Been doing more thinking about Reverse!Mercy. 

A few small details:

  • She’s exceptionally calm and generally pleasant, but there’s something off about her that gives people the creeps.
  • She can often be seen wearing hospital bracelets from whatever area she’s currently in. She is usually only identified on these bracelets as Jane Doe or the equivalent. 
  • Her fingers and toes are a dark blue/black, and appear to be in a state of necrosis. 
  • At times, her skin has a translucent quality and her veins are highly visible. At other times, she looks perfectly healthy.
  • She sometimes bleeds from her nose and ears, but this is infrequent. Her blood is a very dark purply red colour. 
  • She often leaves a fine ash-like dust in her wake. 
  • She and Hanzo dislike one another. Even so, since Overwatch’s disbandment, she’s kept close tabs on him
  • She’s well acquainted with a number of mercenaries (Pharah amongst them) who allow her to get ahold of medical supplies that cannot be attained through legal means.
  • She carries a small firearm which she doesn’t like using
  • Might be functionally immortal–she seems to have been the subject of her own imperfect experiments to increase longevity

I’ve been wanting to draw, but haven’t been able to draw any of the other R!kids (or robots lel), so i decided to do this R!human Mondatta??? Insofar as there’d be a reverse!Mondatta at all haha

He and Zenyatta have a weirdly strong family resemblance (despite not being biological brothers). He’s very down to earth while retaining the same natural charisma as Zenyatta, but if Zenyatta’s charm is like refined sugar then Mondatta’s is like just-cut sugar cane.

Then pair are almost never in each other’s vicinity, but when they are, Zenyatta starts to feel distinctly forged beside his brother’s authenticity (though they used to be more complementary when they were younger). Mondatta still cares a lot about his little bro and is a perennial worry wart when it comes to him. Tends to flip between this and incessant teasing whenever they come in contact (or the doubly irritating tease-worry combo).


Hairstyles with R!Genji! And a bonus canon Genji because he is beautiful and I love him