Only Going To Say This Once Then Let The Internet Do The Rest

Bring cartoons back to Disney Channel…But just the good ones though…Like Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, Wander Over Yonder (I’M TELLING YOU! IT’S GOING TO GET A SEASON 3 SOON! I FEEL IT!), Star Wars Rebels, Penn Zero:Part Time Hero, Lolirock, Miraculous Ladybug (It deserves more than Nickelodeon). Although it seems like it’s starting to air some cartoons…But we don’t know how long Elena of Avalor will last on Disney Channel before they decide “Hey! Let’s move it to Disney Junior!”

But it might stay on there, if it gets good ratings, then maybe Disney will realize, “Oh my gosh, cartoons get better ratings here” and start airing them again lol.

I wanted to write a simple Widowtracer fic, and instead I”m writing about the disconnect between a heroic ID and ones personal life, and how Tracer likely splits herself between Tracer and Lena to deal with the fact that she has to be this happy, go-lucky, charming hero all the time after all this trauma and loss.

In short, I warned you guys to keep the word doc away from me. 

Rules: say 10 facts about yourself then send it to ten of your favs (or not)

I was tagged by @rivercatuniverse (thank you!! :3)

1. I have a deep fascination with mythological creatures
2. I have insomnia which appears at the worst/weirdest times
3. I’m a red head (even tough no one else in my family is. Until my brother came out I thought I was adopted)
4. I actually really don’t like football (soccer)
5. I wear sweaters that are way too big 90% of the time
6. When I was younger I had a dog and it fell in the pool and our maid dove in to get him and she was my hero for the longest time
7. I’ve never actually played a Pokemon game until this year
8. I was in a really shitty joke band once
9. I’ve played piano since I was 9 (but I still somehow suck at it)
10. I’m really fascinated by human behavior and want to do something that has to do with studying it when I get older
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finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