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“Yes?” John asked as he heard the door to his office open. His eyes were following the last question on the test he was correcting, and after setting a big, red checkmark beside the answer, he looked up. The red pen nearly fell out of his hand. Because there was something very familiar about this blonde, strikingly familiar, and yet he was sure he had never met her in his entire life… Wait. The dreams. There had been a blonde girl in his dreams. But she was a figment of his imagination, of course. This could not be the same girl. Honestly, he should just forget all about those silly dreams when he was at work. “Can I help you, miss?”

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ooc: I don’t mind if we drop the thread or continue. It’s all up to you. :)

I think I’ll have to drop it, just because I don’t have a muse for the thread, and it’s really not fair to keep you waiting that long. I’d love to start another thread though- I really like your character and your account and generally just dsagkjdsgkgsjsgjkv I apologize for my incoherency 

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Nope, noPE, NOPE! *she grabs and clinging to him.* I’m really mazochistic sometimes and I will waiting for you forever, when necessary sweetie! ;) But we should be continue our game, because I enjoy it. :P I’m an affectionate personality. ♥

If you’re alright with waiting, then I’d love to continue! I’m just really, really slow and I miss a few things and I generally don’t want anyone to feel obligated to wait for me. But I’ll continue as soon as I possibly can, which is hopefully today.

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Its fine. I don’t mind waiting.

Alright, if you can put up with me and my reply time, I’m on it!


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Hey, so I understand that you’re super busy, and I really like our thread and what’s going on with it- but if you’re feeling too swamped, don’t worry bout it, I’m sure we can pick up on it again sometime when you don’t have so many posts to get to :)

Thank you! I’ll get on it as soon as I can- I’ve been meaning to for quite awhile, but I never really got a chance to think it all out. I’ll reply ASAP, as I do agree with you. ___________________________________________________________ Ohmygod you guys are all so nice and understanding and I just bfskjbsdfbuofjb thank you for putting up with me.


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And I owe the same people multiple threads. We all know that I can’t keep up here. In specific, my muse is being a total bitch about answering most of these- mostly the really long ones. I cannot keep up, so I’m going to ask you lot; if you would like to continue any thread we’ve got going, you’re going to have to message me. I’d love to keep going with a lot of these threads, and continue rping in general with all of you, but I’m gonna have to drop some.

But I won’t if you don’t want to. If you’re sick of waiting for me forever, now’s your chance to backtrack. If I don’t here from you at all, I’m going to assume I can drop our thread(s), although I’ll probably make another post before that because tagging doesn’t always work.

And another thing- If anybody outside of those people up there is rping with me, I’ve lost the thread. Dunno where it’s got to; It’d be great if you could send a link my way if you’d like to continue.

Cool? Cool.