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I found my older drawings of my future heroine of my mangas project! XD 

It was in 2009 I was 12, yes my my projects are old and still undone x’3 

So the first one is the old Natsumi Kumiko (she changed so much since!!) and the 2nd is Mitsuki she changed too, (the page has been eaten in part by some mouses XD) Don’t mind the other characters here they don’t exist anymore but I will create others one day


Disney Heroine Project #6

Anita Radcliffe, from 101 Dalmatians (1961)

Now HERE’s a lady no one ever talks about. And I mean that literally; Tumblr has miraculously cooked up discussions/dedications of other Disney leading ladies that are “underrated” (Esmeralda, Megara, Jane Porter, Captain Amelia, and even Eilonwy, etc), but I’ve yet to see a single post regarding this particular female lead, even if there are plenty centered around the film itself. Kudos to my friend Bridget for reminding me to give attention to Anita. Though she’s technically not the leading lady (that would be Perdita, and I’m choosing to stick with non-animal leads), she certainly is given enough screen time and development to be worth discussing. 

Before Anita becomes “Mrs. Radcliffe,” we barely know anything about her. We get the sense of a sophisticated, bookish young woman, perhaps a newly graduated bachelorette, who enjoys walking her dog to the park to read quietly by the pond. It’s apparent not only by the characters first meeting, but also by how direct and casually she makes her way to the park, implying that this is a frequent habit of hers. What’s so important about this? Well, it shows that she’s similar to Roger: both are unmarried and seemingly uninterested in the dating game. He shows that by cooping himself up in his room with his piano and pipe; she shows it by reading in solitude. Both seem too blind in their own interests to notice the outside world, hence why, when they are drawn together, they are perfect for each other. (And Pongo is the most dedicated shipper of all time; don’t believe me? Watch this scene)

She’s smart, bookish, feisty, courteous, and emotionally balanced. At the same time, she’s not “idealistic,” at all, in the sense of her role in life (a housewife). She knows Roger’s flaws all too well, and even points them out to him, but she still loves him. See, an “idealistic” image of a wife or lover would paint a perfect happily-ever-after routine, with no problems or realistic arguments. They are “idealistic” in the sense of actually HANDLING their problems maturely, but at the same time, it IS realistic. Real couples do handle their affairs, some better than others. Anita represents probably one of the most realistic relationships in a Disney animated film, especially considering it was set in the 60’s, for crying out loud. Later, of course, Disney started branching out with what we call “realistic” romances, but no one ever thinks about Anita’s relationship with Roger, the start of it all. 

On that note, I find it hilarious that people who pick on Disney princesses for finding romantic love to be so “backwards and unfeminist,” and yet few point out Anita’s role: a housewife. Literally. The princesses just go off and live their happily-ever-afters, whereas we actually see Anita living the life of a housewife. And she’s not even rich! Sure they have a nanny who helps them out, but it’s implied that she’s doing it more out of the goodness of her heart, not because she’s being paid enough. I love that Anita is basically an average woman, living an average married life, and yet she is still quite happy. She even says to Cruella deVil, “But there are so many other things,” referring to different ways to having a good life. She doesn’t have a fancy car or coat, or anything considered fashionable or cool, but she’s wise enough to realize that life is more important than that. 

One of the biggest elements of proof regarding Anita’s internal strength is during the period where the puppies go missing. Roger becomes more and more agitated, even lashes out in blind anger; Anita, on the other hand, though obviously devastated at the loss of the puppies, is the mediator, the voice of reason. She does not lose her cool and manages to hold the household morale together, despite her own heartache. There’s even a tender moment between her and Roger, Anita embracing him from behind while he is defeated and drained of anger. They support one another, and mutually understand each others’ needs and weaknesses. They compliment each other so beautifully, and I wish more people were aware or at least appreciated their relationship more. For every relationship needs a balance, and logical Anita is the rock that holds her and the passionate Roger together. Considering the amount of times people mock Disney for not creating any level-headed female leads, Anita is an early and a fantastic example to prove the haters wrong. (Not to mention Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Tiana, etc etc). I love this forgotten lady very much, as well as her adorable realistic chemistry with her husband, Roger. Hopefully this post will remind others that 101 Dalamatians holds up something more than just cute puppies and a crazy villain, including a very strong female lead. <3

Shu: We caught a Subaru. Are we going to kick him off?

