Demons haunt me already, why should I invite more?


“Ah, Edward? Is that your name? A friend of mine told me to drop by sometime and I’ve been a bit busy. I do believe my friend is your fiancé, Roy.” Link bowed, violet eyes closing in respect. He straightened up. “My name is Link, currently the Demon King in power.” He gave him a friendly smile.

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Ed looked up from the book he was reading, looking the supposed ‘demon’ up and down before going back to the words on the page.

“Roy never told me anything about you. And I don’t know why he would tell a 'demon’ to drop in,” he snapped the book shut and stood up, glaring at the green clad figure standing before him “In my experience, those who call themselves 'demons’, or anything of the like, do not bring anything but grief, and I don’t need any more of that hanging around thank you very much." 

He walked straight past the blonde and placed the book back on its shelf, then turned and folded his arms across his chest "Like I need anymore troubles.."