heroic victory

To this day one of my favorite memories was going to play laser tag for my friend’s birthday, and because we were too young to travel by ourselves her older brother and his friend came along and the laser tag was Star Wars themed and somehow I got the Princess Leia pack, and this towering 6ft 5 goth dude with shaggy long hair who I only knew briefly from watching them play video games at her house had the Chewbacca pack and he spent the entire time doubling as my body guard and roaring defiantly like a wookie at any one who tried to come near us. At the end up it was only me and him left standing in this tower and some other kid on the Imperial side shouted “fuck that, let the wookie win” and lemme tell you, you’ve never heard a more heroic victory roar than I did at that very moment.

@ literally anyone who doesn’t like orihime: fight me. fight me physically, emotionally, spiritually. i will win. i have come to purge your soul with my heroic victory and in your bitter defeat you will realize why you have been so tragically wrong from the beginning. fight me its for the best you will thank me.

*Me reading the Carmilla Buzzfeed article* Wow they’ve really made it, they’re on Buzzfeed- wait holy crap Papa Hollis! Lauronica Mars is even more hilarious now! Oh man. You’re trying to kill me. This is going to be the gayest season yet? They’re going to out-gay themselves??? This can’t possibly get any better! Wait. I stand corrected. We’re learning about the characters and their backgrounds? And LaF gets to be heroic?? Also hollstein kissing??? *victory dance* 

Let's consider Rumbelle at the well

Is the well truly Rumbelle’s happy place? Romantic, yes. The site of important happenings, certainly. But is it a place of genuine happiness and honesty? I’m not so sure. Let’s take a look at canon:
1. 1x22: S1 Rumbelle reunion - yay! Followed by Rumple bringing back dark magic and making a promise he doesn’t intend to keep - nay!
2. 3x22: Rumbelle wedding - yay! While learning that Rumple is lying about the dagger - nay!
3. 4x18: Rumbelle honesty and kisses - yay! While Regina is holding Belle’s heart and making her say and do cruel things and forget everything - nay!
4. 5x10: Belle showing up at the well after Rumple’s heroic victory as a signal that she wants to be with him - yay! Followed by Belle saying she needs time and space and Rumple is crying again - nay!

Conclusion: the well is not a happy place for Rumbelle. Expect angsty shit to go down at that spot.