Reiji: Please do leave this to me, Shu. I’ll make sure to thoroughly train him until he becomes a well mannered little brother.


I was too lazy to color this I’m so tired. Whatevz… I was thinking on doing a fanfiction sort of AU game-imitation fanfic including some art for each chapter… I’ll have to think deeply about it but sounds like a nice project; the heroine would be the same as in the first game were you (heroine) could be really sassy and pretty much intelligent.

Yes, I still think haunted dark bridal heroine was more intelligent and a comfortable avatar to play as.

As for the fanfic, since everyone has likes and dislikes I’d try to go through all the SAKAMAKIS without making a route in specific, I’d leave it to open choice for anyone to -choose- the final result.

You are destruction incarnate
You are an eruption with no thought of consequence
You do not think before you sink your nails in
You just like the feel of flesh under your fingers
And you never mind a little collateral damage
You are selfish treason and heavy silence
Playing puppeteer with strings of withheld affection
You are chaos and ruin
And poison to anyone who touches your wet and eager mouth
You are broken bones and shattered expectations
You are cruel disappointment and heroin hangovers
You are a whirlwind nightmare shaped like a girl
And I have never tasted sweeter sin
—  forgive me, Father

Obligatory ReiYui pic because I love them both. _(:3

We all know that heroines of different otome games are created with a personality of their own, which makes them stand up in the game and considered a figure of strength. They were also created to advance each game’s plot. These heroines are the one that make a direct change on the story, depending on which route they are in. Without them, of course, one route would (definitely) be a bit boring. So I’m going to talk about Yui, a woman who is very strong and dependable but is considered a “useless” heroine.

Under the cut for a looooong one.

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Real women.

Real women wouldn’t just get into a time machine with a stranger and run away. Real women wouldn’t just go home after an adventure, how could their boring life compare to all of space and time.

(Real women couldn’t relate to someone whose mind works differently because they had the universe whispering into their dreams all of their life.)

Real women don’t act in a way they would never have before. Real women don’t stay the same, they always grow. Real women don’t change for the worse, always greater, better, stronger. Real women cannot just leave their problems behind them, they should be haunted.

(Real women couldn’t relate to someone who was abused and claimed back their agency, after being kidnapped by a cult and raised to be a killer.)

Real women never have problems connecting to the internet. Real women don’t wear just dresses. Real women would never pair a skirt with a jacket and a scarf. Real women just don’t behave like that.

(Real women couldn’t relate to someone who tries to be a heroine, who attempts to project a perfect image, if they are willing to sacrifice everything through supernatural means to save their best friend.)

Real women can’t just be something, life isn’t that easy. Real women always stick to one profession, but no, not that one. Real women shouldn’t need love and support in their life, especially if it comes from a man.

(There is one right way to experience, work through and depict trauma and mental illness. It is the only one which real people can find value in.)

There is a glaring gap in my biography. I don’t think I’ve ever met a real woman before.


What is Project:Heroine?

After International Women’s Day I thought; maybe we could do something positive for the lady’s who we play as all day in our favorite Otome Games. So the Idea for Project: Heroine was born, a tag where we can put all our heroine love under. I plan to write some analysis about my favourite heroine and maybe you want to be a part of it too. So create something positive about these girls and tag it with Project:Heroine! Draw Fanart, write your opinion or make a collage!

However don’t forget we can criticize them as well but it’s not a tag for hate! Hopefully we can get a bit more support and understanding in the fandom with this, so be a part of it! o (^‿^✿)

Parents Give Their Daughter a History Lesson by Recreating Photos of Famous Heroines via My Modern Met

When Brooklyn photographer Marc Bushelle and his wife Janine decided to teach their daughter Lily about famous African American women, they had her dress up as the historical figures for a series of photos. The Black Heroines Project has not only taught Lily about strong and courageous women, it has also gone viral and has been educational for others. “When people talk about black history, there is a list of names they rattle off. But we wanted to cover women that were not normally at the tip of people’s tongues,” Marc explained to Flickr.

Photo: Lily as Toni Morrison 

Also: Toni Morrison’s recent Fresh Air interview