Day 48

Gidani Heroshi, or as we know him Hero, was born seventeen years ago in the city of Ata in the Gnol island, which is part of the Zon Empire. The city of Ata was one of the poorer cities in the Zon Empire and so very few Priests of Anio came to live in it, the lack of priests meant that the city lived in a hemisphere of air and didn’t get to live in the luxury of the sun. However, the city was not in darkness since they had a mixture of both candlelight and a new technology the scholars in the city of Pi developed, florescent light. The creation of florescent lighting was a miracle of the scholar who trapped a certain gas in tubes and sent the spark through it creating light. Quite amazing, I’ve heard of such things being replicated in cities in Cestillia. The city of Ata was divided into three districts, the administrative district, which was the center of the city. It housed the temple of Anio, the mayor’s house which also served as the legislative house, and the military academy which was ran by Hero’s father. The second district which was squished between the other two was the marker district where people would trade and finally there was the third district furthers away from the temple and nearest to the boarders of the fog. The third district was the housing district where majority of the people lived. The city of Ata didn’t have much to offer the empire other than the young men and women that lived it it so majority of the youth was enrolled into the military academy which would train them in a trade that they would go off to do in a different city. People forget that able hands are a resource that can be hard to come by.