heroic spirits


Pharmercy AU (Or just a general Overwatch AU) where Mercy and Pharah are heroic spirits who reside within Angela and Fareeha, gifting them with certain powers to do with as they will. 

And no, this isn’t just an excuse for magical wings and armor and romantic flights high above Watchpoint Gibraltar. Nor is it an excuse to focus heavily on Fareeha and her struggles to enact JUSTICE™ and deal with the legacy her mother left her and her constant attraction to Angela because she’s a big gay birb (but also cause Mercy and Pharah are soulmates no matter who they incarnate into sorry gurl ur stuck xoxo). 

This is about the story of Fareeha Amari and the spirit of justice that sleeps within her; how at 22 she still listens in on Overwatch business on a radio her mother left behind, how she enlisted in the Egyptian military but leaves the second she hears that her mother has gone missing over the radio… How Pharah, protector and the spirit of justice, returns to the ranks of Overwatch.

172-VOLBUN [Volt-Bunny]
-The Static pokemon
-Ability: Static - Vital Spirit(HA)
-Dex: “With almost 2/3 of its body weight being only fur, this pokemon spends most of its life gathering static energy as it hops around. You may know one is nearby as the hair on your body will start to rise up.”
    -Cotton Guard
    -Thunder wave

–>Evolves with max. friendship<–

025-LEPOX [Lepus-Box]
-The Electrified Pokemon
-Ability:  Static - Vital Spirit(HA)
-Dex: “This energetic pokemon is very sociable and will spend most of its time tossing around with its mates, accumulating energy on its long fur. LEPOX are known for the "boxing Matches” that seems to occur among them, used as a way to release saved up energy when it becomes too much.“
    -Thunder Punch
    -Jump Kick

–>Evolves with a thunderstone<–

026-THUNDARE [Thunder-Hare-Daring]
-The Supercharged Pokemon
-Ability: Lighting Rod - Heroic Spirit*(HA)
-Dex: "This pokemon lives alone yet it will always remain nearby where wild VOLBUN and LEPOX live together, looking out for them when they need help. This noble behavior doesn’t stops there, if it hears a pokemon, or even a human in peril, it will jump on its aid immediately.”
-Sig. Move: Lightning Kick “The user launches a kick that lands a critical hit more easily. This may also leave the target paralyzed”
   Type: Electric
   PP: 10 (max 16)
   Power: 85
   Accuracy: 90%
    -Wild Charge
    -High Jump Kick

*This pokemon can’t be put to sleep and its attack cannot be lowered.


-Fire runs.

Little upsetting Fate things: how Shirou and Archer’s reality marbles are first created through fire. Their internal mental worlds are literally shaped and formed by the fire that destroyed their lives as children like what a perfect metaphor. 

UBW isnt just a cool power, its a visual representation of what happened to Emiya Shirou as a child. Fire runs, destroying everything and leaving behind nothing but a barren wasteland filled with swords.

Oh, i just realized i never brought up Kirei in the whole “fate masters becoming servants” thing we were talking about today. This kind of nicely gives me an excuse to talk about something i have been thinking about Kirei, which is that becoming a Counter Guardian like EMIYA would basically be the perfect ending for him. 

Kirei’s whole problem is the conflict between the morals he learned growing up catholic and his his own fucked up defective nature. Its why i always say if he hadn’t grown up as Risei’s son, he would have just been another Ryunosuke; a serial killer doing fucked up shit for his own pleasure. Kirei’s only able to find normal human joy in the suffering of others, and trying to deny or avoid that for 28 years left him suicidal shortly before Fate Zero began. But even when he finally embraces his nature at the end of Zero, he cant really be fully comfortable or happy with it. He still has the values he grew up with and knows that his actions are wrong and sinful even though he finds joy in them.

So with all that in mind, the Counter Guardian contract would be a salvation for Kotomine for the same reasons it’s hell for EMIYA. He would be surrounded by suffering forever, but he would also be protecting the human race and serving the greater good. Kirei would be free to enjoy the suffering before him while also knowing that his actions were technically not evil. 

tldr: a KOTOMINE counter guardian servant would be really interesting and provide a great foil to Archer, please make it happen type moon