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In 1938, L.A. woman went to jail for wearing slacks in courtroom
By Los Angeles Times

Kindergarten teacher Helen Hulick made Los Angeles court history — and struck a blow for women’s fashion — in 1938.

Hulick arrived in downtown L.A. court to testify against two burglary suspects. But the courtroom drama immediately shifted to the slacks she was wearing. Judge Arthur S. Guerin rescheduled her testimony and ordered her to wear a dress next time.

Hulick was quoted in the Nov. 10, 1938, Los Angeles Times saying, “You tell the judge I will stand on my rights. If he orders me to change into a dress I won’t do it. I like slacks. They’re comfortable.”

Five days later, she returned to court in slacks, angering the judge. She was told to return the following day “in acceptable dress” or risk being found in contempt of court and punished.

The next day, Hulick showed up in slacks. Judge Guerin held her in contempt. She was given a five-day sentence and sent to jail.

“After being divested of her favorite garment by a jail matron and attired in a prison denim dress, Miss Hulick was released on her own recognizance after her attorney … obtained a writ of habeas corpus and declared he would carry the matter to the Appellate Court,” The Times reported.

Hundreds sent letters of protest to the courthouse. Guerin’s contempt citation was overturned by the Appellate Division during a habeas corpus hearing. Hulick was free to wear slacks to court.

A couple of months later, Hulick came back to court. Her point made, this time she wore a dress.

Villain/hero drunk New Years ramble:

Since the dawn of time there has always been something sexy and alluring about the dark and brooding type,

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Something hot about the bad boy, the villain, the “beast”, the anti-hero

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In common fairy-tale the handsome hero gets the girl. That’s all fine and dandy, I’m not knocking the original ideal scene, but relationships that form between the hero and the villain can be twice as interesting.

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The challenges the couple will have to face become ten times more difficult. Love triangles, redemption arcs, and raised stakes! The added villainous love interest makes for a very complex and compelling story.

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Of course, it takes a little more time for relationships like these to iron out, that’s why we love them! We feel more deeply for what they’ve gained, because of the extra mile the two characters had to run in order to get to the end result. This isn’t love at first sight! This is two people bonding.


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I do not love the new outfit, but getting to be Wonder Woman last night for Princesses with a Purpose was so much fun!

So many little girls and boys came running up to me and I got so many excited fist bumps!

And even with the costume (pleather…sigh) constantly sliding up, shoes too big, arm bands too small (the joys of shared costuming) I felt awesome! I love cosplaying Wonder Woman, but performing as her for kids is 10,000x better.