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Let’s all see this thing that came to my mind:

Mean Girls!Voltron AU

It’s basically the same story, but with some little changes (feel free to add)

•Shiro: he’s Cady Heron, we all now how it goes. Childhood in Africa, homeschooled and then goes to an actual school. Becomes friends with this emo-guy Keith and his friend Pidge.

•Keith: totally Janis Jian. In this AU is a closeted gay because I can and want to. Pidge’s best friend.

•Pidge: TOO ACE TO FUNCTION. I don’t know why the hell I’m thinking of Damian.

•Lance: Kevin, the Mathlete boy, like, you know, super flirty, he’s smart (I think that Lance IS smart in the cannon btw. How do you explain that after Keith’s gone he’s the first of his class?)

•Coran: Mr. Duvall, idk it seems right for me.

•Hunk: the girl who did not go to that high school but was still at the reconciliation meeting. None of the others seemed to fit for Hunk.

•Allura: I’m not that sure about her being Aaron Samuels. She makes me think a lot of Ms. Norboury too.


•Lotor’s generals would be The Plastics, but like a bigger group.

•Just imagine Zarkon or Haggar, whichever you prefer, being Mrs. George.

Okay, go on.

Oh, and sorry if some things are difficult to understand, English isn’t my native language.

Numb3rs Ask
  • Charlie: what is something you're passionate about but most people don't understand?
  • Don: how do you react to and overcome your fears?
  • Alan: casual pal type or the actual dad friend?
  • Margaret: favorite memory with your parent/guardian?
  • Eppes House: what is your dream residence?
  • David: what causes do you fight for?
  • Megan: over-analyze or underestimate?
  • Colby: what makes you trust people?
  • Liz: do you have a current crush?
  • Ian: easily lost in a mall or can find your way in a forest?
  • Nikki: are you all look or all leap?
  • Robin: who do you have the best relationship with?
  • Terry Lake: if you could go back in time and fix one thing, what would it be?
  • FBI Office: what are your career goals?
  • Larry: would you ever go to outer space?
  • Amita: do you believe in true love?
  • Mildred Finch: what is something that annoyed you at first but grew on you later?
  • Marshall Penfield: what is something annoying that never ever grew on you?
  • Oswald Kittner: would you rather enjoy a good joke or make someone else laugh?
  • Bill "Waldie" the science guy: which celebrity do you think you would be besties with?
  • CalSci: do you want to pursue a higher education?
  • CharlieVision: do you keep ideas to yourself or share them?
  • Game Theory: riddles or puns?
  • Monastery: where is your safe place?
  • Larry's Ford Model A: road trip to where?
  • Heron's Fountain: how do you de-stress?
  • Combinatorics: play video games or accomplish tasks?
  • Pi: favorite factoid you like to tell people?
  • Koi Pond: do you have any pets? a favorite?
  • Black helicopters: do you like ufos/cryptids?
  • WitSec: are you good at keeping secrets?
  • Afghanistan: where is the farthest from home you've been?
  • Black SUV: what is your dream car?

But of course the poem is not an assertion. Do you see? When
         I wrote
That all my poems over the long years before I met you made you
         come true,
And that the poems for you since then have made you in yourself
         become more true,
I do not mean that the poems created or invented you. How many
         have foundered
In that sargasso! No, what I have been trying to say
For all the years of my awakening
Is that neither of the quaint immemorial views of poetry is
         adequate for us.
A poem is not an expression, nor is it an object. Yet it somewhat
         partakes of both. What a poem is
Is never to be known, for which I have learned to be grateful. But
         the aspect in which I see my own
Is as the act of love. The poem is a gift, a bestowal.
The poem is for us what instinct is for animals, a continuing and
         chiefly unthought corroboration of essence,
Why otherwise is the earliest always the most important, the
         formative? The Iliad, the Odyssey, the Book of Genesis,
These were acts of love, I mean deeply felt gestures, which
         continuously bestow upon us
What we are. And if I do not know which poem of mine
Was my earliest gift to you,
Except that it had to have been written about someone else,
Nevertheless it was the gesture accruing value to you, your
         essence, which you were still a child, and thereafter
Across all these years. And see, see how much
Has come from that first sonnet after our loving began, the one
That was a kiss, a gift, a bestowal. This is the paradigm of
         fecundity. I think the poem is not
Transparent, as some have said, nor a looking-glass, as some have
         also said,
Yet it has almost the quality of disappearance.
In its cage of visibility. It disperses among the words. It is a
         fluidity, a vapor, of love.
This, the instinctual, is what caused me to write “Do you see?”
         instead of “Don’t you see?” in the first line
Of this poem, this loving treatise, which is what gives away the
And gives it all to you.

Hayden Carruth, from “The Impossible Indispensability of the Ars Poetica,” Tell Me Again How the White Heron Rises and flies Across the Nacreous River at Twilight Toward the Distant Islands (New Directions, 1989)

Induratize [Part Two // Kai]

{{ verb // to make one’s heart hardened or resistant to someone’s pleas or advances or to the idea of love }}

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You just want a Prince Charming, but he’s not even close to that.

Fluff. Highschool!AU. 1,239 words.


If there’s one thing all schools have in common, it is lunchtime.

You swear people really are like how Cady Heron pictured them as feral animals in “Mean Girls.” It practically is survival of the fittest with the large mass of people pouring out into the school hallways and shoving each other out of the way to get in the lunch line first.

Contrary to popular belief, your school lunch isn’t disgusting with Mystery Meat Mondays or Tuna Casserole Tuesdays. Your school’s food is the definition of heaven with its mouth-watering, insanely delicious dishes. Today is no different, and the menu looks amazing.

After grabbing your filled tray of food, you look around, searching for any glimpse of Baekhyun, who said he will meet you near the entrance. You finally see him along with Kyungsoo, waiting for you impatiently. 

Heading towards your usual table with them in tow, you set your tray down next to Jongdae, who is already sitting and munching on an apple. You flop down into the vacant seat next to Jongdae as the other two sit on the other side of the table.

You are about ready to give a full-on rant about the unfairness and unfortunate event that unraveled in English class to Jongdae since Baekhyun and Kyungsoo already witnessed it themselves, but then you remember that he probably won’t care and will just laugh at your face for your misfortune.

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