heron's head

The largest herons in North America, Great Blue Herons are noted for their remarkable range of aquatic prey, regularly swallowing huge fish, turtles, small birds, and even mammals as large as muskrats. Of course, none of these prey animals will go down without a fight. A large snake can cause particular problems, wrapping around the heron’s head and neck, and such a struggle may go on for minutes at a time.

Photo: Patrick Tewey


At the end of one street lacking sidewalks, a man watering his garden greeted us: “Congratulations, you’ve managed to walk to the edge of the world!” Purple, yellow, and orange flowers bloomed from the man’s front yard, a stark contrast to the brown grass and newly constructed roads and street lamps just beyond the naval shipyard fence across the street. Beckoning to a breathtaking view of the distant downtown skyline, he called out to us once more: “They want a city. We just want a town.”