The Pinnacle is the most doomed skyscraper to be built in the City of London, possibly ever. 

Because of its underdog nature, and its potential swirly, lavender coloured shape, it also happens to be my favourite, despite a mere stump of seven concrete storeys being all there actually is for it, since 2008, when its construction began.

Starting much earlier than most skyscraper now already completed (the neighbouring Heron Tower and Leadenhall Building, The Walkie Talkie, and The Shard, which robbed the poor Pinnacle of its never really obtained title of tallest building in Europe, despite being supposed to be such when the whole planning started in 2007), an unfortunate series of economic and design issue had it stalled, threatening demolition of even the tiny stub it is, which still occupies one of the few, extremely valuable plots within the square mile where a skyscraper can be constructed with the blessing of St Paul’s line of sight.

Now it would seem, despite a supposed redesign which involved many architects submissions, including Ken Shuttleworth ( the co-designer of 30 St. Mary Axe a.k.a. The Gherkin), that The Pinnacle will eventually resume construction while also maintaining the swirly design which got it nicknamed (as Londoners always like to do with these buildings) the Helter Skelter.

I for one hope to see the Pinnacle completed within my life time. I suspect it could (almost literally) overshadow the haughtiness of The Shard. After all, it is supposed to host, in its upper floors, a public viewing deck along with restaurants, and a world in swirls just looks better.

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