by childhood hero

Step 2 - Swear vengeance

Step 3 - ???

Step 4 - Marriage 

or one of those dumb ‘be careful who you insult in middle school’ jokes with a picture of adorable bby Yuuri on skates on one side and next to it a compilation of older photos of all the times he won gold over Viktor looking very smug about it