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Auction: Ardere (Yeah, you asked for it c; )

Send “Auction” for your muse buying mine as their (sex) slave

“Woah, wait. What?” The redheaded woman was confused, this being all too new to her. Of course she knew what a slave meant, and the same goes for sex, but that doesn’t mean she had experience for such things. Of course that’s what got her purchased is due to her innocence towards these things as well as to her being a glaive. She didn’t know how much was paid for her purchase but from she could guess, it was a lot.

Ardere didn’t know what to do exactly, normally she could think of a good plan to get out of random situations but at this moment she was clearly stumped! What should she even do? What should she even say? She didn’t even know anything about the man who bought her, though she didn’t if she should feel worried or curious about it either.

“I’m sending a shoutout to hero-of-darkened-hope because this Snow roleplayer really deserves one. People don’t give this person nearly enough credit. They call him "not serious enough” but the mun behind this muse is very passionate about his character. He IS Snow. Maybe he doesn’t use the fanciest themes or stylize his replies but you can tell he is passionate about his muse. He is a good writer and a wonderful person who really deserves more credit and love.“


Yatsushiro found herself taking another late night stroll, but this time she wasn’t just aimlessly walking. Instead, she was searching, walking around for a familiar area. Wearing a sleeveless half shirt, with some cargo khaki capri , she made her way down the path. Though she was enjoying the breeze of a summer’s night, she soon grew tired of acting like she actually knew where she was going. 

Pulling out her phone from her pocket, she flipped it open to the late night message Snow had sent her and began to reply.

Hey, Snowflake. I'm on the way to your place for my sweater. Meet me halfway, ok?

Sending the message, she found a seat on a nearby bench as she waited for the hero. Though in all honesty she only asked him to meet her halfway because she had no idea where to go from here.

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"Jealous?! Have you ever felt that woman's punch Fang?"

“Several times actually, and not long after I met the woman,”  Fang chuckled, Palom Polum came to mind.  She recalled getting backhanded and her jaw hurting. “I had apologized ta Light for Eurdite when Serah was branded.  She wasn’t in a great mood.

But YOU got ta see her naked just by sleepin’ on the couch!”

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//Ah no one plays Dissidia for the storyline anyway. It’s all about the fan service mash up battles ^-^ And lots of them.

//Really? Well, that’s actually kind of puts me at ease now! But oh boy, I gotta admit that those mash-up battles are pretty cool. xD Thanks for the reassurance! But oh Gaea it’s you of all people =hides=