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girl i've seen sloppy ass makeup on the runway and like, heroin chique is still a thing and that's a literal disaster but people go crazy for it because there's emaciated white girls wearing it. there's a million ways to do makeup and yours is always so lively and bright and i love it. fuck those shit talking assholes, honestly.


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Привет! I have been using duolingo primarily to learn Russian, and have been improving a lot with being able to translate from Russian to English but I still have a lot of trouble forming my own sentences in Russian. I've started a diary where I write one sentence about my day in Russian but would like to try listening to music to help- all the music I've found has been pop type music. I like alt rock or indie music- do you or your followers have any suggestions for Russian music? Спасибо!

Привет! I’m glad to hear that Duolingo works so well for you! Don’t worry about building sentences in Russian - it is just normal that your listening and reading comprehension is better than your speech production. We as foreign language learners always are much better in understanding than in speaking. It’s just a question of practice. 

I love rock music, too! I learned English by listening to the British rock bands! Russian rock is somewhat special. For a long time it was banned and existed only as an underground, politically and socially charged movement. Rock musicians didn’t have access to good instruments and studios, but they played rock because they were rebellious and independent. Their musical performance often sucks, but their lyrics are really good. Here are some names for you (you can check Youtube and decide which ones you like):

1. Аквариум and Борис Гребенщиков 
2. Машина Времени and Андрей Макаревич
3. Кино и Виктор Цой
4. ДДТ и Юрий Шевчук
5. Зоопарк и Майк Науменко (one of the first rock-n-rollers in the Soviet Union)
6. Наутилус Помпилиус (Early albums, wonderful lyrics by Ilya Kormiltsev)
7. Алиса и Константин Кинчев (I don’t like what he’s doing now, but his early works are pretty strong)
8. Воскресение
9. Крематорий (questionable, but … When I was a teenager, their depressive, suicidal songs resonated with me)
10. Калинов Мост (alternative folk-rock)
11. Ария (Russian clone of the Iron Maiden, yet very good lyrics by Margarita Pushkina)
12. Агата Кристи (a-la heroine chique)
13.  Чайф (they represent the so called Ural rock) 
14. Бригада С (could be very deep)
15. Ноль (absurd, drug-related songs, a front man is nothing but Charisma)
16.  Чиж&Co, nice melodic, somewhat newer wave of rock-music.
17. Настя - Russian punk rock.
18. Гражданская оборона - classic Russian punk

You can also check the series of CDs of the most important Russian rock bands called Легенды Русского Рока
And thank you for your question! For me it was like a time travel :)