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Sam Winchester and those glasses in 12.15    [ ]  

laurel: *calls Oliver out on his bullshit, does heroic stuff to help people despite Oliver wanting to keep her safe, and ones up Oliver*

0licity fandom: ERHmaGAWd, she is SoOO disrespectful - THIS is OLIbluR’S shoW!

felicity: *completely disrespects oliver, berates him with insults towards his path to change and who he is, talks shit about him to the team and to his face and does things behind his back for her own benefit*

0licity fandom: what a strong woman, they are my OTP, see she is so perfect for him.

pretty sure that’s abusive on felicity’s end…

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We cannot catch the stars. We can only watch them fall, and marvel at their last moment of beauty.”

Based on this fic written by @izadreamer :,)

The 9th Time (which doesn’t count because Obi-Wan was trying to save Anakin in the first place). This is heavily referenced from here. I saw it and decided a Star Wars version needs to exist hence I drew this. Also, while we’re on the subject, Obi-Wan lets go of his lightsaber on purpose so he could grab Anakin instead. You know how Obi-Wan goes “This weapon is your life.” right? Well, Anakin’s more important to Obi-Wan… *sheepish grin*

I’m attracted to people with flaws. I like people that are imperfect-the anti-heroes. I don’t believe in heroes. I think people can do heroic stuff, but I don’t think people are heroes. I like ambiguous characters that you can hate at the same time, mostly for the same reason you like them.
—  Matthias Schoenaerts

Linkle’s story in Hyrule Warriors Legends is that she believes she’s a reincarnation of Link, so she sets out to perform heroic deeds.

Please give this girl her own game. I wanna see her growing up her whole life believing she’s the hero reincarnated but she keeps bumbling her “heroic” stuff up and people make fun of her for believing she could be the hero. I wanna see that when the land is threatened by evil, she’s determined to answer the call. And in the end, she learns that she wasn’t originally a hero or “the chosen one”, but it was her sheer willpower and belief that she could be a hero that made her into one. It wasn’t that she was born as the reincarnation of the hero, it was her strength, spirit, and determination that made her become the reincarnation of the hero.

Please let this happen, Nintendo.

Best Fanfic Moments

“Is it always like this?” the little girl asked Kuwabara. “Do men always fight?”

“I don’t always fight,” Kuwabara answered her. “I do other heroic stuff too, like take care of cats and play air guitar to Megallica’s Greatest Hits.”

(Politics and Polonecks, Chapter 11)

Dorkball Link charms!

On one side, undie-wearing pyromaniac Link, and on the other, actual clothing and heroics and stuff! The charm is 1.5″, clear acrylic, you know the drill by now.

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Walking Out Into The Dark (5/6)

Emma is the Dark One. Killian is a Captain in the Navy. Henry just wants to get back to Storybrooke. Jump in to my S4 Season Finale spec fic. Special thanks to always-comment-on-the-mutton and kiralamouse for running head canons with me and helping me sort through the plot! It is a 10000x better because of you guys. 

On ff.net. Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 

No beta all mistakes are mine!

I split the final chapter into two because it was super long. 

Henry hefted and swung his sword viciously at the man shaped target. The sword sliced through the straw and bit deep into the wood beneath with a satisfying thunk. He brushed back his hair from his sweaty brow and grunted as he pulled the sword back. It felt good to be out of the castle, in the warm sunshine, and taking out his frustration on the poor straw man.

Things had been going so well. Emma had been responding; changing a little each day. She had moved them out of the dungeon, had started asking for specific stories and spending time with the Captain. Then she had asked Killian to that special dinner and everything had changed.

Initially Henry had been hurt at being excluded from the invitation but he had, at Killian’s urging, put away his jealousy in the name of completing Operation Swan and getting back to Storybrooke. But something had happened that night and now it had been four days with no contact from Emma. He had scoured the castle but she was either gone or hiding. Henry knew what it meant when Emma ran away and he became desperate to know what had changed. He had tried asking Killian what happened several times but every conversation was a repeat of their first.

It was the morning after the dinner and Henry had waited for Killian to tell his story. When they were half way through breakfast and the Captain still hadn’t volunteered the information Henry asked him.

“So what happened?”

“What?” Killian furrowed his brow.

“Last night. Dinner. What happened?” Henry waited expectantly.

Killian shook his head. “Nothing lad. It was just a dinner.”

Henry sighed dramatically. “Killian you promised to tell me.”

The Captain’s jaw clenched “It’s none of your concern Henry.”

The dismissal in his voice made Henry snap. “None of my concern? This whole thing is my mission! It’s my Mom, my…”

Killian stood abruptly, knocking his chair away from their small table. “I can’t talk about this with you.” he said and stalked out of the room.

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Bucky’s mental state was taking a beating. Steve was off doing heroic stuff that was bound to get his fucking ass killed and Faith…Well, Faith remained in her coma and there was nothing he could do except wait.

Bucky felt alone. Faith had been (No, she still was, damn it. She wasn’t fucking dead) one of his strong-holds and the constant that he focused on to keep himself functional; and, being functional was getting harder and harder each day.

Time apparently had selected him as its personal punching bag. While it wasn’t unusual for lost memories to resurface as his mind recovered from Hydra’s brainwashing, not a day went by now without him slipping into the past and loosing touch with reality. Sometimes he enjoyed them. Reliving the memories of the 1930s and saving Steve’s skinny ass was fun. But, other times, he was returned to his days of being a young WWII Sergeant - scared and fighting in the trenches. And other days…he didn’t like to think about the dripping redness of those memories. 

However, it was undeniable that his mind was regressing. Wasn’t that peachy? Leave it to his over-whelming bad luck to help him go mad. But, was he to expect from his poor and abused brain? Being flash-frozen and mind-zapped was bound to take its toll.

At first, Bucky was stubborn on talking about his problems. But, when Carlisle was sent overseas to tend to a long-term client and forced to take Bucky and Faith along…Bucky took it as the Universe’s sign to stop fucking around and get help.

So, why not get help from the people who owed him?

And that was how he found himself in a certain band’s kitchen making stew.