• Jace: I am a Wayland
  • Will, in afterlife: no
  • Jace: I am a Morgenstern
  • Will: nO
  • Jace: I am a Lightwood
  • Will: NO
  • ...............
  • Kit: I am not a Herondale
  • Will: *sighs*

“Quelli sono abbastanza buoni” disse. “Però preferisco quelli gusto toffee.” [Lord of shadows~Cassandra Clare]

poor herondales

Will: *peering down from heaven* I wonder how my descendants are doing!

Will: *sees stephen herondale join the circle, then slaughtered in a vampire raid*

Will: oh no

Will: *sees marcus herondale die from shock from his son’s death*

Will: oh no!

Will: *sees imogen herondale die saving jace*

Will: oH nO

Will: she better not be the last of my bloodline…OH WAIT THAT JACE GUY IS ALSO A HERONDALE!! WE HAVE HOPE!!

Will: *witnesses jace die from the mortal sword, be brought to life, possessed by lilith, bound to sebastian, cured/cursed with heavenly fire, travel to the demon realm and back*

Will: WHY ARE HERONDALES ALWAYS SUFFERING?? hold on a minute, there’s another one?

Will: *sees kit lovingly stroking ducks* 

Will: the heavens once again have ridiculed me for my intense though fully rational feelings towards these monsters we call ducks

Will: stop


“He remembered something about darkness, about pressure and weighted blankets and silence. Though he had no idea how he was going to get hold of any of those things up on top of a building.

“Tell me,” Kit said. Tell me what you need.

“Put your arms around me,” said Ty. His hands were pale blue blurs in the air, as if Kit were looking at a time-lapsed photo. “Hold on to me.”

He was still rocking. After a moment, Kit put his arms around Ty, not knowing what else to do.”

— Lord of Shadows, Cassandra Clare


Will: Hey hey Jem are you a violin?

Will: because the sounds you make when I touch you are music to my ears~


Will: but it seems you’re in the middle of an attack on my heart~

Jem: W I L L I A M

  • Tessa: you're a Herondale
  • Kit: I'm not a Herondale.
  • Jem: you're a Herondale
  • Kit: I'm not a Herondale.
  • Julian: you're a Herondale
  • Kit: I'm not a Herondale.
  • Emma: you're a Herondale
  • Kit: I'm not a Herondale.
  • Ty: you're a Herondale
  • Kit: I'M A HERONDALE!!1
  • Mark Blackthorn: Why be rude when u can be nude ;)
  • Emma Carstairs: why get thinner when u can get more dinner?
  • Cristina Rosales: why be nice if u can throw knives?
  • Dru Blackthorn: why have abs when u can have kebabs?
  • Ty Blackthorn: ...I don't get this game.
  • Julian Blackthorn: why be a lad when u can be a dad?
  • Everyone: ...
  • Julian: ...
  • Julian: I'm gonna go to bed.
  • Ty: wait... did you just flirt with me?
  • Kit: have been for the past few months but thanks for noticing