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1p Allies react to their cute and sweet s/o beating the absolute shit out of someone.

Ohhhh a good one! I’m going to write this as someone was being disrespectful to s/o (like catcall) which finally made s/o snap and beat the person up

America: Not cool Dude! Leave it to me s/o cause I’M THE HEroooooooo….I did not expect this, BUT WOW S/O! YOU GOT A MEAN RIGHT HOOK! want me to hold a flower or something like that meme?

England: Well sir, I’ll have you know that you are messing with the s/o of a former pirate……apparently an s/o who can take care of themselves…huh? Well let’s go home s/o as you are now covered in blood. (offers arm like the gentlemen he is)

France: The lady/sir(s/o) does not appreciate that vulgarity!…apparently really does not appreciate it… well well s/o, i did not expect that. How about we go home so i can wash off that blood off you and feel these muscles of yours ;p

Russia: Would you like to repeat what you said sir about my little sunflower?…Oh how amazing sunflower! would you like to borrow my special magic metal pipe of pain Da?

China: How rude you are sir! I’ll have you know!….Aiyaaaa s/o calm down! i’m getting to old for this

Canada: Sir, that is not nice! I’ll make sure to give you a one four…..maple, take it easy. your punching like America! Maple oh dear don’t kill him!

Six Movies I’ll Always Watch

I was nudged by @tallulalusa, my sweetheart ❤

Ok so six movies. My go-to’s

1. Scarface - I have a thing for the 80’s and mafia movies. It was a toss up between this and Goodfellas.

2. The Godfather - Iconic

3. You’ve Got Mail - Because the dialogue and Meg Ryan is magic.

4. The Mask of Zorro - I think this must’ve been the first adult movie I ever watched.

5. Shrek - any of them, but Shrek 2 is choice. I need a heroooooooo!

6. Chicago - and then I’ll be singing ‘He Had It Coming’ and 'When You’re Good to Mama…’ for the rest of the week

Bonus: I rewatch 'Army of Darkness’ every Halloween 👻 🎃

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