I- The Goth Project

        As always it’s a peaceful night in New York City. The City is always gorgeous at night, the lights glistening in the darkness. It’s sublime… the noise and the lights together are so glorious. The city is filled with history, the bridges, the boroughs, and more. The architecture is gorgeous. How the suspension bridges curve, the maze that is known as the subway, even the prisons have amazing history and are beautifully built… before they were turned into prisons. But none of the buildings compare to the Reform for Villainous Personnel.
        Guards surround the building. Dressed in cameo with guns on their backs, these government workers were to be feared. All of the guards walked the entire perimeter of the center as well as walking though every single hallway. Every guard wore dark sunglasses that covered the majority of their upper face, so they could never be recognized by anyone but their superior. Now, one guard in particular goes up to the control room, which controls all the cell locks (of course), and gets in unnoticed and unquestioned. Now, he cracks the neck of the puny, plump worm that sat at the desk.
        He searches for the cell numbers… #1345, #1622, #148, and #6721. “Honey, I could give you about… five good reasons why you shouldn’t open those cells.” A sweet Southern voice says.

        “One!” An eighteen year old girl appears sitting on the monitor. Avatar is her alias. Her fists twitched in excitement, finally a villain she could face. She has a silver body suit and a matching pearly white smile to go with it. Not only is her smile white, but she’s so white she could be see through. It’s only natural that she can camouflage with ease. Avatar is from the south and it shows in her face, she can’t help it if she shows a false sense of hospitality. Her mouth forms a small smirk on her sweet Southern face. Avatar puts her light brown mess of hair in a ponytail and springs up from her seat and goes for the man and punches him in the face. She does it so gracefully, like a little Southern belle. She smiles as she kicks him all the way to…
        “Two!” A seventeen year old boy appears behind the man. Ice Prince is his alias. “Sorry, man.” Discontent is evident in his voice. If his sister wasn’t the leader of this team, he would never have joined. But, it was some time he could spend with his sister. He condenses some water in his hands and freezes it into and icicle. Ice Prince shoots it at the man. Ice Prince has light blue eyes and long blond hair and he doesn’t even resemble his sister Avatar. He wears a light blue body suit with silver bracelets that are filled with water around his tanned wrists. And to top it off he wears an extravagant silver crown with a blue gem in the center. He shoots more icicles. He’s graceful and tough technique with ice resembles his sister’s. He blasts another cold blast of ice at the man.
        “GRAAAAAAAAHHH!” A large feminine figure made completely out of steel breaks through the wall. Metalhead is her alias, if you couldn’t already guess. She’s big and bulky and wants to smash! She tries to smash the small ant, but Avatar won’t let her. They need him to be alive. She grumbles and mumbles all the time when she can’t fight. In this form she was five times her size and looked like she was made of steel. She doesn’t even look human. In this form her face looks brutish, like a Neanderthal. She crosses her arms and pouts, well she looks like she’s pouting.
        Behind Metalhead runs in the fourth member. “FOUR!” He yells and shocks the man with a blast of electricity. Shockwave is the pretty boy of the bunch. He’s a Slavic young man, about sixteen, with charcoal black hair and dazzling storm cloud grey eyes. He is dressed in a black latex body suit with streaks of blue, resembling lightning and his Lichtenberg scars down his back. He has a cocky look on his smile, admiring his own work, as he looked at the man who fell on his side. He ran his hands through his hair for the press when they would arrive. Shockwave always wanted look like he didn’t care. He had a face for TV, the body for it too, and to him being a superhero was a quick and easy way to make a name for himself.
        Finally there is Chthonius. “Cinquième.” He’s the newbie of this group and he’s French. He appears of the shadows and blasst the villain, who Leah called Masquerade. “I’m Chthonius, Heir to the Underworld.” He had dark black hair, gelled into a quaffed side part, and rich dark brown eyes, though they had a miserable look in them. He always had an apathetic face on, as he was taught to control his emotions. Chthonius wasn’t the biggest, he was thin and lean, but no one should count him out. His hands glow a deep, dark, and rich purple. He shot a blast of energy from his hands at Masquerade. Marquis Chthonius, what do you think you’re doing? Attack again. All the teammates wear ear pieces so their boss, Serena Goth can direct them and increase the effectiveness of taking down a bad guy. Chtonius blasts him again.

