heroic ragnaros

Can I just gloat for a moment….

Ok I’m done.

Best heroic Rag attempt on our first night: 55%.

Dropped down to two healing it in order to help with the seedlings, but we couldn’t manage to get that far with two healers. To be fair, we only made maybe 3 attempts two healing, but it made one thing apparent: our bear tank is kind of squishy. I don’t know if its a bear tank thing or a him thing.

I still wish I was playing my hunter. The gloating would be 82% sweeter.

2 hours and 41 minutes of wiping into rag (Heroic Ragnaros) out of the designated 3 hours… tired and craving a bubble bath, so I message my frustration to Doom, O.o at the reply. <3 Just cute, made me smile… Anyways, we saw progression actually made it to the push at 40% passed seeds into 2nd Add phase, we win at 10% so definitely getting closer. My guild is 6/7 Heroic Firelands… 3 more hours of wiping scheduled for tomorrow, although I am hoping we see a kill this week, if not I think we will next week. No Headless Horsemen’s mount yet either, *sad face* Did get the new Halloween pets though, so that’s something. Meh *shrug* Now definitely going to go soak in a Hot Bubble Bath. ^_^