Amnesia is an anime that revolves around Heroine, a girl who loses her memory and forgets who her boyfriend is among five guys. Sounds interesting already right? Well it gets even more interesting. Heroine meets a fairy boy by the name of Orion who guides her through different dimensions where her boyfriend changes among the five guys. It’s up to her to remember which one was her boyfriend.

           As the anime continues Heroine finds herself in a new dimension every time she thinks the guy she was with was her boyfriend…unfortunately for her, that wasn’t the case. It starts off with her in a dimension where Shin is her boyfriend. He’s the type of guy who doesn’t really show emotion and gives off that cold atmosphere, but underneath it all he really cares about Heroine.

           Later on Heroine finds herself with Ikki, the blue haired guy who attracts girls in an instant (and I don’t blame them xD). She thinks he’s the one due to certain circumstances with some of his fan girls who bullied her and cut off some of her hair because they didn’t like the attention he was giving her. Again, Heroine is wrong.

           I’m not going to spoil it any further for those who haven’t watched this anime yet and want a surprise, so I’ll be quiet and just mention the last three guys.

           There’s Kent, the guy with the short blond hair and glasses, who is very smart and Ikki’s best friend. He likes thinking things through in a logical sense, but he is also the type of guy who barely expresses his emotions, unless he’s dealing with Heroine.

           Then there’s Toma, Shin’s best friend from their childhood, who has short blonde hair and seems like the laid back and friendly type of guy. Honestly, he was my favorite among all the guys just because he seemed so nice and cute…Although he does something that really made no sense when it came to “protecting” Heroine o.o If you’ve watched the anime, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t then I’ll just say one word – cage.

           Lastly, there’s Ukyo, the guy with long green hair who is also very nice and cares a lot about Heroine. He has a double persona, meaning he had another Ukyo that is evil and who takes over every time Heroine goes through dimensions and tries to kill her (well that’s just awesome >.<).

           I found myself really enjoying this anime from start to finish. All the scenarios with the different guys were interesting and I found Heroine to be an okay character. She’s not the type of character I like a lot, but I thought she was decent. The story itself was good and the ending made my heart hurt a little but at the same time it made me happy. There are a total of 13 episodes and a special.

           If you like romance, comedy, cute anime guys and an interesting story then I suggest you check out this anime :D You won’t be disappointed.


If you think that Heroine has no personality at all, watch this.

If you DON’T think that Heroine has no personality at all, watch this.

(start it at 0, my mistake!)