       The blast from Chthonius’s energy blast knocked him against the buttons, unlocking them all. Shit. “Shit” they all said in unison. Masquerade laughed as a boulder crashed in through the glass. Except, it was not a boulder, but instead it was Gaea. Gaea was a young villainess who was made up entirely of dirt. Masquerade laughed some more and jumped out the broken window. “Quittent! I will catch up and deal with… Mademoiselle Dirt Face here.”
       They all nodded and jumped out the window to follow Masquerade. Gaea cackled. “You really shouldn’t have done that.” She extended and enlarged her arms and wrapped them around Chthonius. “Now you will meet your end.” Her voice was throaty and demonic.
        Chthonius smirked. “Oh, mais mademoiselle I am stronger than I appear.” He broke out of Gaea’s grip. The usual bleak hopelessness look in Chtonius’s eyes, the same look that made him seem like he had seen one thousand horrors in one second, had disappeared. His eyes now had a sick and sadistic thrill in them. His hands turned a deep, dark, and rich shade of purple. He blasted a ball of energy, which was the exact same shade of purple as his hands. “You dare touch the royal skin. The flesh of Proserpina that covers the blood of Pluto, how dare you!”
        Gaea growled as her earthly skin started to smoke. “You are just the son of the earth, I am the earth.” She turned her arms into a ruby sword and shield.
Chthonius laughed. “Mademoiselle, you are not the only one who can do that.” He changed one arm into a sapphire sword and shield. They both ran towards each other. The two are equally matched. They clash swords. Gaea jabs at him, but he blocks her with his shield. “You are nothing but a cheap imitation of the great mother.” He keeps his shield, but his sword reverts back into his hand.  His hand sparks and turns purple as a big hammer composed out of energy appeared in his hand. Chthonius smashed it against Gaea’s head. She fell to the ground and Chthonius’s hands immediately turned back. He touched Gaea’s temples, diggings his hands deep into her skull. He muttered a strange mix of Old French and Old Latin. The tips of his hands started to glow a bright yellow and he left her, running after his companions.

        The rest of the Goth Project ran after Masquerade. Their footsteps echoed through the empty hallway. Masquerade made a left, so they made a left. Right, left, right, left, left, right, right, up, down, backwards, sideways. The prison is a maze leading to god knows what. Masquerade stopped short and took off his guard glasses. He revealed his long flowing black hair and a white overcoat that covered most of his body. “Go home kiddies, you’re out of your league.” He said and put on a blue mask, hiding his face but not his insane smile.
        “Please, there’s four of us and only one teeny tiny you.” Shockwave said, putting emphasis on how much bigger he was than Masquerade.
        “Oh I’m so scared I’m shaking in my boots,” Masquerade snapped his fingers, “Who said I’m not alone?” He said.

         Someone tackled Ice Prince. A blast of light hit Shockwave.  Another being, made of slate, punched Metalhead. Ice Prince groaned and kicked the person off of him. Soon he felt a burning sensation where the criminal touched him. “Man! Not cool!” he got up and surrounded his hands in ice, “Let me guess, Viper?” He punched the poisonous fiend.
         Viper cracked his head and hissed. If he could smile he would, he couldn’t smile because he had the head of a snake. Viper flashed behind Ice Prince, he could run so fast. His claws cut Ice Prince’s blond hair and drip onto his light blue suit, burn through it and burn his tan skin. Ice Prince grunts and punches Viper again. The villain ran around, faster than a flash of lightning, taunting the hero. Ice Prince groaned. “Dude, you’re making me dizzy. Stop it!” He groaned and stomped on the ground, making the floor being covered with a thin sheet of slippery ice.
        The Ice Prince’s villain slipped and fell, much to the hero’s amusement. The Ice Prince smirked as he made the reptile become enveloped in thick restraints made of ice. “I didn’t want to hurt you.” He said.

