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116 Souls

A fanmix – from Kevin Regnard’s descent to Xerxes Break’s catharsis.

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Art by Heroic-Plights (used with permission)

Duchess Kahina Baskerville – Twenty-sixth of her kind, leader of the Baskervilles.

“I claim first strike,” said the stranger. “Our fight ends with one person living.”

“Harsh terms.” A corner of Glen’s mouth twitched. “Are you sure?”

“Quite. Unless you fear for your life.”

“I fear nothing except for what the Will allows.”

Illustration from “The Man from the Big House” in The Book of Levi; And Other Fantastic Fairy Tales by tiniestdormouse for the phbigbang. Read the story here.

Art credit: heroic-plights

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Lady Lacie Baskerville – Twenty-eighth of her kind, daughter chosen by the Abyss

Levi stands in the shade near the back of the room, watching with a bemused smile as all the braids in Lacie’s hair slowly became undone during the course of the night. At first, he thinks that the styling hadn’t held, until he catches her pale hands flitter about her head as she undid them between dances. Finally, at the end of the night, she comes to him, rosy and breathless from exertion and her long hair a wavy cape of midnight down her back.

“What kind of lady disregards her appearance so?” he tsks, arching an eyebrow.

“They were done too tight,” she pouts. “I was getting a headache. Besides,” and she grabs both his hands in hers, pulling him out to the center of the room. She spins them around in circles like children at play, her hair a flag unfurling in the breeze of her own momentum. “I may be an adult now, but I’m no lady.”

Illustration from “Coming of Age” in The Book of Levi; And Other Fantastic Fairy Tales by tiniestdormouse for the phbigbang

Art credit: heroic-plights

The second update is now live on FanFiction.net and Archive of Our Own. In these chapters, we start when Levi first meets Oswald and Lacie. Levi attempts to avoid the pitfalls from his own past as he raises them according to his duties. But when he oversteps his boundaries, an unknown hidden force puts his very soul in jeopardy….

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So I started something… :)

I think it’s coming out alright?

She still needs a bit of work, but I think I’m going to start Alice now and come back to darling little Sharon later.

(oh yes, and infinite thanks to heroic-plights for the chibi idea, help/suggestions, and general inspiration!)

[Edit: design by Jun Mochizuki! The new 2014 calendar chibi lineup. :) ]

heroic plights said:I thought all chains stopped their contractors from aging and that Cheryl was the exception for whatever reason, but then I was told only some chains stop their contractors from aging. Though so far everyone fits the rule except Cheryl? Confused =/

well I thought Gil and Reim looked young because they actually ARE young… so they will age eventually like Sheryl did?  I think…? And then we don’t know what Albus would have done to Break’s body.  The Baskervilles are just different in general, and a lot of them actually are the ages they look because they skipped forward in time. I thought only Sharon, Break, Rufus, and Levi stopped aging? (and probably Oswald if he’d lived longer…. I assume all the Glens stop aging because of Dodo) Also, we know that Lacie had a chain when she was younger, and she definitely aged…

(heh, boring, I know… I’ve been cleaning/organizing my computer recently because I’m getting a new one soon I think… usually it’s a mess)


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heroic-plights  asked:

#6 for Pandora Hearts?? =)

6. top 3 scenes that reduce me to gross sobbing

(omg, you had to ask this one.)

well I don’t really cry that much ever, so strictly speaking none of them, but if I had to pick the three scenes that made me most sad/emotional, I’d have to say

1) when Lacie was cast into the Abyss, because of Oswald’s expressions (I guess I did notice them that time…) and Lacie’s words and eyes and smile and just ojisdf.  It’s like he didn’t even have to say anything and you could see that his heart was shattering, and then his hesitation, the self-loathing in his eyes, and the horror on his face as she was dragged down… gahhh.  I think it would have been easier for him if she hadn’t been smiling and encouraging him.  You know what, I think every scene with Oswald upsets me.  Ugh.  Ok moving on…

2) Leo screaming over Elliot’s dead body. Need I say more?

3) The whole rain scene with Gilbert and Vincent because Gil and Vince and brotherly love and them caring about each other and memories and tragic pasts and confessions and sacrifice and and and….

(sorry it took me an age to answer this one… I really had to think about it, and then I got majorly distracted….)