Space dad pls don't die
Space dad pls don't die

I just love Shiro so much I wrote a song about him also I was sad

Why do I care so much
for a fictional character
his anime hair
and his goddamn eyeliner
you’re a freaking drawing
and I don’t know to feel
I just wish that men like you were real

Shiro you’re my hero
I hope you’re doing okay
leading Voltron is stressful
but you still do it every day
I’m sorry Slav is annoying
and the Galra won’t leave you alone

You’re still my number one space dad
and if you die I’ll be so very sad

Space dad
I hope you’re somewhere chillin’
just like that
space dad
drinking space martini
on some nice deserted planet
with a good view of the sky
so when your team comes back for you
they won’t pass you by
they won’t pass you by

space dad please don’t die…