        Shockwave smirked. The blast of light tickled. “Come on Photon, you can do better than that.” Electricity trickled from Shockwave’s fingertips and shot out towards Photon, zapping him. Photon didn’t scare the dashing hero. Shockwave put his hands together and pulled them away, several different arcs of electricity appeared and crackled. “This is a little move I like to call, Donny’s Ladder.” He smirked and ran at Photon. The arcs ran from Shockwave’s hands and at Photon in bright blue waves.
       The plastic that made up Photon’s suit started to melt, but he didn’t feel a thing. “Kid, learn basic Science. Rubber,” He fired a blast of light at Shockwave, knocking him down, “Does not conduct well.” He grabbed Shockwave by his bodysuit and pushed him up against a wall.
         “Damn, since you’re so smart I figured you would know,” he shocked Photon’s wrists, “You should cover every inch of your body.” Shockwave punched Photon.
       Photon shot white laser beams from his eyes, hitting Shockwave. The blast from Photon threw him against a wall. Shockwave groaned. Shockwave shot a blast of electricity at Photon. The villain deflected the blast of electricity. He smirked and started to walk slowly towards Shockwave. He shot another blast of electricity, deflected. And another, and another, and another. They were all deflected. Photon laughed as he held his hand, glowing white, above Shockwave’s head, ready to strangle him.
       Shockwave kicked his leg into Photon’s groan. He wasn’t afraid of giving a low blow to a villain. He grabs Photon by his face and shocks him. Photon’s face looked burned and charred, much to him screaming in pure pain. “AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!” He shriek. Shockwave just smirked, proud that he beat the villain.

        Metalhead groaned and growled. She punched her attacker, Slate, back. Her blow caused Slate to be knocked through three concrete walls. Slate got up and ran at Metalhead. Metalhead picked up slate by the groin area with one hand on one of Slate’s shoulders and picked Slate up, throwing the rock monster through another wall. Metalhead is too strong for Slate, in fact too strong to fight in crowded areas. Metalhead is destined to cause damages worth millions of dollars in property damage. Metalhead lets out a loud roar and runs at Slate. Tackling the villain and punching it over and over, again and again. Soon Slate is knocked out.

        Avatar punches Masquerade and instantly turns invisible. She laughs. “Now, now. Where could I be?” She shoves him. Avatar loves to torture her prey.
        Masquerade smirks. “My dear girl. You have much to learn.” His glasses change to deep dark blue goggles. “With these goggles I can see the thermal energy you give off and I do believe,” he kicks behind him, “You’re behind me.”
        Avatar falls to the ground, but quickly gets up. She shoots a white laser beam at Masquerade. She’s determined not to let her team down and she won’t. Masquerade runs. He runs left, right, right, left, left, right, right, right. Avatar runs after him. She runs left, right, right, left, left, right, right, right. “Come out, come out wherever you are.” Avatar said.
        Masquerade pushes her on the ground with her foot. She grabs his foot and throws him. He laughs. “Sweet little girl. There’s only one of you,” more villains break through the wall, “against my army of the Black Rose.”
        Avatar smirks. “Please, do ya’ll really think that your team of pipsqueaks could ever beat my team? CHTHONIUS SEAL ALL ENTRIES AND EXITS!”
        Chthonius appeared in a wisp of black smoke. “Oui! Père, dieu de la terre, joint.” With a swift move of his arms up, which made him look like a squawking chicken, his eyes turned a deep, powerful shade of purple. The earth grumbled and roared, not wanting to obey, but eventually it did. Several pillars of rocks shot up from the ground and covered all the entrances, exits, and place where a villain may escape.
        The other three ran in. Finally Metalhead could use her powers. She grew, larger than she already was. Big enough so that even a giant would cower in fear at her sight. She growled and punched the ground where the villains stood in a loud boom. Her fighting style was more a toddler having temper tantrum. She screamed and waved her arms in the air, swishing away the villains.
        Ice Prince and Shock Wave burst in. Ice Prince made ice swarm around his fists. He ran at the villains, punching them. Creating ice shards and then shooting them at villains. He clasped his hands together, and starting to glow white in the center.  He then released several spears of ice at the group of villains, spearing several of them. His arms soon were covered in a thick layer of ice, resembling two swords. “Sorry man!” He kept says as he slashed away villain after villain.
        Shockwave smirked. No villain was a match for him. He stuck out his hand and shot several arcs of electricity to everyone in front of him. “Derrière vous!” Chthonius yelled. Shockwave turned around quickly. He grabbed a villain by the nose and threw him. Shockwave laughed, but this was before Chthonius was later thrown into him. Shockwave simmered –his face an embarrassed shade of scarlet –as Chthonius sat on top of him. Shockwave stammered and pushed Chthonius off of him.
      Metalhead and shrieeeeeeeked. She stomped on the villain that threw Chthonius.
       Ice Prince got behind Masquerade. Chthonius flashed to his left and Shockwave to his right. Metalhead and Avatar in front of him. “Now, where do you think you’re going?” Avatar punched him as air whoosed out of him. Chthonius grabbed his head and his hand started to glow purple. Ice Prince bounded Masquerade’s arms and legs.
Good job kids and Chthonius. Please report back to Goth Towers for briefing. Sabrina changed back into her regular self and started giving high fives to everyone. Leah squealed and hugged her brother. Brandon smirked and Chthonius humphed. “Allons amis” He said and started to walk away.
Leah smiled. This was her teams first victory out in the field. She was unbelievably happy. Who knows what adventures would find them next. “You know, hon, we still have time. How about we celebrate?” Her voice floated and sank like soapy bubbles.
        “Sounds like a blast sis.” Jake removed his two bracelets and his costume fizzled away, a side effect of having your body suit made out of water, and unlike his sister he was unable to camouflage so he stood in his tighty whiteies. “Aw man”
        Sabrina started to laugh hard, as did Rex. “Dude you need to get boxers.” He then snickered. “But at least yours aren’t rainbows like Chthonius’.”
Chthonius’ pale olive face turned a bright red as he turned around. His eyes were flaring with purple flames. He radiated a powerful aura, but his tone remained calm. “Do not be a rude little runt. Mind your own clothes, but considering how…” He continued to go on a long rant about the homosexual tendencies of the “heterosexual” male youth of this generation while walking away with the team. While this happened Leah turned around to see that the villain, Masquerade, had vanished.


