We remember the divine heroes that came forth from Zeus’s loin, but what about his divine daughters who had that same potential? 

The beautiful Helen, who might have been able to bench press Paris. Then there was Herophile, the prophetess who could see great things and chant oracles in her father’s name, and also move around the giant statues of Zeus whenever she wanted. 

Zeus’s sons have always been on the powerful, and handsome, side (Perseus and Herakles) and kingly (Minos + many others) so what is to say that Helen and Herophile could not be beautiful and also strong? 

We have mythological women of strength and divinity, so it’s not like they are an unheard of thing. And obviously other gods had daughters, but Zeus seems to produce the “top of the crop” as befitting the king of the gods and heaven so his daughters should be no less themselves.

(Inspired by my mythology class where we have begun the Iliad and the teacher reminded me of Helen’s divine heritage. Then I went looking for any other daughters and found Herophile)