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Friendly Reminder

that the Arslan Senki series marks its 30th anniversary today (August 25th), i.e. the 1st volume of Arslan Senki was released exactly 30 years ago.

Arslan Senki 1 “The Capital Ablaze”

First edition issued: 1986.08.25

Evolution of the covers:

1986 (Kakugawa Bunko edition, illustration: Yoshitaka Amano)

2003 (Kappa Novels edition, illustration: Shinobu Tanno)

2012 (Koubunsha edition, illustration: Yamada Akihiro)

Carmilla comes into the room really quickly till she see’s Laura and Danny.. What are the bets that Carmilla was coming to tell Laura she didn’t mean what she said, the ‘I’m done’ part anyway, and that she wants to talk everything out and try and work things out between them.

Then she see’s Laura and Danny and the slows down, because in her mind she’s thinking that she’s lost Laura to Danny, she’s realizing that she literally drove Laura back into Danny’s arms, so she hides behind the snark and sarcastic comments. 

Because she’s only just picked herself back up after breaking up with Laura, and she’s not about to break down in front of Laura, because she realizes now that her Mother was right, no one can love her, she’s a monster just like Ell accused, and now even Laura can see that.