Game: Gretel and Hansel
Heroine: Gretel
Year: 2009
Creator: makopudding

An absolutely beautiful hand painted adventure game that puts a delightfully gothic spin on the classic fairy-tale. While only two parts (out of three) are available, what’s there is very playable. Gretel uses her wits to protect herself and her “brawn over brains” brother Hansel from a dreadful fate. Definitely worth a look!

అఖిల్‌ యాక్షన్‌ ‘మేకింగ్‌ వీడియో’ రిలీజ్‌

అఖిల్‌ యాక్షన్‌ ‘మేకింగ్‌ వీడియో’ రిలీజ్‌

అక్కినేని అఖిల్‌ హీరోగా నటిస్తోన్న సినిమా షూటింగ్‌ శరవేగంగా జరుగుతోంది. శ్రేష్ట్‌ మూవీస్‌ బ్యానర్‌పై హీరో నితిన్‌ రూపొందిస్తోన్న ఈ చిత్రానికి వీవీ వినాయక్‌ దర్శకత్వం వహిస్తున్న విషయం తెలిసిందే. ఈ చిత్రానికి ‘మిస్సైల్‌’ అనే టైటిల్‌ ఫిక్స్‌ చేసే అవకాశముంది. ఈ సినిమాలో అఖిల్‌ సరసన బాలీవుడ్‌ వెటరన్‌ హీరో దిలీప్‌ కుమార్‌ మనవరాలు సాయేషా సైగల్‌ నటిస్తోంది. థమన్‌, అనూప్‌ రూబెన్స్‌ సంయుక్తంగా ఈ…

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Heroin: A Film Across the Country

Rakul Preet Singh to team up with Allu Arjun

Chennai, June 25 (IANS) Actress Rakul Preet Singh, who currently has Telugu projects with all the leading stars such as Junior NTR and Ram Charan, has signed Boyapati Srinu’s yet-untitled next directorial with actor Allu Arjun.

“Rakul has been finalised as the main leading lady for the film. The team is on the lookout for a second heroine. The project will go on floors in July,” a source told IANS.

Tipped to be an out-and-out commercial entertainer, the film will be produced by Arjun’s home banner Geetha Arts.

S.S. Thaman has been roped in to compose the tunes.

Currently, Rakul is busy shooting for Ram Charan’s film with Srinu Vaitla. She is expected to join the sets of NTR’s 25th film with filmmaker Sukumar soon.

She was also supposed to team up with superstar Mahesh Babu in his upcoming Telugu drama “Brahmotsavam”, but the makers had a change of heart in the last minute.


Game: Wonder Momo

Heroine: Momo Kanda

System: Arcade

Year: 1987

Developer: Namco

Genre: Beat ‘em up

Etc: Wonder Momo has been a long time classic 'mascot’ character of Namco’s, making some kind of cameo appearance in many Namco spinoff games. Wonder Momo now has her own webcomic courtesy of ShiftyLook and Udon Entertainment.

(screenshots from zun)


Game: Time Gal

Heroine: Reika Kirishima, aka, Time Gal

System: Arcade, ported to various other consoles

Year: 1985

Developer: Taito w/ Toei Animation

Genre: Interactive Movie

Etc: Some twenty (!!) years later, Reika Kirishima returned to make a second appearance as a playable protagonist in Taito’s Castle of Shikigami III!

(screenshots from italiandoh, GMIX6809, )


When I was a little girl, I loved Time Gal! I played the Sega CD version all the time. The animation was cool and pretty, the direction based gameplay was easy to understand (if hard to perfect) and it stared a cool future girl with green hair! I wanted to grow up to be Time Gal! (Along with several other female characters of course)

…And then I did grow up. You know how you watch cartoons as a kid, and then you watch them as an adult and you see all the things you ‘missed’? Time Gal is sort of like that for me. When I was a kid, I didn’t pay attention to Reika’s latex bikini, the attacks that always targeted her boobs or ass, or the squeaky “iya” (no) and “yamete” (stop it) sounds she made when in trouble.

I’m not saying Time Gal is hentai. If anything, it’s just slightly ecchi. But that is a problem with a very large amount of games staring women. They aren’t there for women players to sympathize and identify with, they are there to attract heterosexual male players.

…But that also doesn’t mean women can’t enjoy, study or elaborate on them. In fact, something that really re-ignited my passion for Time Gal all over again is playing as Reika in Castle of Shikigami III, where she will elaborate (often hilariously) on the tropes and mishaps of her original game.


Game: Rule of Rose

Heroine: Jennifer

System: PS2

Year: 2006

Developer: Punchline

Genre: Psychological Horror

Etc: Rule of Rose came out close to the release of Haunting Ground, another horror game starring a blond female protagonist who is aided by a dog over the course of the game. However in Rule of Rose, it is Jennifer who must fight the in-game creatures while Brown supports her in solving the puzzles, as opposed to Haunting Ground where Hewie does all the fighting for Fiona. The story and themes of both games are also different, of course.

(screenshots from chronexia)


Game: Umihara Kawase

Heroine: Umihara Kawase

System: Super Famicom

Year: 1994 (JP)

Developer: TNN/NHK SC, others

Genre: Platformer

Etc: The title of the game comes from the Japanese idiom: “海の魚は腹に、川の魚は背に脂が乗っている” or “Sea fish are fat in the belly, river fish are fat in the back.” Umihara Kawase also had a sequel, subtitled “Shun” as well as enhanced PSP and DS ports.

(screenshots from SonicViewer27)


Game: Irisu Syndrome!

Heroine: Irisu Kyouko

System: PC

Year: 2008

Developer: Tetsu

Genre: Puzzle

Etc: Tetsu has also made Ai to Yuuki to Kashiwamochi and Maou Monogatari Monogatari, both of which star girls.

(screenshots from フルナッツ)


Irisu Syndrome is one of the most unique puzzle games I have ever played. Not just in gameplay but it every aspect of it’s execution. From the story being introduced bit by bit every time you lose, to finding out the backstory behind the game’s events through hidden text files that appear on your computer when you reach certain milestones.

Irisu herself starts out like some kind of cute bunny-girl witch mascot character to draw you into the game - which would not be at all unusual, especially in the somewhat story-sparse puzzle genre. Instead, the game you play is Irisu’s thinking process, and success or failure at such directly determines what she will do - a most intense form of action vs consequence.

The game is best described as psychological horror, and ‘success’ is not easy. While Irisu may seem to settle into a sort of stereotype, I think the use of the player’s skill adds a nice depth. And the game has no shortage of twists to keep you thinking as well.


Game: Legend of the Ghost Lion

Heroine: Maria

System: NES

Year: 1989 (JP) 1992 (US)

Developer: Kemco

Genre: RPG

(screenshots from Firewizard23)


[Spoiler Warning]

This is a weird little game. It’s a Dragon Quest clone starring a little girl, Maria. And it has a few other unique elements too. While HP and MP are still in the game, they label them Courage and Dreams - not so interesting on their own, but with EXP being changed to Hope, you actually find it (in treasure chests…) throughout the game, not just from grinding battles. And non-traditional level growth is something I’ve always been looking for in games.

Also, while Maria can fight with weapons, being a little girl, her strongest power comes from summoning helpful spirits residing in artifacts, all of which provide their own edge to combat, joining the battle from the moment they are summoned.

Altogether, this game should be awesome! Unfortunately, it’s not. Even as NES roleplaying games go, it’s shallow and childish. (The first town you visit is named Bread, the second is Davis, a town inexplicably made of mushrooms)

Combine that with an ‘it was a dream!’ ending means it’s a lackluster and easily miss-able entry in Nintendo’s library. But I’ll still give it props for trying.